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  1. -We tried it two times(both in contracts mode). The first time we had a 16 race season and after Zandvoort we had our contract negotiations. We both stayed at the same team and neither of us got rejected (Williams). The second time it was a 10 race season and i wanted to switch teams after the last race (Abu Dhabi). All teams had two drivers so everything looked fine. -First i had my contract negotiation and after that my partner had his. Then when we tried to advance and it didnt work. We had many attempts where we tried to switch car components or our helmets but nothing worked out sadl
  2. Same. Tried to change settings like difficulty, session length etc. Still stuck when advancing. Unplayable.
  3. We are having the same problem. Restarting the game several times doesnt help. Verifying game files doesnt help either. The problem appears every time we negotiate a new contract. So always in season 1 and regardless whether we join a new team or stay at our current one/s. Makes this mode unplayable for us 😞
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