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  1. 47 minutes ago, DaleRossi said:

    I was under the assumption you could turn off assists on Lobbies. Unless I completely missed the option, that's not even there. Really, I would tolerate using assists as long as cockpit was forced. It's not ideal, but going online the way it is, I agree.  

    Depending what you class as a assist, many only class TC and ABS as assits,

    Personally I class view and visual aids as assits, gives the driver assistance, all give advantage to some degree,

    Do a race in cockpit with a blank screen, opacity on 10 ( lowest it goes ) just to see where you finsh, then do a race in TV Pod every option avaible turned on, on the hud, see where you finsh, thier 2 completely different sports.

  2. 56 minutes ago, Gysepy-Simracer said:

    No assits thats for sure, i actually tried medium tc and abs and funny enough it made me slower. I actually hate having anything on the hud when im practicing, in a GP race though i do like to have the mini track map on. 

    I think you are right with regards to CM giving the pre release game to the wrong people, but it is a business after all so they need to sell it... 

    All these time trial world records going 1-2 seconds faster than real life just highlights how the game is not a sim, until they have lazer scanned tracks, proper setups, damage, fuel usage, tyre temps + wear in time trial then nothing will ever change... 

    For sure they got to market it, but once the videos start appearing before launch, all these TV Pod cam videos do is put me off to be honest, they need variety in players they choose,

    Yea its not a sim even if its advertised as one, never will be, but just options would make all the difference, to players who dont use assits, public online in my opinion is a no go zone.

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  3. Online is online, not everyone has enough friends that are committed enough to start a league,

    If its added to league it should be added to atleast unranked, ranked from the reviews or complaints seems a lost cause, which it wouldnt surprise me if it was scraped.

  4. 55 minutes ago, AlexTT said:

    This view is only possible when spectating bro. This is not about the view, it's about how TC gives an edge when used (exploited) right. If i could use cockpit view i could, but this is where i have to work with.

    i'm trying to show the facts and wake up CM to do something about it but i should know better and already know that CM doesn't give a damn about the people who want a level playingfield.

    Am sorry bud I jumped the gun, when I seen the first frame,

    I see something not right, the way its just full on throttle all the time, unlike the brake which is modulated, but being replay how accurate is the rev counter, am not disputing whats thier using or not using cause I dont know,

    But ultimately Codemasters needs to add options, sooner the better.

  5. IN FAQ's Fays Replay

    Items like forced camera, proximity arrows off, cockpit only leagues 
    Force cockpit and force proximity arrows off are not settings included in F1® 2019. With the inclusion of the new Leagues system in ’19, the possibility now exists for more consistent competitive spaces in multiplayer, and we’ll be following player feedback carefully in this area when deciding how best to expand the options here in the future.


    Some want these options, the time has come to speak out, and the time is now, Codemasters is listening to feedback, enough support mybe, just mybe, F1 2019 itll happen,

    Like Princess Leia I HAVE HOPE.

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  6. 8 hours ago, Gysepy-Simracer said:

    Amen to that, taking nothing away form the OP lap but for myself the following lap gave me some sweat on lol:


    First I thought what the heck is this, F1 with a clean screen on YouTube it simply cant be true,

    1st Sub 😎 look forward to seeing your future videos,


    Take note a word ive been told I cant use, YOU WANNA CLAIM NO ASSITS, THATS HOW YOU DRIVE 😎 or call it what it is, assisted driving,


    You cant blame TV Coverage for TV Pod cam users, any age person knows people dont drive like that, either by seeing the drivers climbing into the cockpit, or seeing thier parents behide the wheel,

    Ultimately its Codemasters fault for zero encouragement, and rewarding assisted racing, and giving away free copys to the wrong players, showing casing, what has now become the norm sadly, Pod racing if you can call it racing,

    F1 ESports for having no Pro tier, so drivers just choose the fastest option, which sadly due to Codemasters is TV Pod, and most copy,

    F1 YouTubers highlighting how to exploit the game, divebombing / ramming your way through the grid, and sadly thats how most take it as how you race,

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  7. 2 hours ago, Marty_K_ said:

    I've been playing F1 games for over 10+ years (with Logitech Wheels about 8+ years). I always play Career Mode at 100% everything (practice, qualy & race)…. and I admit that I'm the TV Pod, Medium TC, and ABS assisted guy.

