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  1. Yes, that value I wanted to have on my app screen, that "+1.09" which can be seen in the game telemetry screen.. I tested all of the available fuel widgets from the app and no one match ! Well, thanks anyway ! PS: I checked in app. You mean it's "Calculated- Calculated rem. Laps"? That's the one? I don't have exactly that one you named! At Calculated I have for F1 2018 PS 4 the following: -Avg fuel/lap -Consumption last lap -Avg Consumption current lap -Calculated rem. laps -Remaining fuel End of Race
  2. Have a problem to find a particular item for the design and I'm thinking of that "Fuel mix" you can see on screen in the game ! I just can't figure out which one it is in the app, I choosed many from the "Fuel" in app, but couldn't find one that match with the in-game "Fuel mix" Any help here ? Thanks !
  3. One more detail, please ! I am going to use for races 4 pages in the app! There is any way to put them in a particular order from left to right? I have them all 4 in the order I created them, but I'd like to swap them in a particular order, to have easier access in race. ( Now the most "popular" and useful are first and fourth and have to put them near, to get quick access) Thanks!
  4. Oh, the left and right swipe gesture, didn't knew about it, knew the tap only ( I'm almost new in the app), I'll check, thank you very much ! If the swipe work, don't bother add a tap, IMO. I'll let you know about it ASAP! Late edit: tested the swipe, it works just fine, I guess you should leave it like that, IMO, you're right , the tap may interfere with scrolling up and down on that time table!
  5. I have a question about multiple pages on app screen! Now I use 2 pages on app and I can switch with a tap on the screen and works just fine. But I tried to add another page, a race "time table" ( there is one in the Built-in section and also  on Community design) and can't switch between pages anymore and it's curious, that design have only 10 widgets in it, those 2 I already use have more widgets .  Any problem with that built-in Time table design? I'm on f12018 on PS4!
  6. Indeed, I also enjoy the app, it's cool on F1 2018! A big "Cheers!" to it's creators! And they're very available, I had a problem, mailed them and they answered back to me really quick! I couldn't managed yet this switch screen on my G29 wheel, but anyway don't have enough buttons on it for this on the wheel, they're all assigned to something, I guess I'll add a numpad for extra buttons available. Anyway, my fav feature on app, is the real time gap between ahead and behind drivers! I understand that I may use multiple devices for it. What's the trick for this, cause the IP is different, can I
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