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  1. What you could try and do is change hardware_settings_config.xml. This file is located in my documents > My games > F1 2019. In this file you will find this bit of coding: <graphics_card deviceId="0x1B81" rating="4"> <resolution width="2560" height="1440" displayMode="1" vsync="false" vsyncInterval="auto" frameRateLimiterEnabled="false" frameRateLimiterValue="144"> <refreshRate numerator="143998" denominator="1000" /> <windowPosition x="0" y="0" /> <outputMonitor index="1" /> <aspectRatio auto="false" width="16" height="9" /> <hdr mode="0" peakNits="1000" /> </resolution> </graphics_card> Where it says <outputmonitor index="1" />, you want to change it to <outputmonitor index="2" />, if you want the game to launch on your second monitor. just change the value and save the file, then launch the game. I hope this fixes the problem!
  2. How high is your motion blur setting? You could consider decreasing this percentage, this will probably resolve things
  3. The first one is 10 places, after that 5. It is that in real life as well last time I checked
  4. I think the fuel is a bug, however it is good that you do not harvest energy in the pits, as almost all the energy is harvested by braking and in the pits you hardly brake
  5. Qrazzo

    Errorcode 500:H [ZX]

    Same here PC Steam, if I cancel it goes into a infinte loading screen
  6. For me the game worked well without steam overlay in dx12 before this update, but didnt work with steam overlay. Now with the update I have enabled steam overlay again and havent had any issues yet!
  7. So I know Baku is a race with lots of crashes happening normally, but this went a bit to far. https://youtu.be/mQMOHysC424 After this clip I flashbacked, and the same crash happened over and over. I had to restart the race. Just for info, it's F1 2019 on PC via steam on Windows 10 Pro 1903 using dx12 with a ryzen 1600 and a gtx 1070. I was doing a 50% race in my first season of career mode with McLaren (I am the last car on track in the video) If you need any more information to track down the reason for this bug I am always willing to help @Faya!
  8. Qrazzo

    Circuit Paul Recard

    So this game has been in development for the last 2 years and comes out just 3 days after the french gp... Ofcourse they don't have thast updated yet, but knowing codies they are probably working on it like absolute beasts to get it in (one of) the next update(s). They said it is coming, it is probably only taking a bit of time. Btw there have been multiple posts about this, maybe next time first have a look through the existing posts before posting yourself. You question may have been answered already
  9. Qrazzo

    F1 2019 does not start [ZX]

    Disable steam overlay and msi aftrerburner Those are the first things to do
  10. It is not a problem with the game, this is just how v-sync works. So simply put, v-sync "sees" the frame rate your Graphics card is pushing out to your monitor and downscales it to the nearest round refresh rate number. This being 30, 60, 144 Hz. So lets say your GPU is pushing 80 FPS out, because of v-sync your frame rate will be locked at 60, as this is the nearest downscaled round number. I always advice turing v-sync of at all times, as it is very bad for input lag. As you have a 144Hz monitor, do you have freesync or G-sync, as those dont worek with the fram rate cap and deliver way beter results Hope this was of any help!
  11. Qrazzo

    Updates every Monday?

    In the calander it says there is maintenance time every monday. Does this mean weekly patches/updates? Also is there any news on the (first) performance update? Thanks in advance!