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  1. Hi CM, Players from Argentina, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstani, India have issues with this overpricing. For example going from F1 2020>F1 2021 Argentina players needs to pay 454% more. This is embarassing for EA & CM. You are one of the leading gaming companies in the world but this regional pricing unacceptable. Are you aware of this big difference? Do you have plans for it to make it better? I asked this on EA Forums and they redirected me here. (https://answers.ea.com/t5/General-Discussion/Better-Regional-Pricing/m-p/10527185#M35367) I attached pricing for f1 2020-2021 side by
  2. I writed that approximately 10 hours ago, before official releases 🙂
  3. People in betas leaking gameplays and stuff. I don't know If its real but if it is I think official gameplay video should come out from codemasters now.
  4. It says PS4 not PC 🙂 @JamesRobison Which mode is the wheel on? PS4/PS3 PS4/PS3 switch
  5. The AI takes control if you pause. Pace of them is determined by AI level.
  6. An endurance championship would be nice where your car parts get damaged overtime like career mode and you need to change it etc. You start from the back with penalties. Race options save. Currently race options save is useless, it doesnt save all the settings. You need to change most of the things when creating a new lobby 😞 A spectator which can add/remove penalties and stuff. Look AC:C for example Full race replays with every car watchable. Replay system is so old. Look the current racing games vs F1 Custom points systems Edits points got in the lobby
  7. Yeah whole EA thing blow up most of the countries bcs of price increase. We will see how many racers gonna buy it now 🙂
  8. Good improvement should be showing the lap count also on race distance right to the track. Silverstone Short %50 (XX Laps).
  9. By my research I found F1 2020 supporting DS4 natively. You don't need DS4Windows. Could you try without it?
  10. CZPZ

    F1 2021 game

    Every year handling changes. I am looking forward to it. The price is still a problem for me. No statement released from EA/CM side also. 😕
  11. @steviejay69 I have some good news 😂🎉 I switched back to LGS with the steps you told me, and the weird effect is gone. I don't know what fixed it, bios update? Its been busy 2 days for me and for you 🙏. Thank you for all the help.
  12. I updated my bios to 7B85v1F4(Beta version) as well. Still no feedback from the games. G hub is cursed on my PC I think.
  13. Steps I did now and currently wheel is showing in DeView: Delete custom schema in game Disconnect the wheel Verify game files Uninstall LGS with Geek Uninstaller Delete LogiShd in %appdata% and %programdata% Execute Logitech Driver Cleaner Check USBDeView I did it afterwards: I selected all G29 things and right clicked > uninstall driver. Restarted my PC checked again no g29 shown is list. I connect my wheel Install G Hub Downloading resources for g29 Initializing profile Ch
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