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  1. Why has this not happened yet? I want a game from the 2000s remastered either championship edition 2005 or a whole new 2007 career mode game alongside the 202x game
  2. How likely is it that Codemasters would remaster an old game like F1 2006 Championship or even just put a classic season for career mode along with the 202X game. I would love to have either the 2003 2005 or 2007 season remastered those are some of the most iconic seasons for me. Which one's would you like? I love the current career mode but it would add more diversity and make the game a bit fresh if we could do a modern and a classic career mode season also it's nice to relive some of those memories on the game. I myself would prefer a classic sesson with the same game engine as the main game wouldn't mind to pay for that as DLC.
  3. Noxvi

    Classic Seasons/Game remaster

    Wouldn't mind 2010 but for comparisons being the only reason I don't think that should be the goal. The goal should be to have a game from a different era that's why I suggested the 2000s as it's not a very long time ago like the 90s where licensing would be more of an issue I'd like a 2003 2005 or 2007 season as those were some of the most iconic seasons also 2008 wouldn't be bad either one of those seasons should be remastered into a game then I can put on my rose tinted glasses listen to that V10/V8 and drive away.
  4. Noxvi

    Classic Seasons/Game remaster

    Possibly yes but I think with Liberty Media being so flexible they could sort it out.