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  1. Johnc1984

    Announcing F1 2015. [Blog Comments]

    F1 2015 is completely shocking i have never played an f1 simulation this bad. in my eyes EA Sports should take over the game making of it like they used to have it. you would of thought codemasters would listen to all the complaints about the game and done a patch/update to satisfy there customers that spend there hard earned money on this so they can make there millions of £'s. come on codemasters your meant to know what your doing but from the complaints i have seen and from what i have experienced from the game it looks like you don't know what your doing or your just out to upset a lot of people. Create a patch to fix all the bugs and install a career mode and satisfy your customers or i will be very suprised if you sell 10,000 of the 2016 game as you would of annoyed so many people. Some people have already told me they are not buying f1 2016.