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  1. Is it possible to not have yet access to the beta forums and still receive the key?
  2. I'll try and play with the settings again to see if it's really the case with my system! Thank you for the clarification 😊
  3. Hi, I've been through an issue recently which caused random huge sound differences between Discord and F1 2019, especially while playing online. I tried to figure it out since some of my racemates also have this issue, and I think I found something to fix it, at least temporarily (I haven't had any more issues since then!) 1 - If you have Nvidia Shadowplay, or some sort of screen mirroring program (Xbox gamebar, OBS, Fraps etc), try to disable the in-game overlays 2 - In Windows, go to your Sound settings (even if it's already set on "Do nothing"), go to Communications, ti
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