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  1. I wouldn’t be confident that the points system will work. I have raised this before. I have just been awarded Zero points for a rally win, in another Club 👍🏻
  2. What a game!!! i used to watch the WRC & think “DiRT Rally Monte isn’t like that...”. Well, now it is!! Great job, a proper mixed bag of extreme grip changes. Such a difference in the tyre types also!! Love it!
  3. You talking about me fella?? lol Iv been here from the first week of DiRT Rally. I have been quite vocal and opinionated on occasion and yes, I have real life driving experience. I have also been beta testing for months and months now by invitation. It’s only now that I am allowed to talk about it and show the game. Im not an influencer or YouTuber, just a guy that’s played waaaaaay too many hours DiRT Rally and spent waaaay too many hours chatting about in on the forums here. You’d have known that though, if you’d have been here as often as I have 😁
  4. Just a small selection of cars and a small handful of stages 😉
  5. Having been testing 2.0 for the past while, I’m actually really happy to be getting my old stages back to add to the existing locations. The new feel will just add a whole new challenge to the stages you ‘think’ you know!! 😉 Just to give an update from testing: I’m in trouble daily with my wife because of DiRT Rally 2.0. It’s proper addictive fun! Really intense, just like DR was. I can’t get enough! I’m really enjoying all the cars and all the new locations. This isn’t a casual drive through the woods, it’s really engaging and technical. You guys are really gonna love this!
  6. DR2.0 is quite intense like that. You can really be on the knife-edge. I missed that after DR. Stages are a great length and very technical, it’s no walk in the park!! Im really hoping for some Irish Tarmac for future DLC. Could we ever be that lucky??
  7. Jon going well, considering he’s behind a lad fresh out the WRC and a 2ltr World car!
  8. Broadbent looks to be using a low Wheel rotation and with the cockpit cam giving a weird perspective, it looks bad.  He mentions the wheel being heavy, yeah.  I have played about with the FFB as I found the std settings made fighting the wheel forces more of a thing than controlling the car.  1.5 minutes in settings fixed that.  Easy! I get that he might have been playing on a press rig, but anything he doesn’t like, can be switched off in seconds  I don’t play mine like that and don’t have the issues he describes to be honest.  I’m not a fanboi either.  D4
  9. Bummed to hear the tarmac physics are the same wonky floatiness from the previous games, but I guess I expected it since it is the same engine. :/ They're not - I haven't watched the video, but if he says they're the same, he's mistaken. They’re definitely not.  Iv just been playing RWD on Tarmac and its so precise when you want it to be, but push the limit and it does bite back.  Tyres and conditions have a massive effect on the levels of grip, naturally 
  10. Bit early to come to that conclusion I reckon.  A) It’s his home event and B ) loads around him having bad luck Im not sure it’ll be all plain sailing this year.
  11. Meeke fastest on shakedown.  Tommi needs to get the recovery lorry warmed up.... :(
  12. He’s a busy boy, but still watching  B)
  13. Looks LIKE Monte Carlo.  Doubt it is though :P
  14. It’s all down to the driver... handful!!  https://youtu.be/E-N_fI6htu0      Why do my YouTube links not show as videos???
  15. I think it’s you that’s missing the point.  If any game is driven tidy, what use is watching a video?  The car isn’t doing anything but driving through a stage.  Could be iRacing, AC, DiRT, PCars2, Ridge Racer or any great or rubbish title.  If you aren’t pushing the physics model, you aren’t really seeing it in action.  It’s just animated cars & roads.  It’s when you push the physics beyond normality and grip, you see what it’s really capable of.   Driftng a simulation of a car and controlling a slide requires a pretty accurate and complex physics model.
  16. It’s called driver Showboating!  You could make a real 911 do that, what’s wrong with making the game one do it? lol Against the clock, it’s not the fastest way through the stage, but it’s the most fun.  You can dial as much or as little under/oversteer into a chassis with setup. Ill put this into a bit of context for you all.   iRacing is meant to be the dogs balls as far as simulation goes.  If you initiate a slide in iRacing, you lose all intuitive control and need to either stomp on the brakes OR pray you are staying on the track. Here, we have a real life Rally drive
  17. Need a Christmas tree in a hurry??  I know just where to find one... https://vimeo.com/307466543
  18. Cockpit view can do funny things also.  You notice Yaw loads more with the cockpit cam.  I bet that run would have looked completely different in bonnet view
  19. Hard tyres,  they seemed to come good toward the middle of the stage.  The car looked much more stable through the twisties mid-stage.  Maybe they need to warm up for a few km’s? There’s that, and the fact that Iv been winding Jon up for 2 months that he can’t put the rear out in a RWD, might have contributed to the driving style.  Sorry guys!! Lol
  20. I haven’t watched the stream, but looking forward to sticking it on while I’m having my dinner. The new trailer looks absolutely fantastic!!
  21. I’d love Finland, narrowed a foot, with the new physics.
  22. I don’t really agree.  I think when the guys are setting the physics model, they have to consider an element of accessibility.  We’re not all Seb Loeb, so the game allows for that.   From what I have seen of the current engine, they can pretty much do whatever they like with it.  One of the test-builds we tried had the car making a little boy out of me in an accurate way.  I couldn’t confidently push it hard enough to be within 70% of its limit or capabilities.  It had more grip and more brake power than I could use, but without feeling heavy or glued to the road.
  23. Closer to DR isn’t doing it the justice it deserves. Remember when you first played DR and thought, damn, this is too hard.  But you played a bit more and it started to make sense and after a while, you loved it? Its like being used to DR as your benchmark, but starting that process all over again.  You’ll think ‘damn, that’s too hard’, but then it’ll make perfect sense and you’ll love it  B) 
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