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  1. Watch in 4K for a lot better quality, even if your screen is not 4K. Enjoy! Cheers 🙂
  2. Maybe not a common request, but the question about wrong name on other platforms is more than a year old, and nothing have been done to fix it. I am also locked out of World Series unless I log in with the account I have been told to delete. None of my friends who I have asked are experiencing this.
  3. Thanks for your input. Seems I'll have to wait for a while for an answer to this. Seems Codies are lost in their own code.. 😛 How can they not fix it so the name that you have actually registered with the game is the one displayed? I never asked to be called FlattJern on other platforms. Running eSports and not being able to display the correct name of the players is pretty serious. Never heard of anything like it. And this problem was discussed more than a year ago during the World Series, so it's not like Codies have not had time to do something about it.
  4. Thanks! Thanks! How about leaderboards? I have somewhere around 200 world records in both games, and would hate to lose registration on the leaderboards.
  5. I have contacted support and asked them to fix my name that is wrong. I have always had Eagleizer as name in my games and in my Steam account, but with the old forum here at Codemasters, any name with "Eagle" in it was denied. (NASA also had this strange limit). So I made an account called Flattjern for the forum only. I never asked for that to be my name on Racenet, and obviously, my name here is now registered as Eagleizer. So the problem is this: I race on PC, and my name on the PC leaderboards is Eagleizer, as expected, but for people
  6. Normally I stiffen the car or raise the springs, or both to avoid this, but since we cannot do setups in WS, this BUG needs to be addressed. Having the car totally destroyed like that when driving on a perfect line... 🚮
  7. Another stage broken after driving off in last sector. Stage this time: Annbank Station As with previous report, Personal Best is broken, and the stage is permanently stuttering from the place where I went off, and until finishline. In the 1st video, you can see the Ghost that triggered the BUG, and where it went off. Take note of the time. It's about 03:18.xxx. At 0:58 in the video, you can see the new Personal Best time and Split Times. PB is 03:18.108. This matches the time for where the Ghost went off. This is exactly same as I have reported before. In th
  8. This stage have some seriously difficult turns. Drop a note in the comments on YouTube if you beat it. Cheers 😉
  9. No. Very hard only. I did not do them in any particular order, so some of the first ones, 1984-1989 and 1991-1994, was done after most of the other ones. I did the long ones last. (4 - 5 stages) I can find the order for most of them (maybe all) as I have screenshots, if it will help... Cheers :)
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