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  1. I am really loving this mode, but cant understand why there is no practice/qualifying in custom cup split screen. Would it be too much trouble to have it with another update? Maybe as DLC?
  2. Because I am a wuzz and not used to the handling/controller/tracks. But who cares. I'm having fun.
  3. This is fun, but is there any way I can change the name from 'Player 2' in split screen? I will be spending quite a bit of time racing with mates and this would be a handy feature.
  4. Never mind. Asked this question again. Can't delete obsolite thread.
  5. So it was automatically installed when the game loaded from steam? Good to know. BTW I am loving this game. AI is perfect.
  6. Is the patch out for the PC? My game leaks fps in the menu section whenever the GT2 Fanatec wheel and clubsport is connected via usb. Rather annoying when racing is up to 60fps. menu drops to 8-10 and makes it painful to use. As soon as I unplug the wheel and pedals it goes right back up again. If it is out how do I download it?
  7. Makes no difference at all. Something weird with the interactions between the fanatic GT2 wheel and the menus.
  8. MaxKiLLz... That is your opinion. I think it would be best to keep it to yourself seeing it does not add anything and is just trollish behavior.
  9. To further the issue. Just unplugged the fanatec GT2 wheel and the FPS went right up. It's related to the Wheel???? Maybe I should start the game before plugging in and turning on the wheel.
  10. I am currently getting 80-100 fps. I would like to limit it to 60 and stop the dropped frames which happen from time to time. Any way to do this?
  11. I am on the PC. Loaded up FRAPS. The issue is the FPS going down to 9-10 while in the menu. What is going on here? It's just a basic menu. When I'm racing I'm getting up to 80-100 FPS My card is HD6870 1GB Hawk
  12. Played it a bit last night. A few bugs. But a great racer and I really like the handling.
  13. After a couple of races, my menu seems to slow to a crawl, what's the issue here? Is it a setting or something?
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