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  1. Eagleizer

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

  2. How about showing some respect for the time people put in, making world records?? Surely you could do this differently by having new leaderboards, and chose if you want to drive with cuts or not. You released the game in the state it was, with all the stupid shortcuts. Who is paying for my wasted time, making top times on the leaderboards? Not a rhetorical question! We are talking 100'ds of hours! This is outrageous!
  3. This happened to me in New Zealand also now, at Te Awanga Sprint Forward. I would expect to get a solution after almost a month!!! I need to know how I can get the PB deleted for the stages this happens to. In New Zealand, at Te Awanga Sprint Forward, this have also lead to severe stutter at the end of the stage. It will not go away even If I reinstall the game. How is this even possible? If I drive the full stage (Te Awanga Forward), there is no severe stutter in the same part of the stage.
  4. Check previous post on the subject and my reply. It have similar picture to yours. (Previous page. Sorry, there are no number on the posts here, and I cannot get multi quote to work :P) Could you please take a picture of the Frametimes you have while playing? If you use Afterburner or some other logging software. I am curious as to if you have same problem as I have, since I have same CPU. If you could PM it to me. Cheers :)
  5. DR2 - BUG - Personal Best time is wrong. After crashing out in Jezioro Lukie, the game registered the time as my PB time, and all Split Times got messed up, leaving last sector as done in 13 seconds. Luckily it did not register on the Leaderboard, but further improvement of my setup and time is now very difficult as I am racing against slow 3 first sectors, and an impossible 4th sector. I want to know how I can get the PB deleted for this stage. Below is 2 videos. The first is showing the wrong PB time (skip to end of video). The second is showing the Ghost when the BUG was triggered. There is a timer in the top left corner. The Ghost disappears pretty much on the time 2:28.077, which is the wrongly registered PB time. Specs in my signature
  6. I have sent 100's of these since february 2019. I'm sure the report is just ending up in a place where Codies never check, or is read by people who have no clue what they are looking at. However, there is a solution that can help you reduce how often they will appear though: The game is loaded with bad code, and one of the places is after a stage, when you choose Replay, you get the confirmation screen that say "YES/NO". This screen will try to fry your GPU with bad code, and is therefore excellent to use to get a stable clock on your GFX card. Use Afterburner (or your preferred monitoring GFX soft), and look at the temp going up while in that screen (YES/NO). Wait until the game crashes, and take note of what the temp was. This may take a few minutes depending on how close you are to the limit. (There is a chance you already have low enough clock, and that you are experiencing an unrelated BUG, but I highly doubt it). Lower your clock/voltage on the GPU, (maybe also back off a bit on the RAM). Make sure you set so low clock that you can stay in the YES/NO-screen for 5 minutes without having the game crash. Now, work your way up by checking with the temp and make it close to where the game crashed during your first test, and leave it there. This should reduce how often you get those crashes. Cheers :) TO CODEMASTERS: Don't go ahead and fix this screen now!. You need to fix all the other bad code first! This screen is the only good tool we have to get a somewhat stable game.
  7. When large companies like Codemasters, Motorsport Gaming US LLC, Motorsport Network, Autosport.com, Motorsport.com and OTT racing television network, cooperate on an event that goes out on platforms that reaches more than 30.000.000 viewers every month, you kind of expect it to be a serious event. Knowing when updates usually happens have to be considered "special knowledge". It is also not correct that there is any regularity to this. There have been updates at very different times, at least in my part of the world. I have seen updates coming at midnight (my time) and in the afternoon, as it did for the 1.9 update. Even if I had such knowledge, it would be reasonable to expect that an update would be postponed for the sake of the seriousness of the World Series. There simply is no excuse for this, except being a terrible mistake based on miscommunication