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  1. if anyone interested, Ott Tänak can be seen online now: movie on web VOD 5.9€
  2. I would like to see that also, I've only seen translations from on article that I've already posted here and there can be some things missing from translations. Sordo stated that he doesn't understand why Ogier is talking something that didn't happened but he accepts the compliments - for me it meant that it was discussed but it didn't happen. How knows why Ogier brought up that topic - maybe to prevent these actions in future or maybe idd just to but Hyundai into bad light. Amado is ruthless guy and he was put in charge to win titles, I wouldn't be surprised if it was discussed. Even t
  3. Tbh there is quite clear line - on stage tempering, like the one they were planning, can cause accidents, it can go as far as some one ramming other car out or pulling deliberately putting rocks on the stage. I've heard stories where spectators have tried to help their favorite or local drivers by messing with competition (lowering flags or trowing rocks at cars) - I hope these are just some stories and not true, but you get the point. While off stage tactics the driver knows exactly what is going on and can cope with that or expect it and maybe even work against it like it has happen before.
  4. Off the stage tactics (dirty or not) are fine, not nice but part of the game, but no one has ever deliberately screwed up other drivers SS times. The plan was to stop Sordo on the stage - let Neuville pass and then start right in front of Meek - giving Thierry dust free air and making things more difficult for Kris. Mr. Adaome doesn't talk about the situation, but Sordo gave his comment - https://www.rallyssimo.it/2019/06/03/wrc-dani-sordo-ogier-ha-parlato-di-qualcosa-che-non-e-successo-hyundai-non-ha-voluto-infastidire-nessuno/. May be there was discussion, to stop Sordo on the stage,
  5. have you heard about this already https://mobile.twitter.com/OfficialWRC/status/1135234077274058752 ? Apparently Adomo asked Dani to stop ON THE STAGE and re-start in front of Kris, Dani refused. WRC is getting more and more like F1 😞 Anyways, I just cant get what Kris was thinking doing two stupid mistakes 😮 - i mean, was he trying to catch Ott before that spin and on was he going for 5 PS points when he cut too deep and breaking the car. Instead doing his job and bringing points home for the team.
  6. Mexico rally entry list contains only 24 cars according to eWRC https://www.ewrc-results.com/entries/54450-rally-guanajuato-mexico-2019/, why oh why is this rally in the championship. I hope Canada can get their chance.
  7. Same here, we woun't see any newcomers before the new regulations will be place. maybe someone will announce that they'll commit to WRC starting from 2022, but nothing more. Still, every manufacturer who has hybrid in their model list, will be interested, example additional to current teams BMW, Mazda, Honda, Fiat? Interesting if FIA will restrict aero and maybe some other expensive parts so the development costs would be attainable. Also how or how fast WRC2 will change, I guess at first R5 will stay the same - I don't think that it will make sense to change the whole championship at once.
  8. OH MY! https://twitter.com/voiceofrally?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author according to Colin Clrak twitter, Neuville, Loeb and Sordo will be drving in Corsica. Mikkelsen compleatly out or just partial program now? also, new trailer for Ott Tänak movie was just released - pretty emotional movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Z5mwq1NwDY
  9. Ott is in great shape and pushing even on PS. Let's see how good he's in Mexico starting first on the road. Too bad for Sunninen, a podium finish would have been great for him and M-Sport. oioioi til next time!
  10. Solberg and Subaru - reunited in rallying! It’s a dream come true to be driving for Subaru Motorsports USA in 2019, and in the classic blue and yellow livery just like my father drove 😍 today is a very proud day for me, and I can’t wait to get started!
  11. I've had chance to discuss it with couple of team mechanics and drivers. Initial idea was to take a random shell - something light and nimble, build and mount group N parts to it. But now there are custom suspension, gearboxes etc. Thanks to that couple of teams are at the same level as R5 cars. Some teams sees it as business opportunity - develop a fast proto car and sell it to customers, others don't like the idea of a car that is usable only in local rallies and can't be used in official FIA races. If you want to see protos with competitive drivers in action and compare them to R5, p
  12. unfortunately R5 is not that affordable as group N cars were, 50-60k€ for top notch Mitsu EVO X to 180k€ for a R5 car. And it shows in Eastern - Europe rallies, many drivers have quite rallying entirely or developed prototype cars, that were ment to bring costs down, but to make them competitive with R5, they tend to be cheaper only by a margin.
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