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  1. On 10/20/2017 at 9:05 PM, sdenbroeder said:

    See title. Which F1 season would you want to play with current features and graphics, and why? No matter how long ago. 

    Why has this not happened yet? I want a game from the 2000s remastered either championship edition 2005 or a whole new 2007 career mode game alongside the 202x game

  2. 14 hours ago, mantazzo said:

    If we're doing a remaster, I'd love a proper F1 2010 remaster, as in the game being basically the same as 2010, but with features from new gen (voice commands, current physics, current replay cameras, etc.). Would be great to see the comparison of how much have the Codemasters games came forward since 2010 (if they have, lol).

    Wouldn't mind 2010 but for comparisons being the only reason I don't think that should be the goal. The goal should be to have a game from a different era that's why I suggested the 2000s as it's not a very long time ago like the 90s where licensing would be more of an issue I'd like a 2003 2005 or 2007 season as those were some of the most iconic seasons also 2008 wouldn't be bad either one of those seasons should be remastered into a game then I can put on my rose tinted glasses listen to that V10/V8 and drive away.

  3. How likely is it that Codemasters would remaster an old game like F1 2006 Championship or even just put a classic season for career mode along with the 202X game. I would love to have either the 2003 2005 or 2007 season remastered those are some of the most iconic seasons for me. Which one's would you like? I love the current career mode but it would add more diversity and make the game a bit fresh if we could do a modern and a classic career mode season also it's nice to relive some of those memories on the game. I myself would prefer a classic sesson with the same game engine as the main game wouldn't mind to pay for that as DLC.