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  1. HDR10

    New Miami Track

    Nice, thanks for the info. Is there a Championship mode? Or does it only have Career mode?
  2. HDR10

    New Miami Track

    The tracks are definitely what got my interest. There's several of them I'd love to see in F1 (in some cases, like Jerez and Malaysia, it would be a return.) What are the mods on PC like?
  3. HDR10

    New Miami Track

    How are the MotoGP games, and what are you expecting from MotoGP 21? I understand the new game releases on the 22nd. I just saw some gameplay videos of the MotoGP 21 preview builds, and it looks really nice. Are the games a simulation, or more of a simcade like the F1 games? Is MotoGP 21 supposed to be a big step up in terms of gameplay?
  4. HDR10

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    If you updated Windows, this may be your issue: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/windows-10-update-bsod-frame-rate-plummeting The update from last week is causing performance degradation for some people.
  5. HDR10

    F1 2021 Car Performance

    Mercedes has basically closed the gap already. Without the damage at the start of the race, and Hamilton's mistake midrace, he would have won again today. Also, Bottas has been faster than Perez. I expect Mercedes to continue to get better, too. Wouldn't be surprised if they start dominating again by mid season.
  6. HDR10

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    Not sure why you're experiencing a performance drop on the latest drivers, but I haven't experienced that at all. I also disagree about the ray tracing comment. I think with DLSS even those on a 2060 will be able to get 60fps at max settings at 1440p. Keep in mind that 60fps will be enough for most people. Those with better cards should see even better performance.
  7. HDR10

    New Miami Track

  8. HDR10

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    Are you using DLSS?
  9. HDR10

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    It depends on the game. The COD games are just generally well optimized. In Cyberpunk, for example, Digital Foundry recommended using ray traced reflections but turning off ray traced shadows in their optimized settings to maintain performance.
  10. HDR10

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    F1 2020 supported. I'm confident F1 2021 will too.
  11. HDR10

    Happy Birthday Barry!

    Happy birthday, Barry!
  12. HDR10

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    Luckily, on PC we will also have DLSS, which will negate most, or maybe even all, of the performance hit.
  13. HDR10

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    The Series X is absolutely not equivalent to a 2080 Ti. In rasterization, it's closer to a 2070S, and in ray tracing, it's around a 2060. Whereas the PS5 is around a 2060S/2070 in rasterization, and around a 2060 in ray tracing performance. So both next gen consoles have very poor RT capabilities. Having said that, they will probably have some sort of ray tracing. What usually happens on these consoles in games that have ray tracing is that the ray tracing quality setting is set well below the lowest PC setting.
  14. HDR10

    Ray tracing confirmed for F1 2021

    Reflections probably have the lowest impact on performance of any RT feature, and they're also the most noticeable. I think RT reflections and shadows would work well in this game.
  15. The Steam page confirms ray tracing will be supported. Will be interesting to see which features this includes. Reflections? Shadows? Lighting?