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  1. HDR10

    Mercedes black livery mod looks great

    There's a new mod that has the black driver suits and accurate helmets.
  2. It used to crash for me in time trial too. Now it no longer crashes, but it won't record my lap time on the leaderboards.
  3. I haven't experienced any drops in fps from these mods.
  4. HDR10

    Stutter Fest on F1 2020 (PC)

    CS Culling didn't seem to improve anything. Fortunately, I'm getting a very smooth experience with v-sync on.
  5. Australia, China, Vietnam, Australia. Here's China:
  6. HDR10

    Mercedes black livery mod looks great

    Nope. Just a PC mod.
  7. HDR10

    Lighting and shadows downgrade on foliage

    2020 looks far more realistic, and on my setup (PC + HDR TV) it looks better than 2019.
  8. HDR10


    Good work.
  9. HDR10

    Stutter Fest on F1 2020 (PC)

    Have you tried enabling V-Sync? That gives smoother frame rate. Also, if you've got SSRT Shadows turned on, disable it. It reduces performance substantially. On a somewhat related note, there's a setting called CS Geometry Culling that's supposed to improve performance if turned on. It's not available in the in-game menu, only in the config file. I read that it caused crashes for some people in F1 2019, though, so be warned. I'm going to test this setting myself tomorrow.
  10. HDR10

    Black Screen in game

    It's only available via the config file from what I can tell. It's not available through the in-game menu. I'm not sure it will ever be supported in this game, unfortunately.
  11. Just wondering. Would be interesting if we could customize each driver's ratings.
  12. Been playing for a couple of hours.
  13. Yeah, mine is unpacking now.