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  1. Uppern

    F1® 2020 | Announce Trailer

    So to sum up this quote from Codemaster; "The handling that our simulation players love" Antonio Felix Da Costa just said "Driving the f1 car on the f1 2019 game is like driving on Call of duty" Lando Norris laughed and said I know what you mean mate. So that's your simulation players right there. I would rather focus major changes to the handling to get people to buy the game, rather than draw people in with designing your own car.
  2. Feels to me like they are just making the game even more for 12-year olds. For me I wish they could just focus on the handling of the car, AI's behavior when lapped/blue flags, full control in pit lane, practice starts, etc, etc, with things to make it more realistic. I am not here for roleplay and designing my make belive F1 car, I want to drive what is supposed to be an F1 car behaving as realistic as possible. And I am guessing Codemasters still dont put much effort into that, when they continue to realese new silly features for the game like this. But that is just me and I am assuming that I am not the target audience for Codemasters, as I could just go and play iRacing, right?
  3. Uppern

    Career mode qualifying vs race pace

    I actually feel like it is the opposite. I normally turn the AI down one click for the race, because I have to push so hard during the race to keep up and that leaves no room for managing the tires and save fuel when needed.
  4. Hei, Is there a way to turn off rules and flags between sessions in career mode? It is grayed out when I press options in the loading screens so I cannot change it there. I want to do practice starts at the exit of the pit Lane, but when I stop there I get disqualified for blocking the pit exit (even tough I make room for other cars to pass). So ideally it would be great to turn off the rules for the practice sessions only. Anyone have a solution to this?
  5. Uppern

    AI in qualy is just pathetic

    I agree. I want to play without flashbacks but ******** like this is the only thing making me keep flashbacks available. You can bet that in Qualifying the Ai will come out of the pits when you start your flying lap and will actually race you into turn 1 and then suddenly brake mid corner ON the racing line. They could easily lift off the throttle when they come out of the pits and I am alongside then instead of racing me into turn 1. This is not acceptable for any game/sim and is for me the biggest issue I have with this game and that says a lot.
  6. Uppern

    Setup that creates snap oversteer?

    Thanks for tips. Will try that out. Exciting to see what happens to the F1 games after this merger. Hopefully only positives.
  7. Hi, Okay, I guess this does not sound like something you want in an F1 car, but is there anything I can do with the setup of the car that makes the rear of the car handle more realistic? In real life the drivers constantly make small corrections to stop the car from spinning. However in the game when the car looses rear grip it has the most arcade-drifting like feel to it. The rear grip just gradually disappears and you can easily catch it and then you will drift around the corner. I want it to be more realistic so when you loose rear grip you have to make quick and small corrections to stop the quick and spin where have no control anymore. So to put it like this, is there anything I can do to the setup to give the car more snap oversteer?
  8. Uppern

    F1 2020 Features — Suggestions and Ideas

    I agree with a lot here especially manual pit stops and being able to drive the cool-down lap after race. I also want to add a few wishes: - More contact between AI, at least on first lap, I can guarantee that in most races at least one driver gets damage to floor or front wing in the first lap, and it would be nice to see small carbon fiber parts flying and punctures. - More information on the steering wheel for us that use noe information on the screen and needs to relay on the information on the steering wheel. - And out of everything this is the most important to me, and something I don't understand Codemasters have done anything with. That is car handling in the form of oversteer. The oversteer in the game is as realistic as oversteer in Mario Cart. In most cases when a f1 car looses rear grip it completely looses rear grip. With how things are now you can drift around a complete lap of the track. Pay attention to how real f1 cars handle, if the rear tires a to low temperature or you are to heavy on the throttle the car spins around 180° degrees at least with no chance what so ever to correct it. The keyword here is snap-oversteer. For me this is a deal breaker, and with this handling you can go a long way away from the arcade feeling the game has now. At least give us who want the game to be as realistic as possible to turn this on as an option. And one more thing, how come I can hear the people in the grandstand in cockpit view in an F1 car going full revs? Maybe if everyone in the grandstand was using a fog horn it would be realistic to hear them. Thank you.