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  1. HDR10


    While I agree that the real life TV graphics would look nice in the game and that it would give us some great info, it would require that the car is all the way to the right, which would leave no room for the car management section during the race - the part where you manage ERS, fuel mix, etc. It would overlap with the car, even more so than it already does. It would almost go over the driver's helmet/steering wheel. This is one thing I never see in these mock screenshots.
  2. HDR10


    Those pictures were both taken from F1 2018 footage, apparently. F1 2018 already had those broadcast graphics in spectator mode anyways.
  3. Just so no one gets their hopes up, here is what it looks like during an actual race:
  4. That still doesn't mean that the full HUD that will mimic true F1 TV graphics will be available during actual gameplay. It could be there only for spectator mode or replay. Here's what it looks like during gameplay: It looks like a somewhat modified version of the F1 2018 HUD. They show the lap breakdown by sector, and they will probably have some indicator for fastest lap during a race. But other than that, it probably won't be much different from F1 2018 during gameplay.
  5. In one of the screenshots of the spectator mode you can see the bottom part of the official leaderboard. Example: In another, during actual gameplay, you do not see that.
  6. I believe the full official graphics will only be available in spectator mode, in fact. During gameplay, it will be the HUD that we saw in that screenshot from a recent video, which looks almost like the F1 2018 HUD
  7. But it doesn't look like it will be available during actual gameplay. Only during replays and/or spectator mode.
  8. I'm outside Europe (Canada) and got into the beta program.
  9. HDR10

    F1 Beta

    I'm Canadian and don't play in any leagues. This was my first time applying for the beta. I was accepted.
  10. Faya said it may take a couple of days to add everyone to the beta forum.
  11. Nice, I got selected on the Xbox (One X.) First time applicant.