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  1. 11 hours ago, joserdcosta said:

    Hi there,

    I'm posting this to share my view about multiplayer and how people race in F1 games.
    I play with no assists, cockpit view and I consider myself as a fair "racing driver" (in virtual world ofc). Anyway, I'm not a pro at all, I can race the AI usually around 100% (depending on the track) and 95% of my experience playing F1 games is offline. I play codies F1 games since 2010.

    This year I decided to give multiplayer a go. Last year I already did but this time (with liveries, helmets, suits and gloves) I thought I could spend some time having fun in Ranked Lobbies. Apparently I won't. The reason is simple: people don't know how to race properly. I'm still in early days (still level 17) but from my experience more than 50% of the people are not able to cope with the fact that sometimes there are quicker drivers on the grid. Maybe 50% of the overtake moves I try, someone put me off the track.

    These are some clips that I'm sharing with you guys (I'd like to share my frustration :P)


    I know it's not easy to report this type of players, but we really should think about it in some way. This type of behaviour just ruins the experience. 

    @Faya can you help us here? 🙂

    So, and that's all. If you ask me if I'll keep trying? Yes I will, at least for a little while. Why? Because I also found good people that know hot to race wheel to wheel fairly. People should learn that: if you are slower, improve to be quicker. Don't send people off the track, it won't make you a better "driver".


    First videos, this is the problem with proximinty arrows which is a assist,

    Second video sorry but thats your fault, you ran into the back of them.

    Upon reviewing thanks to @martbloke I can see what you mean, he braked checked you which at first I didn't notice, am sorry.

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  2. 2 hours ago, TCWorks said:


    I have the driver ai level on 70 and am driving for Williams in career mode. I regularly qualify between 14th-19th but in the race I've noticed that every other car including my teammates goes so much faster than me on the straights. It's basically impossible to stay Infront

    Does anyone have any advice on why this is happening and how to stop it?


    In the loading screen theirs a option to lower your AI between sessions, make a note and adjust accordingly per circuit,

    Shouldn't have to I agree, however only way I know around it, until its fixed / if its ever fixed.

  3. 3 hours ago, Akkan74 said:

    As said before it is the normal blah blah. :classic_blink::classic_wink:

    Great contribution to the thread as allways 😂

    3 hours ago, Coffer said:

    The more people ignore him and his raving antics, the better. He contributes absolutely nothing of value to these forums and craves attention like no other. He even disliked all of the OP's posts for no reason other than him being offended at them and others accurately pointing out how much of a child he is and showing him the door.

    Great way to ignore someone and contribute absoluty nothing to the thread :classic_rolleyes:

    Are you aware of the ignore user option.

    Or you just could keep on trolling, cause trolling what you do, keep on trolling, until your day is through.

  4. 10 hours ago, Striker_703 said:

    I thought it would be the marker above the DRS marker. I got to keep grinding so I can upgrade my gear @BluntRS LOL. 

    Personally I think its time theve give the steering wheels a overall, but with limited users, its not a priority, same as lolly pop lights visibility during a pit stop, yes they got a light on the wheel now, but takes away from the realism,

    I know that feeling, if I could upgrade I would no longer come on here 😂

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  5. 5 hours ago, Coffer said:

    He's trolling, ignore him.


    3 hours ago, martbloke said:

    I'm expecting it to be the normal blah blah of it being the map and also the middle column of the halo being disabled being "assists" 🤦

    Please read above, since the OP ( Thats orginal poster ) understood my and agreed with what I was saying,,

    If your still un sure mybe ask a adult to explain it to you,

    Nice effort though, but sorry its a F- from me,

    You might wanna call ER for that burn, looks nasty, if you dont know the number ask mummy, but since am nice ill help you out its 911.


    Have a good day Yall, and dont forget your sun cream, its hot out in the school yard 😎


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  6. @TomAAA Thats awesome you and your friends are enjoying it, thats what its all about, ive never understood nerfing assists, no disrespect to anyone who wants to use them, everyone should be able to race how they wish, just ask for your own lobbys etc,

    You mean you wouldnt enter a ranked lobby at the moment cause you use assits, I wouldnt enter one cause I dont use assits, so thats atleast two players missing out Codemasters 😡

    Couldn't agree with you more, ive never tested TC and ABS etc, but am sure at the start they complained it was to fast, then it was to slow, and as you said its just waisting time trying to please everyone, they'll never do it, its just time which should be spend on actual bugs, updating circuits, polishing the game etc through the year when thier updated in real life.


