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  1. pbrstreetgangkt

    Racing Rigs - Share Yours!

    I use the next level racing f1gt it’s more versatile, as you can adjust it for sports cars, it’s formula config is not quite as close to the real thing as the playseat, but keep in mind that because of the center post heal to toe is almost impossible. Personally if I were going to spend that money on a dedicated f1 seat I’d check out the reseat formula, a bit more money but a lot more quality. And it is 100 percent accurate.
  2. pbrstreetgangkt

    No money, can't progress?

    they warn you several times that you do not have the money to sign your driver, make sure the closer you come to signing day you have that money saved. Remember it’s a business, you have to exercise some sense of fiscal responsibility.
  3. pbrstreetgangkt

    Career mode seniority

    I have been racing in F1 for nearly half as long as Lando Norris has been alive, (on CM games) my question is why the heck do I have to start my season as the new kid on the block every year. CM could at least give the option to start your career as a vet.
  4. pbrstreetgangkt

    Lewis Hamilton lost my respect today

    It’s racing, he never opened up his steering but he didn’t complete his turn either, he knew he was a sitting duck and used a well known racing tactic to stay ahead, ive seen it a million times. He got caught and penalized end of story. It was by no means Albon’s fault except that he was Impatient and forced the inevitable, and paid dearly. Valuable learning experience.
  5. pbrstreetgangkt


    2021 major rule change 2020 almost no rule change. Except for a few added features maybe, no one should expect much from F1 2020. In my opinion it should just be an update, and CM should concentrate on improving 2021. It makes no sense to waste resources on 2020 except for added tracks and updated performance models. Make 2021 take full advantage of the next gen consoles.
  6. pbrstreetgangkt

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Ideas for 2020, very Optimistic, I could be wrong and hope I am but we will all be lucky to get a game at all next year, it could possibly be a dlc, every one seems to neglect the fact that the next generation of consoles release holiday season 2020, f1 will also go through one of the most drastic changes to its formula in 2021. So what I’m saying is that no one should anticipate any major overhaul to the game next year. So be prepared and temper your expectations. That’s reality.
  7. pbrstreetgangkt

    Cockpit Cam Halo Transparency 2019

    I use cockpit view with halo on, Its no problem for me as I’m looking for apexes 90 percent of the time