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  1. DHM9

    VIP Podium Pass

    You would unlock all levels upto your current one.
  2. Have you placed sponsors on all the slots available on your car ?
  3. Aww that's a let down. Think I prefer the thought of losing communication haha.
  4. Hahaha nice one. I could not select the radio button as it disappeared off screen, came back on the last lap.
  5. Just finished a race in Bahrain and on lap 18/29 I lost radio communication. As much as Jeff can be annoying I kind of missed his updates. What faults have you experienced so far.
  6. Hi everyone, I never made it to the prestige level on f1 2020 so I have no idea what the locked items are. Just wondering if anyone has reached them on either 2020 or 2021 and what they are?
  7. Here's my take on a Stewart-Ford SF21
  8. Thanks for sharing 👍
  9. Struggling to find a gold, anyone have any sliders please?
  10. I would add Hakkinen to the conversation.
  11. Updated BMW MPerformance livery.
  12. Thanks mate. Working nights so can't check but I think it had the Italian flag colours originally. On the livery select screen if you scroll left you should find it there mate.
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