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  1. CZPZ

    F1 2021 game

    Every year handling changes. I am looking forward to it. The price is still a problem for me. No statement released from EA/CM side also. 😕
  2. @steviejay69 I have some good news 😂🎉 I switched back to LGS with the steps you told me, and the weird effect is gone. I don't know what fixed it, bios update? Its been busy 2 days for me and for you 🙏. Thank you for all the help.
  3. I updated my bios to 7B85v1F4(Beta version) as well. Still no feedback from the games. G hub is cursed on my PC I think.
  4. Steps I did now and currently wheel is showing in DeView: Delete custom schema in game Disconnect the wheel Verify game files Uninstall LGS with Geek Uninstaller Delete LogiShd in %appdata% and %programdata% Execute Logitech Driver Cleaner Check USBDeView I did it afterwards: I selected all G29 things and right clicked > uninstall driver. Restarted my PC checked again no g29 shown is list. I connect my wheel Install G Hub Downloading resources for g29 Initializing profile Ch
  5. I tested before of course. I installed LGS last night and ffb is back with the kerb bug. I will try again now with the steps. Maybe driver cleaner will make it work.
  6. Ahh clutch pedal isnt even recognised. This GHUB and LGS switch not working. @steviejay69 Its broken on all games.
  7. New dxdiag: DxDiag.txt I just did this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiPGamq_mUQ and still no lucky. If I enable centering spring on ghub no ffb at all. But that checked off there is some but not like its from the game.
  8. I dc'ed wheel and open the game. Keyboard was selected bcs wheel was disabled. Verified game file and deleted hardware_settings_config.xml. hardware_settings_info also exists but I didnt deleted that. Created new schema for g29 but still no ffb. Rev light is not working either.
  9. I tried that already no luck. I just tried removing LGS for GHUB again. I dont have any FFB from the game at all. Centering spring is there but I think its from the GHUB itself.
  10. I understand your concers. removed Veikk Device (tablet) disabled citrix driver tried g29 on usb2 port under ps/2 connector Nothing worked. I dont want to reinstall windows for now. Why iRacing, AC, AC:C does not have any issues over kerbs but just F1?
  11. Did you find a solution for this @TimberF24 Having same issue:
  12. Thank you for quick response. Its not about flashbacks. It happens in Multiplayer races too. Here is the dxdiag file: DxDiag.txt @BarryBL @steviejay69
  13. Hey Is there anything I can do to help @BarryBL? I signed up for 21 Beta too, will try to replicate this If I have chance.
  14. I use LGS. I tried switching to GHub same issues. Part list: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/alimoncul/saved/#view=k7NL23
  15. Hey @steviejay69 any clues with this? It will happen in F1 2021 also. Is there debug screen where we can see ffb applied for wheel etc? Hungary also has these bugged kerbs.
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