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  1. 18 minutes ago, DaleRossi said:

    Agreed. Considering they obviously put a lot of time and effort into catering to wheel users, the encouragement if sitting on top of the car is baffling.

    Cater for all, or cater for none and sell the licence in my opinion.😎


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  2. 2 minutes ago, DaleRossi said:

    Yep. That is true in a lot of sims, but something as basic as cockpit being forced should be automatic. IRacing doesn't have any exterior cam options for a reason.

    There is some Arcade in this game, as well there should be. But there also needs to be a Sim option. 

    And those Sim options in reality makes zero difference to anyone who doesnt want to participate, thier still gonna have access to the same lobbys as they do now,

    Makes zero sence to me concidering the amount of games with the option, even though majority dont use the feature.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, DaleRossi said:

    "No Assists. (Runs TV Pod) lol"

    It's fine if people run it, or chase can or automatic or brake line, or whatever. There needs to be a sim option for lobbies, pure and simple. 

    Vision is everything in a race car. If F1 drivers could sit On Top of the Car with no adverse effects, they would. But, they can't. The irony is people admittedly run TV Pod because they CAN see better. There is really no argument that it gives a massive advantage.  Put it in the assists and be done with it. 

    EXCALTY, Have a beer 🍻

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  4. 10 minutes ago, Akkan74 said:

    We are racing in a league with cockpit cam drivers, t-cam drivers, full assist user, medium assist user, no assist users (not in your opinion) all together. We have a lot of fun and are still competitive against each other. I don't get it what's the reason here. If you think online is dead because of you a.m. curious reasons than make your own league. But as a game for all kind of players you are the minority and i don't think Codemasters will change anything about it.

    I agree an option to force assists off, cockpit view and what ever would be the best, but then it could be very lonely in your online lobby.

    Project Cars for a example, cockpit only lobbys yes very quite, over time however more started to join and ended up with 11 regulars, it can be a great way to meet new players, but they dont race on F1,

    Minority yes but doesnt mean Codemasters should discriminate, reality is just a option to force cockpit is gonna make zero difference to anyone, doesnt stop them racing how they wish, no cockpit option however does stop the minority racing how I wish.

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  5. Fair competition anyone ?

    Even if things aren't performance related, they still give a advantage to some degree, above time of nearly 5 seconds prove that, some would say the person wasnt use to cockpit still doesnt justify the time, posted before adding the extra 1.355 cause it was set on herd's,

    Am not use to TV Pod, and managed to improve my time by 1.5 which both runs was on the same tyre, am sure I could of got abit more but only done a few laps.


    @RedDevilKT Please Help.

  6. 2 hours ago, Striker_703 said:

    I see what you're referring to @BluntRS. That's way outside of track limits. 

    Which if it was a mistake ( Which I dont bielve it was ), fair enough, but to keep your foot in and exploit ( Should of lifted, tried again to be a good sport imo ), makes TT pointless ( More people see the video on youtube, more people with do it ), cause unless you play by thier rules, which I for one refuse to do, no point even bothering with. with TT or events,

    Orginal Project Cars Clio Cup event, Silverstone event, someone found a exploit, if you drove through the pits, basically cutting out the last 3/4 corners you saved a ton of time 😡

    Its sad but online now has zero to do with true competition, its who can exploit the game the most.

  7. 5 hours ago, Striker_703 said:

    What of the current eSports Pro's? They use the T-Cam instead of the cockpit view. Are they noobs? Just asking lol. Joking aside. If the did happen to move to cockpit view they'll slow down up to three seconds. Some may not slow down at all. 

    Personally wouldnt call them ESports Pro's, but in my opinion yea they are,

    Look at the link I put in track limits I think, thats a ESport player infront blatantly abusing track limits ( this is text book Forza, get results by any means necessary , each to thier own but to call them Pro's in a insult to Pro's. 

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  8. On 7/7/2019 at 8:17 AM, Holmesey1986 said:

    When overtaking the AI act like you aren’t even there, don’t give you room on the corners, and when they hit you, you get a warning/penalty. 

    Codemasters purposely programmed them like that, think of the AI more like drivatar's based on TV Pod "Pro's", so when you go online and encounter the real TV Pod players who just drive around with blinkers on, obvious to anything else on the circuit, its not a huge shock to you, 

  9. On 7/15/2019 at 6:35 PM, xJulyxWeed said:

    This is totally ********. Why i buy a 70 € game, to play online and let me there like a ****. 

    Pls, i dont want this art of game. 


