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  1. CymroJ

    DiRTy Gossip

    There certainly will be one in the interim. That has been confirmed by CM when they announced the WRC licence. 4 years from DR2 to WRC is too long so I expect an annoucement of DR3 in the Spring with release hopefully in the Autumn. Does anyone else think that CM may bring 6 completely new locations for the new game? I think it would make sense if they are contractually obliged to include all WRC locations from 2023 onwards. This will reduce the chance of them having to create too many new locations with little notice in a WRC game as they only have 12 so far. It would be nice to see Chile, Portugal etc in a CM game.
  2. CymroJ

    DiRTy Gossip

    What do you guys think of today's CMs announcement they're listing on the stock market? It will raise a lot of money leaving them debt free, also allows them to buy certain rights? I'm sure they will have to provide some guidance to the market soon about upcoming projects too and how much they expect to make and which quarter any future games will be released. Will be worth a scan!