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  1. I've played at Qatar in MotoGP, and it's a very fun track. It would be a shame if F1 didn't use this track in 2023 and went with a street circuit instead.
  2. Game updates don't seem to revert back to the original dll file. Ray traced reflections seem to be less accurate than the SSR ones, so I leave Rt reflections off. Ray traced shadows are great, though. Not only in how shadows from buildings and objects are cast, but in the look of each track. Somehow with RT shadows on the track surface looks far more realistic with more variation in the shade of grey or black, even when no shadows from buildings or other objects are cast. I'm not sure why that is. I assume that with RT shadows on you get more realistic shadows from the little cracks
  3. Your issue is that you are using the default DLSS dll, which has very bad ghosting. Use White Collie 2 from here: https://developer.nvidia.com/dlss/research This will give you the best image quality + best performance. Yes, I am using ray tracing. Ray traced shadows make a pretty substantial difference in this game.
  4. Performance with FSR turned on is worse than DLSS, and image quality doesn't seem as detailed, either. Also, there is ghosting with FSR on (especially around the rear right tyre of the AI car in front, as well as the antenna at the front of the Alpha Tauri.)
  5. HDR10

    Windows 11

    Seems to be running a bit better. By the way, something I found interesting is that the game seems to be using higher read speeds from disk during gameplay than any other game out there on PC. When installed on an NVMe SSD, read speeds peak at 439 MB/s inside the tunnel at Monaco. I wonder if there are any plans to support DirectStorage at some point?
  6. Agreed, the official one looks so much better, and it's also a feature that has been requested for a long time.
  7. That's a good point. Even MotoGP 21 provides the official leaderboard that they use in MotoGP, albeit they don't show every position.
  8. In case anyone is interested in either mod: Leaderboard: https://wcp-series.com/collections/hud-tv-style/products/simhub-f1tv-hud Track sponsors: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/authors/slendis.434241/
  9. Version 2 works better, yes. No negative effects elsewhere in terms of visual quality.
  10. No issues with multiplayer. It's pretty easy to implement it, actually. It just requires swapping the dll. Nvidia themselves have stated that this is ok to do. Codemasters needs to look into it, because 2.2.9 is atrocious.
  11. An update. Nvidia released a couple of experimental DLSS models based on version 2.2.18, here: https://developer.nvidia.com/dlss/research One is named White Collie 1 and the other is White Collie 2. They are dll files you can put in the game folder of any game that supports DLSS 2.X. White Collie 2, much like DLSS 2.1.66, greatly reduces ghosting, except it's a newer version.
  12. I'm hoping @BarryBLcan pass this along to the team so they can figure it out.
  13. That's DLSS 1.0 that you're comparing to. DLSS 2.X uses a different methodology and it all looks great, for the most part. It's just that 2.2.9 specifically has some issues with motion.
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