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  1. -Better ERS recovery, atm the regeneration is too low and causes DRS train because people want to save their battery than actually push and race

    Terrible idea. This would result in people constantly pressing the OT button, which would be unrealistic. 

    If anything, regeneration should be even slower.

  2. 19 hours ago, Shark2Racing said:

    Sorry - why should Cody spent time on this ? I have never ever seen any F1 driver using this ? 
    By the way - all drivers are sitting in their car - never on Top of it ? 
    As well in real life  ? Never ever seen any car driver sitting with a ps4/5/x-Box Controller on his Car ???!😂🤣By the way ..... now I understand why the Halo was introduced / for the T-can Racers 😳👏

    You aren't a real driver. Calm down.

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  3. 2 minutes ago, BarryBL said:

    Hi @HDR10,

    As previously mentioned, this update, alongside the next Patch, has been slightly delayed to accommodate for a few extra fixes that we have found important to add as soon as possible. Apologies for the delay, but it is coming very soon.

    No problem. Thanks for letting us know.

    Hopefully the DLSS fix will be one of them. I liked the implementation overall, minus the ghosting issue. 

  4. For those who don't know what Nvidia Reflex is:


    NVIDIA Reflex SDK: A new set of APIs for game developers to reduce and measure rendering latency. By integrating directly with the game, Reflex Low Latency Mode aligns game engine work to complete just-in-time for rendering, eliminating the GPU render queue and reducing CPU back pressure in GPU intensive scenes. This delivers latency reductions above and beyond existing driver-only techniques, such as NVIDIA Ultra Low Latency Mode.

    “NVIDIA Reflex technology arms developers with new features to minimize latency in their games. We’re seeing excellent responsiveness and player control with Fortnite running on the GeForce RTX 30 Series.” - Nick Penwarden, VP of Engineering, Epic Games.


    I've tried it in Modern Warfare and it actually does increase responsiveness.

    This would be a fantastic addition to F1 2020.

  5. 11 hours ago, ZtwoA said:

    for me they display but they are a little broken too, for me the whole package of halohud and leaderboard are broken and buggy it's understanable cause it's new game but i advice everyone who wants to buy it to wait for the next update or wait for patches for this cuz i'm sorry to say the state that it is now is not good but developers are working on it (he wrote that  he thinks that the  plugin that he used to create this hud is broken and he's working with the developer of that plugin)

    I fixed the issue I had with the leaderboard. 

    Now just waiting for the dev to fix the sector colors and fastest lap top widget.

  6. 28 minutes ago, ZtwoA said:

    Yep tried it bought it and didn't regret any penny that I was charged from version to version this dashbord gets new features, i 1.2 we only had leaderboard and fastest lap and pitstop timer in 1.3 we had weather widget and many fixes and he did that within the 1 month and you get new features without paying for them, you only pay 5 euro for leaderboard thing and you get many other widgets its worth any penny, it works good but like I said to get running it in 60 fps you need good cpu but it depends on how much widgets you put to get displayed.


    Nope you only need SimHub but to get 60fps you need to buy simhub cause free version is limited to 10fps, versions under 1.4 will not work for 2020 game, the 1.4 update has been in making for 3 months to make it compatible with 2020 game, they added some new features to it 


    It's for mulitplayer(You can but you will need to put every name of driver manually so you can use it on mulitplayer but i recommend to you only if you have fixed number of drivers that won;'t change ever race) career mode myteam mode, grand prix mode, championships (he made it compatible with classic cars so every car will have correct logo and color strip) the only mode that is buggy its time trial 


    Hope I satisfied you with my anwsers 🙂


    I forgot to say that the halo hud isn't part of the leaderboard pack, it's feature on it own and you can buy it on the same site that leaderboard for 5 euro

    It's not 60fps, it's 60Hz. It refers to the refresh rate of the mod/widget itself, not the performance of the game when using the mod.

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  7. 1 hour ago, steviejay69 said:

    Try DDU and 451.67, there seems to be the usual outrage on GeForce Forums about 452.06....

    ....as for being a moderator, I try to offer help. That's it. Not into wearing the badge.... 🙂

    The number of GPUs is "0", hopefully this will help CM develop a fix - it's very new hardware you have 🙂

    It's a game issue, not a driver or GPU one. DLSS works perfectly fine in every other game. Codemasters tried implementing DLSS last year too, but there were issues and ended up removing it entirely. Hopefully @BarryBL can pass this along and they can fix it, because overall the DLSS implementation is very good.