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  1. In the OSD, the Positional Information says it is not hidden on all cameras, yet, it is not actually displayed at all when racing. PS5 1.17 All game modes The problem is constantly there no matter what Problem has been there since game was out Attempted to hide and unhide the positional info, redownloaded game completely and even tried on PS4 and PS5, changed camera multiple times and TV. Pad No need for screenshots since there is just nothing there
  2. Ever since the game came out, I have been unable to see my positional information in the race. I have checked the OSD customisation multiple times and it is not 'hidden' like people suggested. No matter how many times I redownload or update the game, the bug does not fix. What concerns me is that nobody else I know has had this problem?
  3. I think I will just reinstall the game and see.
  4. Yes I did that. It said it was not hidden. I'm not sure why my game is like this.
  5. Hi, I also checked this. Nothing is on hidden or anything so I'm really not sure what the problem is.
  6. I made sure to check that menu and it says the position information is there and it's not hidden. Then I go back to race and it's just not there at all.
  7. For some reason, there is no option for me to turn on/off my position information at all in the on-screen display section. I turned it off when the game released but it's as if that option has disappeared for me on PS4?
  8. Come on guys Patch 1.17 let us save between league sessions. Honestly what are we doing here?
  9. Not sure if anyone still realises it but the AI traction is still ridiculous between gears 3-5. Why can't they just get rid of the excessive amount of time it takes to rev up through those gears?
  10. Sadly, I doubt we'll be getting any league updates. I think it is too minor for them to look into it although it would be nice to save in between league sessions
  11. Perhaps they will look into this for a future update. The main issue is being unable to save sessions, e.g, I would like Quali on a Saturday and Race on Sunday.
  12. So it seems like they are looking into this issue for a future update.
  13. This is a step in the right direction. For Patch 1.10 I still believe it is necessary that we are allowed to save progress in between sessions and also have the ability to adjust weather in leagues. I am glad that we are finally seeing improvement and we just need to add the final touches to finally have our 'online championships' back.
  14. I think the main problems I face are in Gears 4 to 5 and 5 to 6 where I get destroyed by the AI in terms of traction. It takes way too long for revs to build up in these gears which is why the AI always get a strong exit.
  15. This is honestly a joke now. 1.5 seconds to the nearest car is slightly embarrassing in Q3. Hope they balance this out along with bringing back online championships.
  16. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that sees this. It really is a shame they didn't even bother to allow the max AI level to be 110. Hope they bring back online championships.
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