    However, after reading these comments, I think that it's finally time for me to (seriously) try, ...and persevere with, ...Cockpit View, No TC, and No ABS.

    I'm now looking forward to my new challenge of Cockpit Viewing, No Assisted, Career Mode racing. 

    Thank you Guys 🙂  

    PS: I'll be upgrading to a Fanatec wheel/pedal setup soon 👍  

    Thats is absolutly awesome to hear you wont regret it, enjoy your journey.

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  8. 53 minutes ago, AlexTT said:

    A lobby with all banned? Fine by me, just giving my opinion about the OP assists which directly give time gains. Prox. Arrows is more visual aid to prevent crashes. 

    I just really hope to get CM view on this.

    Visual aids still give a advantage to some degree, even if its not as big other others,

    Me to, Codemasters could really cater for all if they wanted to.

    Just look at some of thier marketing quotes in my signature, personally think thier more like one liners ba-da cha! 🤣

  9. Only people that dont think cockpit is a assit are the ones that dont race in cockpit. and reality is they'll do anything to keep thier advantage by any means necessary,

    When it comes to a recognised assit ( TC, ABS ) , and they think theirs a advantage, OOOH STAND BACK BIG ISSUE, TOYS ARE FLYING.

    Facts are facts thier videos online of F1 2019, same driver, same track, tv pod was nearly 5secs quicker than cockpit, facts you cant Beep with that. BIGGEST ASSIST IN THE GAME, 

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  10. 32 minutes ago, AlexTT said:

    Wait, i gues manual starts aren't active also right? Seeeing i just did a race in France with someone else who also didn't use assists.

    here comes someone who joins, and blast past us at the start (and i know my manual starts are pretty damn good) as if we're standing still, and with his abs and traction control pulls a gap of 2 seconds in half a lap because his tyre temps don't matter with TC on off course. And a basic setup on the car.


    and this is the kind of demotivating and disgusting thing I just can't stand. Throw in all available assists, even tyre temps, and auto start.

    *** do you call it a ranked lobby for then? *** is it called SKILL points when obviously all assists that require 0!!! Skill are allowed. And the worst thing is that CM just let them be used as exploits (also called cheating) 

    for godsake please change the name from SKILL points to anything but something that implies it awards the true skilled racers, because this is just a joke. How can CM be so ignorant? 

    They take all the things away what skilled racers can use to their benefit in a RANKED lobby with SKILL points, and award the cheaters/exploiters. 

    This is just so wrong and an emberrassment!


    I suggest a lobby with everything banned, you say thats to extreme,

    And to be honest I dont know why I was quoted in this reply, cause it sounds like its aimed at Codemasters.,

    I agree with every you know this, ranked is a complete waist of time until Codemasters cater for all players not the casuals ( other word ive been told is not allowed )

  11. 28 minutes ago, Andrew210227 said:

    Exactly this, and you should also factor in the lack of crossplay, which cuts the amount of players who can compete in a 'cockpit only' ranked game even more. The player base for this is just too low.

    Translation, please dont make a lobby am unable to join, I need my advantage.

  12. 1 hour ago, Akkan74 said:

    The problem is we aren't the majority. If all guys in this forum would have the same meaning, how many percentage would it be? If we all would say the game is bad and should be changed, nevertheless we would be the minority. Maybe 1%, because the majority outside this forum will be quiet.

    So why should Codemasters change anything, because the minority (we) wants it?

    Cause they should cater for all players, we all pay good.

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  13. @AlexTT I understand what your saying, and I also understand some, only class ABS - TC as assits, but only adding those 2 would make little difference to some no assits player in my opinion, 

    Unless thier is a big change with all assits / visual aids added, it wouldnt encourage me to race online. extreme or not, and I understand a lot wont like it, but they need to cater for all, even if some are only the minority.

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  14. 15 minutes ago, kubakw said:

    It's not a solution to alter the difficulty level every session according to weather. What if the conditions change during a race or qualy? AI level should be balanced on wet and dry. We'll never get to a point where everyone is happy, because every player has diffrent skill on wet track, but the difficulty should be more or less balanced. Now the balance was lost and we believe it requires some fine tuning. 

    Ok wait for Code ? to fine tune it, makes no difference to me, am racing on Patch 1.04 cause am a dumb ass.