between the departments at Codemasters. Now they have to take responsibility and decide how to correct the mistake. I have a couple of ideas, but first of all, Codemasters have to comment on this and acknowledge the mistake like any serious organizer. Not that is really matters, but I don't consider half hour to be "last minute". You can't expect qualifiers who are participating in a seemingly serious global event to have detailed knowledge about when game is updated and what consequences it would have. In any serious event, any sport, the time available is the time available. That's it. There is no point in communicating imaginary limits that arrived before the expired time. And so what if it was last minute. It's in the words. Last minute is still within the expire time, so it does not add a liable excuse for Codemasters, or blame on participants who did not get a chance to do their run. The only reason I did not get to do my qualification run, is because Codemasters pushed their update. There are no other reason or blame to be made. Codemasters have full control of when they are running the event, when they decide to update, and what consequences one will have over the other. There is a timer on the events that tells you when it expires. The purpose of the timer seems clear. A planned update is not an unforeseen event, and they only had to wait for another half hour before pushing the update. Since there are no other events in the World Series the following week, there was plenty of time to do this update without interfering with the World Series qualifications. For something that is being advertised as "Planned for 6 months", you would expect that you could trust when you can actually do your run. About half hour before it expired was the perfect time for me. Since it's of interest, here are the most important reasons for doing my run "late": 1. Late afternoon is the time of day that we are least likely to have a power outage. 2. I do the main part of my practice when I can do that undisturbed, which is night and work hours. 3. Point 2 affects my sleeping habits, and therefore also the optimal time of day to do the run. 4. I had planned to do my run the day before, just as I did in Kopina, as it is raining season here, and thunderstorms always leads to short power losses, so it's a good idea to not risk having to drive then. Having a 24 hour buffer is plenty in this regard as it never lasts that long. So I was already "anticipating unforeseen events". But I was not feeling well the day before, and my times was fluctuating a lot, and it was definitely not the time to do my run. In fact, I was feeling sick all day up until a couple of hours before the event expired, and was already worried I would not be able to do my run. I had half hour sleep and did about 1 hour warm up, and that was that... According to the countdown timer, I still had a half hour to do my qualifier, so there was still time to do 3 more warm up runs. There are several other reasons for why I chose to drive when I did, and the most important after taking the above into account, was to be "in the zone". My timing for doing the Qualifier was perfect, as I was doing 7:10.xxx over and over, and did 07:09.970 on my last run before going to qualify. That is more than 3 second faster than the top Qualifier time. I don't see how participants are to blame for not driving earlier than the expire time given. The announced event was not finished. Simple as that. The update and the consequences of updating is not "circumstances outside organizers direct and reasonable control" as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions, and certainly not something that participants should anticipate. All this of course comes on top of previous issues. I came in second at Kopina. Lost at least 1 second in the first sector due to totally different track conditions than announced. I have never done any degraded track conditions, as I only do Time Trial, and seeing the track sinking into the ground in front of the car, and having the car move in a different way totally caught me off guard. (Don't believe me? Check the dates in my Achievement Progress in my Steam Profile. I did my first one 30. Sept., well, besides the surprise one in Kopina.) I then skipped Argentina since my old eyes cannot cope with the bobbing there, so although I wanted to fight for the total time for the 3 locations, there was simply no way I could drive there. I therefore put all my energy into getting a top time at Te Awanga, and have been practising there all day long for 14 days. Cheers :)
  8. Eagleizer

