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  1. Last Weekend no error code, but twice stuck for 5 minutes in the loading screen, with one or more players still having the loading circle active. Kicked the game from task manager after 7 minutes. Anyone else with that experience ?
  2. Last weekend it took 5 times i finally could sign in. Looking at my network load nothing can be seen. (afterwards i also deactived the useless second connection) I upgraded to windows 10 (the crash-to- desktop problem has really been solved). Another question, classic grand prix last weekend, are all cars equalized for that event 1988 - 1998 ?
  3. We should all get our money back. this weekend it was the highlight. 5 Times error code nm14 in weekly race. Don't tell me about Bug reports, the issue is as old as the game. Bugs over Bugs.
  4. I noticed the same today, half a year later, no one is interested...poor
  5. Was this topic merged ? The problem already occured on 1.10 and its is not fixed with 1.12 I know i'm still running Win7 on an older Geforce (it won't update, unless you give me the trick) but as long as you support it, it should work. My save won't help until i go on to next parc ferme, i was playing on with another laptop. but it is not mine. as well, i have no Mods running. And Win7 seems not to be the problem, as other user experience this as well.
  6. look here please. Crashes also in the pre race video, but you can skip this one DxDiag.txt egodumper.log
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