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  1. 13 minutes ago, Ho3n3r said:

    That's not a fix, it's a workaround for a game issue that was not present before the patch. It's way too unbalanced now.

    You really need to stop making excuses for a game that gets broken by patches.

    Thats a sensible suggestion for a Beep situation, thats been in the game since like EVER!

    I think youll find am one who is the least likely to make excuses for this game, F1 2019 pre patch or post patch is the worst beep realise in the beep history of F1 series, its beep disgusting,

    But if you think Codemasters will ever fix it, keep thinking, but wilst theirs a option to adjust AI in the loading menu between sessions, thats currently the only way I know, why do you think they put it thier for, causes the issue only revealed itself post patch 5 in F1 2019 ?, or they planned on fixing the issue ?,


    FYI You really need to take posts are thier ment, also add me to your ignore list.

  2. Lower the AI%, I know its uncool to run anything less than 100%, but if thier to difficult thats whats needed, leave the ego's at dashboard.

    Make a not of % per session per track, the option is thier to adjust in the loading screen, should we have to NO, but thier never gonna get it to a point where everyone is happy.

  3. @SturmDesTodes Really well thought out, and written Kudos


    Personally would like to see above but be able to choose what rank lobby, starting at the bottom ( which is the same for everyone ) your still racing with people, ultimately your trying to avoid, and some not all, like to play lets ruin everyone's race, so it could be difficult depending on what time of day you race, to ever leave the rank, ( Never done rank due to no restrictions, so ultimately dont know whats it likes, but impression I get is not good based on reviews )

    Option for lobbys, all assistance, medium assistance, no assistance, that way depending how you play, your with like minded people from the start,


    Ultimately I would like ranked scraped, licence with all perks in ( what is unranked / Leagues ) host can choose to turn licence on or off ( like Project Cars, which has force cockpit option, and I happily race online, F1 2019 public lobby never see one, HINT Codemasters your forcing players offline ), and set lobby up how they want ( once all assits / visual aids are added ), personally never liked dynamic weather, I like to set it to how the actual race was.

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  4. 9 minutes ago, Andrew210227 said:

    Yes I can, but no I won’t. It’s more than enough for me to know that, everytime I see you belittle someone or insinuate to your own greatness out here, you’re not as good as you think you are.

    And now I’m done with ya.

    Only one person boasting of Greatness, 

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  5. 11 minutes ago, sloppysmusic said:

    Lmao. I agree with everything you say and you seem to agree with everything I say so I don't get the above part? I'm saying yes the game is not what everyone wanted but most of the casuals are fine with it so it won't get changed much if at all in this version. The harsh truth I'm talking about is telling people who demand changes now that they ain't gonna happen. Which... Seems to be what you're saying too lol! 

    Yes where on the same page,

    Am just saying majority who demand changes, usually get them, on average id say we get patches uptill till Nov mybe Dec, I think one year it was Jan, wilst issues ( yes cockpit option is not a issue as such ) but real issues,  are being ignored,

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  6. 10 minutes ago, Andrew210227 said:

    What I’m saying is that you’re so overconfident that you started trashtalking someone about their skill level without even thinking for a second they might actually be better at the game than you are. Not your smartest move.

    What i'm saying is post a video,

    Not my smartest move ? enlighten me.

  7. 1 minute ago, sloppysmusic said:

    I am explaining in simple terms why 90% of the very simple additions and changes requested in these forums will not be implemented in 2019. You don't want to hear it or course and disliking a harsh reality does not make that reality less likely to happen. We are not wasting out times making suggestions as the good ones will almost certainly appear in future games. Just NOT all in the next one. As then the game after THAT will not sell. 

    I will put my money where my mouth is too. If 2019 is updated with the following few simple changes I will buy it whatever price it is. How about that? 

    1) Ranked online lobbies with forced cockpit view and zero assists. 

    2) Assists must not be faster than no assists. 

    That's just 2... Will prove my point though sorry if people don't like the harsh truth! 

    Harsh reality which you dont want to listen of course,

    Customisation ( requested by the majority ) took I am sure long time to add in the F1 series, reality is majority didn't like / complained about it, ( this is the official F1 title, you wanna paint a car buy forza ) resulting in a complete waist of devolvement time which, could of / should been spent fixing the game.

