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  1. Part of the reason why I decided to skip F1 2021.
  2. HDR10

    Gulf Mclaren

    This is where it pays off to play on PC.
  3. No worries, Barry. Those of us who have participated in the beta before completely understand that there's a lot of work that goes into this for you. Especially this year, given the massive number of applicants. Thanks for all the hard work!
  4. Barry already addressed this: https://forums.codemasters.com/announcement/70-beta-codes-update-11052021-am/ There's no need to be asking about it daily.
  5. Agreed, that's why I bumped the thread. Hopefully it's something they look at for F1 2021.
  6. Haven't experienced this in any other game. Definitely not in Control.
  7. FIFA does use the official TV score overlay for several leagues, but other EA Sports games like the Madden and the NHL series don't. So it's not a guarantee, unfortunately.
  8. @BarryBL just wondering if this was ever discussed by the team? It seems to still be an issue. I don't expect it to get fixed in F1 2020, as the new game is about to get released, but hopefully this is something that gets addressed for F1 2021. My guess is that it may be an issue of missing motion vectors for the DLSS implementation.
  9. I'm playing this in MotoGP 21 and it's a super difficult track.
  10. HDR10

    Turkey in F1 2021

    But ACC doesn't have the banked version of Zandvoort, though.
  11. Here's a preview of the updated version of the TV Leaderboard mod. Looks great.
  12. I bet we will see something this week.
  13. By the way, regarding MotoGP 21, it's not just the leaderboard that's authentic, but the post race graphics. Real TV race results: Real TV championship standings: MotoGP 21 game race results: MotoGP 21 game championship standings: Would love it if Codemasters did this with the real F1 TV graphics.
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