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  1. Kegluneq

    Fanatec V2 functions on PS4

    Wow, what a typical ******** PR response. It seems nothing changed these past 10 years. I remember after f1 2010 release it was identical. "We won't fix these bugs/add this basic thing in this version, please buy the next one and maybe, JUST MAYBE, we'll fix/add it in it." Glad I didn't directly buy the game but got it with the wheel. Oh, and it's more than possible to add this functionality in a patch. You just wont do it and by writing it like that you just make your devs seem even less competent than what they already present themselves as.
  2. Kegluneq

    F1 2019 - Brake Input Display - unplayable

    I have similar. I'm playing on PS4 with Fanatec Clubsport pedals v3. On PC on calibrations everything works. In game in calibration everything works (I barely touch the brake pedal and it's registering input). But in car the brake is registering only when load cells are fully engaged.