    Codemasters add the options already 

  7. 30 minutes ago, Striker_703 said:

    Tried all the team cars already, none of the lights turn on. Beta testers that mainly use cockpit view are needed.  

    Just watching your new video, its the 4 green lights on the top left of the wheel ( Sorry if am telling you stuff you know ), thats the ones that should blink but clearly dont :(

    F1 2019 I havent taken much notice but in F1 2018 they did all be it hardly noticeable.

  8. 8 hours ago, Striker_703 said:

    The only visual cue I see is when I'm in the DRS zone @BluntRS. I don't see any other cues. 

    The green light is so faint you hardly notice it ( basically useless ) needs to change colour or something, try in a Team car, might be the MP car doesnt work at all.

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  9. 6 hours ago, DaleRossi said:

    lol True.

    People in general are not ready for freedom. That doesn't mean **** it up for those of us that can figure it out. 

    Absolutly but this is the Forza of F1, content make sales screw quality we got quantity,

    Lee Mathers was being coached by Ian Bell in marketing for this year launch, 

    ( Lee Mathers ) Leagues Settings, Yeah yeah they're infinitely customizable in that way so you can always SORT of create a league that suits the way you want to play the game and the SORT of style of racing you're interested in,

    Translation, We took a unranked lobby and basically change the header to call it league, our player base wont notice, and even they do, they already bought the game so Duck um we got a forum for them to vent, not that we bother reading it, but it makes the players feel thier being heard so WIN WIN.

    CODE ?

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  10. 10 minutes ago, DaleRossi said:

    I've given up on them trying to get decent physics even though Assetto Corsa has had them on console for Years.

    At this point, just give a decent Sim option for multiplayer.  I mean even in the weekly I have to fight AI. 

    For all ranked etc all damage etc needs to be On, even if players are ghosted. Overreving the **** out of the motor like the video above would destroy the car.

    And lastly, if a driver is using TV pod, that is fine. But he needs to be ejected 300 yards the first time he hits the brakes or turns. That, and it should create an incredible amount of drag.

    They did say they was monitoring player feedback, to decide what options to add later on, true or false I dunno,

     All I know is they dont come this year, time to move on,

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  11. 5 hours ago, AlexTT said:

    And you think youtubers are throwing away their chance of a free game? 

    Its worth a shot, 

    What % of F1 player's come on here I have no idea, and even though I dont agree with many F1 YouTubers, with thier subscribers, they have the loudest voice, 

    Ultimately we all want the same thing, a better product to cater for all players.


    CM Could make two games, ( If they wanted to IMO ) Cause if down properly I for one would pay top dollar for option 2,

    1.  The game they got now just add more assits, and detail it,
    2.  Hardcore SIM Type ( I put type cause, the PC SIMS which ive never played. havent got a gaming PC, or I wouldnt be on here, it has to be said, wasnt built in 12months ), take above simply remove all assits and options to make it easyier. ( Cockpit only / No Assits / No Visual Aids / No Options to turn down damage / tyre temp etc etc.

    As previously said thier never gonna please everyone, 

    Take Project Cars, personally thought it was awesome, however a ton of complaints about all the sliders, its to hard etc, Project Cars 2 in comparison imo a pile of steaming doo doo.

    Project Cars 3 I wouldnt buy it for a cent, or thier doo doo box.

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  12. 38 minutes ago, Striker_703 said:

    Now I would like to know what the AI's default number. That number is very important. How was the AI on tires at 110% @BluntRS

    Default for ranked or as in when you get the game new, no idea sorry, unranked is 41% if that tells you anything,

    Tire wear I didn't look, 

    Also didn't check if tunes played a roll, I used default maximum speed, but set the aero to minuim, 

    Am not as professional as you when it comes to testing 😎

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