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  1. mimimomo

    Toyota Celica GT-Four

    At the 1992 WRC in New Zealand, I followed Carlos Sainz as be was making his way from a Maramarua SS to the SSS in Manukau - I got up to 160km/h and I still couldn't keep up with him. He (and I guess me?) was overtaking pretty aggressively. Me as a 20 something in my AE86 (another Toyota it would be nice to see in Dirt) thought that was pretty cool. I don't think they can get away with that anymore with all the GPS tracking they have these days.
  2. There should be an achievement for Terminal Damage within the first 30 seconds of playing a new location, 'cause I achieved it....damn trees
  3. mimimomo

    DiRTy Gossip

    The heavy Hyundai sponsorship of the eSports WRC champs explains why we don't (and probably never will) have any Hyundai's in Dirt2...
  4. mimimomo

    Dirt Rally 2 not quitting nicely?

    Can confirm I used to have this problem with my TMX wheel (so you are not alone) - solution for me has been to only play Dirt 2 (not because of this problem, just can't be bothered with AC or PCars anymore with Dirt 2 fulfilling all my driving desires)
  5. I like to end the stage by driving as quickly and as closely as possible to the marshall *without* knee capping them - stopping with their legs mid bonnet. They stare into the car with a *** look on their face, which seems like a pretty realistic reaction...
  6. If you set FOV to lowest setting then the ball bouncing option is enabled - I use it all the time, it's basically impossible to drive fast without it (IMO)
  7. mimimomo

    Greece Rally – Available Now in DiRT Rally 2.0

    Yeh, likewise. New locations are my one and only chance to be top 10 on the time trials for while before I get pushed down to oblivion.
  8. mimimomo

    DiRTy Gossip

    This would be v. nice too... https://jalopnik.com/the-alpine-a110-is-a-rally-car-once-more-1837907553
  9. mimimomo

    Upcoming dash cam?

    Also needs to respect FOV setting (on PC) as current dash cam does not...
  10. mimimomo

    DiRTy Gossip

    Page 1240... https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/178-dirty-gossip-thread/?page=1240
  11. Pretty sure they mean the 'AI' times are based on a range of real human drivers actually driving the stage in different conditions, with the results recorded (similar to time trial recordings) and fudged with maths and randomness to create 30 different times that represent any given stage. This is one of the reasons why the conditions available are not fully variable - they need recordings of stage times for each combination of conditions. Completely different from the AI in Rallycross where the computer is actually 'driving' - in which driving means sticking to ideal race line while avoiding other cars and applying physics constraints.
  12. mimimomo

    no save for weekly/monthly challenges?

    When it gives you the Quit to Main Menu option, you are safe to do so (and continue later) - You can ignore the meaningless 'All unsaved progress will be lost' message as 1) there is no ability to 'save' and 2) your progress is already saved automatically. Why they have that message I do not know...
  13. mimimomo

    DiRT Rally 2.0, Version 1.5: Bug Reporting Thread

    No release notes yet on Steam for 1.5 - all previous releases had a 'news' item with details (posted by Christina)
  14. Yes, external cams are one the assists that is turned off - I use head cam. You only have dash cam and head cam available with that assist off. I do have a custom camera.xml with more front/back range - so maybe that is detected?
  15. If have everything OFF in assists (have done since before clubs launched) and it still says I have assists ON in the club filter - so who know what is classed as no assists?