    Performance updates ( requested by the majority ) took I dunno how long, reality majority still complaining about it,

    Assits unfair ( requested by the majority ) took I dunno how long, reality majority still complaing, and reailty is thier even worse,


    Reality is Codemasters is waisting thier time on suggestions, and ignoring REAL ISSUES, this is what is gonna cause the next game not to sell,

    2018 only reason I bought was cause of the Halo,

    2019 main reason was F2, yet due to above I cant enjoy it,

    2020 I wont be buying due to the state of 2019, as ive previously said the game on a whole is enjoyable,


    You know aswell as I do, 1,2,3 will not be in 2019, am not convinced F2 will even get fuel before 2020,

    people talk the talk about racing no assits, but where is the support, they dont want lobby restrictions,


    Sorry if you dont like the harsh truth!

  8. 3 hours ago, Andrew210227 said:

    Not a bad idea, but obviously won't happen. They'll manage to sell the game anyway so it makes no sense from a business perspective. Also, it's not unlikely that part of their license deal with F1 requires them to release a game every calendar year.

    It could happen if players stuck togher, obviously wont happen,

    Licence deal with F1 is irrelevant, if players voted with thier money, Codemasters would get the message theyd listen to, loss of money due to drop in sales.

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  9. Trial in your view is for bragging rights,

    Your fast in Time Trial I can match some of the best online.

    I think your view is absolutely spot on, redundant, id say pointless due to dirty, exploiting, cheats, I put a link in track limits showing a ESports player all 4 wheels of track, however rewarded with DHL fastest lap, minority of true racers on here simply refuse to lower thier standards, so pintless entering.

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  10. 7 minutes ago, Andrew210227 said:

    Sure thing buddy, whatever makes you feel superior in your sad little life.

    Not sure what mean, but I didn't post the lap times above, I just reported the news / facts,

    Your the one who seemed upset but the findings, claiming them to be false, why, cause you dont want to loose your advantage, facts are facts, you cant beep with that,

    Sad little life, well I dont claim no assits bragging of AI 100+% ( turn off all assistance, race with respect, majority would struggle to be 50%, its easy divebombing, ramming your way through the grid against the AI with no damage or limited damage ), regular top 10 cause I feel I need to impress, so, WHATEVER.

  11. 1 hour ago, LILLHELM said:

    Then look how many helps everyone has.
    Not only about the example. It can not be that drivers with 2 aids are as fast as drivers without driving aids.

    That's a problem for many leagues

    Helps you mean assits I guess ? yes your preaching to chore, options should be introduced to BAN them all,

    Totally agree,

    Yea totally agree,


    Am still confused as to why the pics shows assists for both drivers what the problem is, I dont know what the symbols mean as I dont use assists, and when I say no assists I mean no assists, not call myself a no assist driver then race in TV Poop cam wilst using proximinty arrows, radar bottom left corner, car getting close from the rear, I better push a bit get a gap, lap time top left, whoo hoo look at me, I got a fast one,, position top left FORZA DISTANCE COUNTER, oh hes just in front am gonna push now see if I can catch him, bull dust fraudsters.it has to be said.


    No assists means no assits, visual aids are ASSISTS.

  12. 2 hours ago, Andrew210227 said:

    Which track & car?

    Absolute nonsense this post. A net 5 second difference can only come from a terrible driver or someone who's 'fixing' their performance to try and prove a point.

    Translation, am a TV Pod user and dont EVER try to take my toys away 😂 Sorry

    Absolute nonsense, then dont bother replying.


    X Files! The truth is out thier, YOUR just to scared to look.

  13. 1 hour ago, sloppysmusic said:

    Making the game perfect would mean gamers would keep playing it for years and not buy the next year's game. Please don't down vote me lol it's not my opinion it's a plain developmental fact! 


    Am totally confused by this comment sorry, its a simple option in online lobby, am not asking for major reconstruction surgery which the majority of requests are ( Also makes zero difference ), and no surprise make into the game, wilst actual issues are ignored, 

    If the issues that matter to me where fixed I would buy next years game, but as it stands 2019 in my opinion even though enjoyable is a disaster, 2020 I shall be missing putting all my hopes and dreams on 2021.