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  1. Eagleizer

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    It's 10th September already. What time is the event available?
  2. You wrote this: "I race all cars 100% stock to prove a point and I hold a decently long list of WR's in everything from H2 to 2000cc and GT. But I'm slow compared to the actually fast drivers. The top drivers, who we are expecting to actually make it through qualifiers, are setting times below 3:52 on the current WC stage in Poland with the H2 FWD - they are doing it 100% stock without cuts." Nothing there about you driving without default setup. That is nothing but dishonest. Only reason you say that now, is because you got caught.
  3. You also said: "Therefore the competition remain fair" I had included that in my quote! "Remain", as in it is still fair with fixed setup. But it's not. Because we have different style of driving. How is that difficult to understand? I mentioned more than just scandinavian flick, didn't I? How you st up gear to balance the car in and out of turns is also part of fitting the driving style. This benefits only the drivers who are shy of setups and and have adapted to drive with setus like this. Not saying it is a huge drawback for fast drivers, but It makes it incredibly boring. It is also a valid point that we were not informed about this until today. And steering left and right with full throttle is not what I call rally. It reminds me of rally games 15 years back. And the car is still slow if you can do setup :P It's just more manageable like IRL, and you don't have to torture your engine and yourself with konstant max RPM.
  4. How is it fair when you cannot fit the setup to your driving style? And it is also incredibly boring with a nightmare of RPM throughout the whole stage. It's mostly just steering the car, no skill involved as it is VEEERY slow......
  5. I have seen the document! It's what this thread is about. You said: "We've known about this restriction since the day the World Championship was announced.". My question is where and when whas the link provided? BTW: I loaded up your Ghost at Kopina. How do you explain the you first fly by me at the long stretch in 1st sector, and then fly by me on the stretch in 2nd sector when I am going at full speed, 168 KM/h? And Yes, I did enter the stretch before you, even though you took the shortcut to the right of the tree. Not that I have anything against cutting... Driving with full RPM through the whole stage is nothing but a nightmare for my ears and brain. It's like having my ears filled with wasps. This fixed setups is the stupidest ever, and resembles nothing of real life. That engine would fry long before finish...
  6. Well, than I apologize! But: There were no rules mentioned in the event announcement! They were posted here today AFAIK. But you can easily prove your claim with a link.
  7. You can stop lying right there! I am 2nd, and i do NOT use stock settings. No way any of the other 2 of top 3 is using stock. I can confirm that none of us have been cutting, yet, but how do you know? You are too slow to see if we cut on the last hay ball. My time at the moment is 3:47.062 - All top 10 are below 3:48.924 Limiting setups have nothing to do with finding out who is the good drivers. We have different styles of driving, Scandinavian flick is one, how you use your pedals in coordination with brake balance setup is another. Who is this event for anyway? The fastest, most dedicated drivers, or the casual Sunday driver? Should the fast drivers learn to drive with assists and stupid setups that are unfit for the stage and driving style, or should the novices learn how to drive and adjust gears and other important stuff in the setups?? Is this the World Championship on Sunday drivers? It really makes no sense... And again, applying setup restriction less than 24 hour before the event is just unprofessional.
  8. Totally agree. Different driving styles needs different setups. This is very unprofessional. We have also been practising and working on setups since the announcement, so this restriction comes way too late!
  9. Eagleizer

    Huge rhythmic stutter on high end PC

    The rhythmic stutter is best documented in the Frametime graph. This is using driver 378.92, which is the driver that gives the least stutter. It is sometimes better after a restart, but comes back after a while and eventually the game will hang. Unless I CTRL+ALT+DEL within 10 seconds or so, my whole PC will hang and I have to force close it. I have tried all drivers, 3 different GFX cards (2 EVGA 1080 FTW and GIGABYTE GTX 1080Ti), 2 different MB (ASUS x99 Deluxe and Deluxe II) I have bought a 3rd MB (ASUS ROG RAMPAGE V EDITION 10), but have not tried it yet, because I want to see if the new update 1.5 improves on anything first. Codemasters have been acting worse than I would expect from any dev. in relation to this problem, and is a complete disgrace. So far I have wasted more than $1200 trying to find hardware that is circumventing these BUGs. Codemasters could at least have tried to communicate some statistics and work with us to try to get to the bottom of this problem, but unfortunately, they don't care... Since they asked us to send DxDiag to Support back in february, I have heard NOTHING. Turning OFF all USB does not change anything for me, and using other drivers than 387.92, makes the game totally unplayable. Picture below is with driver 378.92. Frametimes spikes every 10 seconds and there are normally more large spikes in a stage than here. The long line at the end is when the game is windowed in the menu, and inactive. Activating it will trigger the Frametimes seen in the beginning, before I start the stage. The picture is from February 24., but nothing have changed...
  10. They should have kept the whole team until the main BUGs like Stutter, Hang/Force Close and other game breaking BUGs had been fixed. None of these BUGs have even been improved, and more than 12 weeks have passed. "How people still can not comprehend how these things work is beyond me."... Nothing is more important than having a game that is actually playable. FFB and all other stuff is not on that list. It is only on the list for people who are not affected of those game breaking BUGs...
  11. Game still crashes and hang my PC with Access violation that I have reported since 22. February. and TAA OFF still crashes the game if going back to Main Menu, also reported since 22. February:
  12. So how would you handle that some, like myself, do both with and without shortcuts? 😉
  13. I disagree about doing this ASAP. We need to know where they have done this, and we also need to know that they have gotten all of the shortcuts so they don't have to delete the Leaderboards again later. Other than that, I'm all in for deleting Leaderboards for the stages in question. I seem to have been more or less alone in asking Codies to remove the shortcuts, unless someone have done this by mail only. If you all are interested in getting all shortcuts removed, please post them here or in the BUG thread so we can get them all identified and removed. Cheers 🙂
  14. Eagleizer

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    What matters to me is a stutter free game that is optimized without dropping frames everywhere. Fluctuating between 143 and 60 FPS on lowest settings is unworthy of the DiRT name... DR is still more than 50% more efficient compared to DR2. Frametimes are also way too long, and still spikes to 17ms or more every 10 seconds when the game is running "fine" after a PC restart. Everything else can wait. The game needs to run smooth and stable.
  15. Installed 1.3 patch, loaded a stage, drove for 20 seconds and crashed into a tree on purpose so I could get to Replay, STUTTER and SOUND BUG still present. Took me 2 minutes to confirm Codemasters, you are no masters anymore... 2. And why is it that i have to crash into a tree to get to Replay? 7 weeks, and still no RETIRE option? 3. 7 weeks, and still I have a damn mouse pointer popping upon my screen while driving? 4. 7 weeks, and game is still not remembering Window size when CTRL+Enter and back. This makes it very tedious for recording. 5. CTRL+Enter also throws the mouse pointer on screen 😛