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  1. Given that both next gen consoles support ray tracing, I'm sure some consideration has to be given to adding support for it this year. I think it would add a great deal to the look of the game. Performance was an issue in the past, but with DLSS 2.0 on PC, that seems to no longer be a problem. I believe Microsoft is doing something similar on the Xbox Series X with DirectML. DLSS 2.0 can display an image of at least equal quality to, and sometimes even better than, native resolution, while boosting performance substantially. I'd love to see both of these features implemented in the next game.
  2. HDR10

    Not all Car models/liveries updated?!

    Mercedes hasn't had Marriott Bonvoy on the halo since Azerbaijan. This is a change that should have been made in this update.
  3. Nice "visual update" patch.
  4. Since the other thread was closed, I will ask again here. Was "Marriott Bonvoy" removed from the Mercedes halo? Were the gloves of the Mercedes drivers changed to black?
  5. HDR10

    1.08 patch available on PS4

    Did they remove "Marriott Bonvoy" from the halo on the Mercedes and make the gloves of the Mercedes drivers black?
  6. Will the "visual update" include more than just the Ferrari 90 Anniversary logo? For example, Mercedes hasn't had "Marriott Bonvoy" on the halo since Azerbaijan. Will that be removed from the Mercedes in the game to reflect real life?
  7. HDR10

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Won another wet race today - Singapore. It rained during the middle part of the race, while I was leading, and was able to maintain my lead. So my average finish position over 4 wet races is 3.5.
  8. HDR10

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    I've had 3 wet races so far. Finished 5th at China, 1st at Austria, and 7th at Hungary. The AI is definitely too fast in the rain, but I've managed to have some decent finishes.
  9. HDR10

    AI Difficulty Settings, Track to Track

    Have you ever considered that maybe it's not the AI that is inconsistent, but rather your performance varies due to your particular car not running well on certain tracks (which is realistic) or your setup for that particular track is not optimal? There's also the possibility that maybe you just don't perform well on some tracks.
  10. HDR10

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    I never understood why people are so obsessed with career mode. I've never played career mode in an F1 game. Championship mode is where it's at.
  11. Yeah, this has been happening for a while. Hopefully they fix it soon.
  12. When are we getting the Paul Ricard pit entry update? France is the next race in my Championship mode, and I'm wondering if I should wait bit longer to start it. July/August would imply late July / early August. Can we expect it next week, @Faya?
  13. I'm also on the Xbox One X and I can confirm what the other poster reported. It still runs at a constant 60fps after the 1.06 patch. Flawless performance.
  14. The game runs equally as smooth in cockpit or T-cam. I've tested and confirmed. HDR doesn't make any difference on performance. Even the base Xbox One and PS4 support HDR with no hit to performance. Samsung make incredibly bad TVs. Game mode should not be causing you any problems, but because it's a Samsung, who knows. Buy a better TV next time.
  15. Thanks for confirming that you are indeed trolling. Probably a Sony fangirl who is bitter that the Xbox one X is thoroughly outperforming your cheap console once again. The part about Digital Foundry being a "random YouTuber" was a dead giveaway. Digital Foundry is by far the most well known and respected group of game technology analysts on the planet. They've been doing this for two decades. They conducted a thorough analysis of the performance of the Xbox One X, and in their own words, they threw everything at it (rain, 19 cars ahead in the field) and it did not drop a single frame. You've also got literally every Xbox One X owner in this thread telling you that the performance on it is a flawless 60fps. Stop trolling.