    In another thread you said

    But we do not want to drive with assist. Where is that then still competition, which is also in motorsport!


    Braking line is a assist, TV Pod is a assist, gear indicator the list goes on, performance related or not, they still give a advantage to some degree.

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  10. 22 minutes ago, xJulyxWeed said:

    Wir wollen aber nicht mit assist fahren. Wo ist das dann noch Wettbewerb, um die es ja auch im Motorsport geht! 

    But we do not want to drive with assist. Where is that then still competition, which is also in motorsport!

    In the pic thier both using assists, so what is the problem ?

    I dont want to drive with others who use TV Pod, but do we have a option for that ?

    If you dont want to use assits, race in cockpit with a blank or your using assits.

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  11. @Faya @RedDevilKT

    F2 No fuel option for FP sessions ?

    F2 Multiplayer locked to equal performance ?

    F2 No option in Leagues ?

    F2 No option to force off visual aids ?

    F2 No option to force cockpit ?

    F2 Weather locked to dynamic in Championship mode, why cant we set ourselves ?, that way we can have what the actual race was, instead scripted which in reality didn't happen in real life

    F1 McLaren in game are 6th, in real F1 thier 4th ?

    HUD Opacity only goes to 10% ?

    F1 cars awfull, its like thier on rails, rear refuse's to step out, little to no skill required to keep them in line, basically like forza is,, tyre management not needed just last for ever and a day, can we have a option for tyre wear please, slow or realistic ?


    Online just pointless due to the "Pro's" preferred choice of event setup, no damage, ghosting on :classic_rolleyes: no practise ( cause why would you want to practise, to get your eye in ) either one shot quali or none, 5lap destruction derby, on to the next circuit, basically identical to Forza style.

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  12. 1 hour ago, sloppysmusic said:

    Kinda cheeky talking about other devs on the Codies official forums. Gt planet might be the more appropriate place for such a discussion! If the conversation was focused on constructive criticism of Codies F1 games thsts fair enough. If this thread appeared on forums belonging to the other devs mentioned here it would be deleted in moments! So let's be glad at least Codies allow a fair amount of free speech here to criticize them! 

    I wasnt going for subtle,

    To be honest I dont think Codemasters care, or listen to this forum like theve done in the past.

    Look at what people requested before the patch, then look at what the patch done, assits are faster then before :classic_rolleyes:

    Dirt forum communication from the team is on point.

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  13. 3 hours ago, Acerees said:

    I have gone 100% hardcore this years game.  No assists no flashback and cockpit view.  I knew Ricciardo was close to me but with the limited mirror view I had and the fact that nobody would try a pass there like that in real life or even in a league race I really didn’t expect him to do that to me. In previous years I have run cockpit view and no assists except racing line.  I think I qualify as a no assists driver 

    Thats awesome to hear your changing what you use each year,

    So your screen is completely blank then ?, 

  14. 12 hours ago, Andrew210227 said:

    Totally agree. Do you know if its possible to go back to a previous patch version on PS4? Ideally, Id like to try 1.05 to check out the changes myself, but given what Im reading here and how much Im actually loving the game right now (I play offline mostly anyway an have no problem losing online features) I may have to go back to 1.04. I dont think its possible and should probably just not install 1.05 at all when it becomes live, right?


    I dont know how the PS4 works etc, if you can attach a external HD its possible.

  15. Currently 42% are happy with how the game is realised each year, 

    If SMS had the licence id walk away to be honest :classic_biggrin:

    If the YouTubers got onboard I could see a huge drop in sales for 2020, perhaps then they'll take notice,


    I hope they can do something special for 2021, although new regs a lot of changes, cant help but feel more problems. 

  16. 49 minutes ago, Acerees said:

    I generally agree except for this example: I’m the Mclaren the track is Australia and it is the corner immediately after S1 The AI was way to aggressive there and that needed a tweak.  The other thing that was and is causing issues is that the AI cars must weigh 6 or 7 tonnes as when they touch you they kill you!  (Apparently this happens when you run no assists).  Frustratingly for me I run with flashback off as it helps eliminate mistakes for league racing But I agree that I did like them being more feisty. The problem is that people were not giving video evidence of what was wrong with the AI and that could lead to misinterpreting what was wrong


    Firstly I was confused as to what view this was, then I noticed it was a replay, cause normally this view is a rarity in a F1 game 😁

    This in my opinion, not that anybody cares, is lack of awareness for anything else on the track, most common with assisted drivers,

    Codemasters this is why we need a options in multiplayer to turn all assits off.

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