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  1. Ahsuuy

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    Is it possible to not have yet access to the beta forums and still receive the key?
  2. I'll try and play with the settings again to see if it's really the case with my system! Thank you for the clarification 😊
  3. Ahsuuy

    I can't hear players

    What headset do you have? Is it an official licensed one or a third-party one? (like hands-free headphones for mobiles etc) If you have a third-party headset try to repeatedly unplug then replug it into your controller, it's not a pleasant way of doing things but it can still work as far as I'm aware. If you have an official headset, go to your Audio Devices settings (of your PS4 system), then check if the input/output devices are the right ones. You should also check the levels (both headphones + microphone), set the Output to headphones setting to All Audio and tick the Switch Device Automatically box.
  4. Ahsuuy

    I can't hear players

    If you're on PC, don't forget to check your default audio peripherals in the sound control panel. Also make sure your communication device isn't used by another program at the same time (especially if you're using a USB headset). You can also uncheck "let applications take exclusive control of this device" in your microphone setting (also in the Windows sound control panel).
  5. Ahsuuy

    Tx thrustmaster wheel problem

    I can confirm that my TX is plugged on a 2.0 USB port and it works perfectly fine with all games 🙂
  6. Ahsuuy

    Tx thrustmaster wheel problem

    Hi Baggiesteve, I have the same wheel, which addon do you have on it? Where did you download the update?
  7. Hi, I've been through an issue recently which caused random huge sound differences between Discord and F1 2019, especially while playing online. I tried to figure it out since some of my racemates also have this issue, and I think I found something to fix it, at least temporarily (I haven't had any more issues since then!) 1 - If you have Nvidia Shadowplay, or some sort of screen mirroring program (Xbox gamebar, OBS, Fraps etc), try to disable the in-game overlays 2 - In Windows, go to your Sound settings (even if it's already set on "Do nothing"), go to Communications, tick "reduce other sounds by 50%", click "Apply", then tick "Do nothing" and click "Apply" once again. If you try all of this, it should solve it! The issue hasn't came back since then, I will keep you updated if it does (since it's very difficult to drive without the car's sound and your mates' voices on Discord completely destroying your ears, or even the opposite haha 😂 Hope it helped, have a very nice day!
  8. [update] I messed up I wrote in the wrong section, I'm sorry it's one of my very first posts! Hi everyone, I've been experiencing an issue recently since I've switched to a USB headset (with mic) for all my communications because it's easier for me. But while playing F1 lobbies on F1 2019 (unranked or ranked) and leagues, it seems like the game's sound cuts out to let Discord go all the way up, resulting in F1 2019 being silent and Discord being at 100% (aah my ears!) It does that very randomly even if I suspect it to do it when people's mics activate on Discord. Sometimes it's even the opposite : the games goes all the way up to 100% and Discord is almost unhearable 😞 I'm still trying to figure it out but I thought I'd create a topic just in case some people went through the same issue and maybe had some fixes? 🙂 (Important note: I've already changed the Windows setting, like, the "Do nothing" tickbox. Doesn't do anything at all for me 😞 ) Thanks in advance, and drive safely 🙂
  9. Ahsuuy

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Good luck to everyone who got the beta! Can't wait for the full game to be released though, you guys have work to do! 😄
  10. Ahsuuy

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    You will receive an e-mail on your address associated with your Codies account (only if you've been selected).
  11. Ahsuuy

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    You will be notified by e-mail if you're picked (BarryBL has a lot of work to do regarding the list, since there's a huge number of applications this year), just be patient 😉