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    What the hell?! Did not get the chance to do the qualifier because you updated the game? What on earth are you people thinking? Just made the fastest time in practice and was going to do the Qualifier. I restart the game since there was no connection with RaceNet, and then it start downloading an update.. You need to fix this in some way so we can do our qualification. I have spent far beyond 100 hours practicing this stage for this.
  9. This is outrageous! I practice for 2 weeks, and when I restart the game to do the Qualifiers, the game is updating?
  10. Eagleizer

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    It's always a good idea to read the rules before calling fellow gamers for cheaters. (Calling other forum members for cheaters could get you banned) From the Sporting Regulations for the World Series (As IRL, organizers decide rules for the event.): 50. Drivers must obey track limits. Track limits are defined automatically by DiRT Rally 2.0 but exploits may be monitored by the Race Director or their assistant. Penalties and warnings will be applied as per the “PENALTIES” section of the rulebook. (Exploits in the gaming industry is referring to manipulation or taking advantage of "holes in the coding". Driving along track reset-lines, not being where you want it, is not an exploit in this regard.) 55. Time Penalty – The game may issue a time penalty for various reasons, including cutting corners and car resets. And an explanation of the above: Also don't forget that DiRT Rally 2.0 is a game with many unrealistic details you would not find IRL. Making limits that resembles ILR without moving the reset lines is an impossible task to implement. How are you going to control how much people are cutting, and what should be OK and NOT? If cutting should be limited in some places, it would have to be in the rules (Road Book) for the local event so the drivers are aware about where to cut and not, and how much. There are no global rule for this IRL either, as it is handled and decided by local organizers. Organizers in this case are Codemasters, and they have decided the rules and written them for you to read in the Sporting Regulations. You cannot just come here and decide that you are the one who make the rules, and what you don't like is cheating. Your comment on CRsedmicky's video is rude and totally out of place. He followed the rules, ergo, not cheating... He also clearly states that he does not like the cuts, (like all of us) but he did not make the rules. If you don't like the rules, complain to Codemasters. Flaming and harassing other players because you disagree with the rules does not belong anywhere. Since you are concerned with rules, don't forget that the forum have rules too: TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR USE OF CODEMASTERS WEBSITES You agree not to upload, post, email or otherwise transmit any material which (a) is defamatory, libellous, disruptive, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, harmful, abusive, harassing, obscene, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable; or that otherwise violates any law. Codemasters reserves the right to issue warnings, suspend or terminate the registration of users who refuse to comply with these rules. Harassing and flaming other players as cheaters are clearly in violation of the above rules.
  11. Eagleizer

    DiRT Rally 2.0 World Series

    It's 10th September already. What time is the event available?
  12. You wrote this: "I race all cars 100% stock to prove a point and I hold a decently long list of WR's in everything from H2 to 2000cc and GT. But I'm slow compared to the actually fast drivers. The top drivers, who we are expecting to actually make it through qualifiers, are setting times below 3:52 on the current WC stage in Poland with the H2 FWD - they are doing it 100% stock without cuts." Nothing there about you driving without default setup. That is nothing but dishonest. Only reason you say that now, is because you got caught.
  13. You also said: "Therefore the competition remain fair" I had included that in my quote! "Remain", as in it is still fair with fixed setup. But it's not. Because we have different style of driving. How is that difficult to understand? I mentioned more than just scandinavian flick, didn't I? How you st up gear to balance the car in and out of turns is also part of fitting the driving style. This benefits only the drivers who are shy of setups and and have adapted to drive with setus like this. Not saying it is a huge drawback for fast drivers, but It makes it incredibly boring. It is also a valid point that we were not informed about this until today. And steering left and right with full throttle is not what I call rally. It reminds me of rally games 15 years back. And the car is still slow if you can do setup :P It's just more manageable like IRL, and you don't have to torture your engine and yourself with konstant max RPM.
  14. How is it fair when you cannot fit the setup to your driving style? And it is also incredibly boring with a nightmare of RPM throughout the whole stage. It's mostly just steering the car, no skill involved as it is VEEERY slow......
  15. I have seen the document! It's what this thread is about. You said: "We've known about this restriction since the day the World Championship was announced.". My question is where and when whas the link provided? BTW: I loaded up your Ghost at Kopina. How do you explain the you first fly by me at the long stretch in 1st sector, and then fly by me on the stretch in 2nd sector when I am going at full speed, 168 KM/h? And Yes, I did enter the stretch before you, even though you took the shortcut to the right of the tree. Not that I have anything against cutting... Driving with full RPM through the whole stage is nothing but a nightmare for my ears and brain. It's like having my ears filled with wasps. This fixed setups is the stupidest ever, and resembles nothing of real life. That engine would fry long before finish...