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  1. 1 hour ago, blokeyface said:

    nah, the AI are defintely quicker on race starts, even Tiametmarduk has said he struggles in one of his videos

    Oh WELL, If a F1 NoobTuber said it, it just has to true 🤣

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  2. 36 minutes ago, AlexTT said:

    Euhm technology gets better. Any idea how much bandwith is going through a hdmi cable on 4K HDR? 

    With this bandwith I can hook 10 screens on a 360. 

    Tech has improved, but image quality also. Plus screens are way bigger than 10 years ago. My 49" is already quite a monster when I take a nap in my playseat f1🤪

    But does any game support 10 screens on the 360,

    Oh no you didn't playset, you could of got a proper seat for the price of those.

  3. Little by little, a example of what is possible on PC, its just a question of, how much do you want it, how far are you willing to go, for realism,

    People on here ask for realism, then sat back down on a coach with a 40buck controller wilst using TV Pod cam 🤣

  4. 8 minutes ago, SIMRACER123 said:

    To be frank, I'm sure most people have better things in life to spend their hard earned money on than multiple monitors for a game.

    Ill be Blunt 😎, then they simple map thier buttons for look left / right.

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  5. 8 hours ago, dwin20 said:

    Here is an F1 version (as opposed to F2) from the same with triple screen - difficult with a triple screen to see the mirrors...



    Button mapping, seat adjust, problem solved, no issue,

    Your Welcome.

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  6. Forum complain about online, ranked / unranked blah blah, as seen in F1 2018 when the majority cried for 8 or 9 pages about tyre over heating ( Cough BS ) you all seen the results, another assist added,

    Welcome change, dont fear it, so they'll be lobbys you cant enter, pretty much how the minority feel now,


    Scrap current ranked, turned unranked into the new Ranked with the avaible features below and perks of the licence,

    Add virtual wing mirror, spotter to call out where the other cars are, what ever other assits are avaible, to help new players into the game, cause after all that is what assits where designed for, not to be used by people who have been playing for X amount of years, to work out which ones give a advantage and use them all the time, WHICH IS WHAT YOUVE GOT NOW, it has to be said,
    Make all assits inc visual assits which are assits, sorry to burst ya bubble ( TV Pod, Proximinty Arrows to many to list, thier really is ) avaible to be forced off by host, every host can choose excalty how they want the event to run, more lobbys, more choice, more racing, more people online, which is what Codemasters want ?,
    Make the list of assits, visual aids ( Assists ) avaible to view via the lobby ( which currently I think is only event , damage, performance, ghosting etc ) ( currently a lot unranked lobbys running full damage but allow ghosting ? makes sence to some am sure ), for which assists, visual aids ( assists ) are on or off like it is in project cars, players can see excalty what restrictions are before they join, happy players, 
    Which currently you cant see, people join, spin off at turn one cause they didn't realise some assit was off, quite the lobby not only waisting thier time, but also the hosts time, removing any AI and AI isnt replaced, messing up the event cause the grid has changed,
    Everybody's Happy, and no one can say thier being forced to race how they dont want to, unlike some of the current requests to ban one thing or another cause it gives a advantage, lets get real, they all give a advantage to some degree you just dont want to admit it, cause the majority its just become the norm, and is now labelled as no assist racing,    
    Codemasters option are needed to allow ike minded players to race togher, currently online in a public lobby depending on your preference's is not a option.

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  7. @Striker_703 Dont see much of the wheel in F1, but what little I seen on the weekend, it looks like when thier in the DRS zone 4 green lights come on, but nothing changes when they activate it via a paddle above the gear paddles, while the official F1 game has a 1 green button via a button the actual wheel ☹️

  8. Microsoft doesnt make F1 2019, if support is needed, support needs to be added by the game devolpers, its just easier and more coinvent to blame the hard ware devolpers,

    SMS blamed Logitech for no LSB or RSB support, forum campaigned, hey presto support was added by SMS.

  9. 47 minutes ago, SIMRACER123 said:

    A touch naive to think this is a codemasters specific issue.

    Ever since computer gaming was invented its been like this. People finding loopholes etc.

    Even recent editions of Fifa had ways of scoring practically every time.

    NBA2K has specific players positions that can rarely be beaten online.

    Sure everyone wants perfection but sports games across different companies show how difficult this is to achieve.

    Yes it would be naïve, thats why I didn't put it my reply it was a codemasters specific problem,

  10. 1 hour ago, joserdcosta said:

    I respect your opinion and ofc I don't agree with it. Anyway, in the first video the proximity arrows helped the guy in front to send me off...I agree with that. 

    I also agree with the fact that the video won't change anything, but IMO there are ways to improve this. A report system could be implemented for example. If more than X players reported 1 driver for dangerous driving, he could be out of MP for a while. Posting this I just wanted to know if you guys have the same problem. 

    Like I said, I play to have fun and IMO those guys weren't fair.

    Enough said on my side.

    And neither do I agree with it, 

    Am sorry upon first viewing I didn't notice what others seen my fault,

  11. 10 minutes ago, martbloke said:

    1st video shows that Codies penalty system is not complete unfortunately. I get it's hard to program for every possibility but surely on a "straight" they could program something to capture someone ramming into another car.


    2nd video, not your fault at all. He's stopped dead on the straight looking to cause a crash but unfortunately this is where the halo fails in game. IRL a driver would've seen the car ahead sooner and clearer due to how your eyes work essentially nullifying the central column which cannot be replicated in game with it active. That's why a more realistic view in game as it has been built now, is removing the central halo column unfortunately. Just unfortunate that you were on the same line and therefore he was hidden behind the column until too late. Again though, you'd think that Codies penalty system could read that it's a straight with no corner approaching, the car behind has full throttle and the 1 in front has braked so when the crash happens, player in front gets the penalty - or even just ghosts!

    Thankyou for your reply on 2nd video, now I see it,

  12. 3 hours ago, joserdcosta said:

    Are you serious? He did that because he was losing time for the last 2 laps and he realized the win could be compromised. That's why the community is how it is..... In real life I don't think would be the car behind fault.



    If you dont like peoples options on a video which doesnt tell the whole story, dont post them, its simple, online is never gonna change, its nothing new, and your video isnt gonna change that.