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  1. Well, there it is. For people who were worried about the Xbox patch, we got it one day after PC and same day as PS4. Just as I said, the 1.04 patch wasn't very important, and they were waiting for 1.05 to bring us up to date. 6.8 GB on Xbox.
  2. HDR10

    Bugged time trial [R2]

    My lap times were not invalidated. In fact, on Silverstone, my fastest time shows up in the ranking, along with my correct ranking, but there's a different username listed in my place. When I go to "My friends" leaderboard, my fastest time is the same one listed in the global leaderboard, except, as I said, in the global leaderboard a different username appears (I have never changed my Xbox Live username.) Perhaps me and this other user had the exact same time, and this is why his name has replaced mine. But now even when I beat that time, there is no acknowledgement of it on either the global or "my friends" leaderboard. This only happens on Silverstone.
  3. HDR10

    Bugged time trial [R2]

    Same thing is happening to me at Silverstone.
  4. HDR10

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    It used to be fun up until a few games ago. I don't know exactly when it became unbearable, but at one point, it was actually manageable and enjoyable. Now it's pure cancer.
  5. No. Most likely next week.
  6. On the majority of games, I get patches on Xbox either before, or at the same time as PS4 or any other platform. This has nothing to do with Microsoft taking their time. Also, patch 1.04 is entirely worthless, anyways. There's nothing in there that you should be desperate for.
  7. I'm having a lot of fun playing the game in a locked 60fps.
  8. That's correct. If you cared about either, you'd be gaming on a PC or Xbox One X.
  9. You don't care about performance, or graphics for that matter, and so you've got very low standards when it comes to both. Others, like the OP, do care, and the fact that performance on the PS4 is objectively less than perfect bothers him. I can't relate, because the Xbox One X runs this game flawlessly, as I and the professional gaming analysts over at DF have confirmed.
  10. PS4 Pro drops into the mid 50s on certain tracks, especially during rainy conditions when there are a lot of cars on screen. This is a fact that was confirmed by Digital Foundry. It also has screen tearing during gameplay. Again, these are verifiable facts. All of this despite displaying the game at a lower resolution than the Xbox One X.
  11. Xbox One X is the only console that runs this game at a constant 60fps with no screen tearing during gameplay. Confirmed by Digital Foundry. PC or Xbox One X are the preferable platforms for F1 2019.
  12. HDR10

    Dear Mr David Greco - Handling 2019

    Next year, most likely.
  13. This is a worthless update. That's why Microsoft won't bother. What we really want is the performance patch.
  14. HDR10

    2019 lap times v previous years

    Hopefully the performance patch will improve the times. But it doesn't seem like we're getting it anytime soon.