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  1. pbrstreetgangkt


    2021 major rule change 2020 almost no rule change. Except for a few added features maybe, no one should expect much from F1 2020. In my opinion it should just be an update, and CM should concentrate on improving 2021. It makes no sense to waste resources on 2020 except for added tracks and updated performance models. Make 2021 take full advantage of the next gen consoles.
  2. pbrstreetgangkt

    Automatic ERS

    Very true! And the Bias and diff have a huge impact on lap time, but I’m to busy dialing down the ERS after defending on the long straights so I can harvest in the twisty sectors to worry about brake bias.
  3. pbrstreetgangkt

    Automatic ERS

    Thanks for all the Thanks for all the info guys, I wasn’t sure how auto ERS worked. Felt really slow in practice, and I couldn’t imagine using it in the race as i rely on it so much for overtaking and managing gaps, it’s ashamed that codemasters didn’t provide a more realistic model, as it is such an important aspect of formula 1.
  4. pbrstreetgangkt

    Automatic ERS

    Thanks for the reply I turned it on during practice at Hungary, did a flying lap, and my battery charge barley moved over the lap time was more the half a second slower, but I wasn’t sure if it was down to tire wear.
  5. pbrstreetgangkt

    Automatic ERS

    Does anyone use automatic ERS and if so how does it deploy, is it faster? I want to start using it as in real life it is mapped and not controlled by the drivers, however I don’t want to sacrifice lap time as I’ve gotten very proficient at using it.
  6. pbrstreetgangkt

    8 career mode seasons, not 1 SC or VSC

    I am halfway through season 2 %100 percent races have had numerous AI mechanical failures with cars stopped in precarious positions, not one VSC or safety car. I’m still in the early stages, but given the fact that I’m doing %100 you would expect one by now.
  7. pbrstreetgangkt

    Has the safety car gone extinct???

    The only reason I can think of is the fact that in last years game, in particular before the first few patches it never worked properly, I assumed it was a incompetent bug. And the after watching the German gp this year race control put Hamilton under investigation for driving to slow behind the SC only for them to realize he hadn’t broken the rules, so if the FIA and F1 race control have problems figuring it out, how the heck can we expect Codemasters to.
  8. pbrstreetgangkt

    Has the safety car gone extinct???

    Season 2 of 100% races and it seems that the safety car is no longer alive in the wild, the only sightings are in the captivity of cut scenes. HAS ANYONE ENCOUNTERED THIS ELUSIVE BEAST!!??
  9. pbrstreetgangkt


    I agree with you totally, but I fear that the problems with the handling model run deeper than you state. And like I said in my first post they cut corners with the patch, and merely created a simulation of a simulation if that makes any sense, in an effort to mimic the cars RL performance, and in doing so compromised the overall handling model. Sadly I doubt anything will be done about it as they will be concentrating on next gen software and Reg changes for 2021.
  10. pbrstreetgangkt


    I think what he means to say is that tires are to quick to lock in relation to f1 2018, and in my opinion they are, I’m running a load cell set at 90kg and still have to set brake force to 100 and move the balance to the rear, to suit my driving style, I could have easily just changed my braking to suit the games arcade like braking model, but then what’s the point of having a load cell, as for an actual f1 car, considering that fact that most drivers use a pedal pressure set up well in excess of 100k and tend to only lock under extremely hard breaking, driving at the limit or following through dirty air. I think you can see that the Premise, that they are easy to lock is incorrect.
  11. pbrstreetgangkt

    F1 2010

    I agree that was long before I got a rig and whee I totally agree, that was long before I got a wheel and rig, so I’m sure playing it now the handling would seem comical, but as you said when you look back on it nostalgically, it was a great representation of introducing you to the glitz and glamor of F1 from the intro to the hauntingly cool music.
  12. pbrstreetgangkt


    The ffb did seem to have tweaked, I was Able to improve it by using fanatec recomended settings but it all seemed to go south with the performance patch, so there lies the problem, how do you dramatically change performance without redesigning the handling model. Did they have time, or cut corners.
  13. pbrstreetgangkt

    F1 2010

    I still have my physical copy but don’t have a 360 anymore, don’t think it’s backwards compatible, they actually said my name in interviews, that blew my mind. And with all of the advancements of the newer games. In my opinion none have come close in pure emersion, I can still remember where I left off. Red Bull in Turkey I think lap 17. Fond memories.
  14. pbrstreetgangkt

    Cockpit camera and sitting position

    The problem is, in order to accurately simulate an f1 **** pit you would have to be in a replica of one, and your ability to simulate this depends on your rig, for instance I have the f1 gt using the Mclaren wheel and can get pretty close, but in a true f1 seating position my knees would actually be where the wheel base is. As far as the view you can only get so close, I have looked at drivers eye view videos and have gotten pretty close, but if you look at team simulators only the wheels are present, so in theory you need a full size driving simulator or vr to get a truly accurate drivers POV, and with f1 2019 all you can do is play with fov and off sets to try to find a compromise because adjusting one often customizes another, so my advice is to find a setting that you are most comfortable with, and don’t go down the endless rabbit whole of trying to precisely simulate reality
  15. pbrstreetgangkt

    SC Bug, No AI mistakes

    I’m at spa first season, have never seen the SC and have not had VSC, I’m almost convinced it’s just not a feature this year.