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  1. ChrisGrovesMCM

    Can't assign Fanatec shifter

    Thank you - now we have some correlation! @Marc1011 I've checked in with the team on this topic. For the wheel, we're in constant conversations with suppliers like Fanatec to try and ensure that devices are optimised and fully compatible with GRID. There are a couple of snags on both our side and theirs that, when fixed, could resolve this issue for you. Stuff like this is a constant battle so rest assured it's being worked on, but I can't give you a timeline at this stage. For the shifter issue, I'm going to dig a little deeper and try to get more info, as this may be a separate issue. 👍
  2. ChrisGrovesMCM

    Car tuning in multiplayer

    Aaaand here are the results from that discussion: The whole team is certainly aware internally of the requests to have tuning within Multiplayer modes and events. We have a couple of potential additions/tools we could test out to add more tuning options and overall control over car performance into MP; the next step is to test out those options, see which works best and which is the most achievable to implement, then push ahead with adding it. Very unlikely at this stage that we'll have an addition like this in the Season 2 update, which is being finalised right now. We're looking at a later update for this, but as it's a priority, it would be in the first update possible. I'll be getting updates on this week-to-week so when progress is made, I'll let you know 🙂
  3. ChrisGrovesMCM

    Can't assign Fanatec shifter

    Spoken to the team and we can look into this, but understandably, as it's a single report, we have to prioritise more pressing matters. Know it sounds obvious but please check your device's own performance, and as mentioned, check the in-game settings for assigning and adjusting wheels, just so we can rule out some possibilities. Thank you
  4. ChrisGrovesMCM

    Livery color bug in multiplayer

    Update: we now expect this to be resolved in the Season 2 update 🙂
  5. ChrisGrovesMCM

    Thank you for listen to us (multiplayer)

    Thanks! For anyone using Session Search, keep sending over your feedback so we can assess its performance 🙂
  6. ChrisGrovesMCM

    Wheel won't connect

    Hi there, have you tried to manually assign the wheel through the Options menu in the game? If the issue persists, please use our feedback guide to give us the kind of information we need to look into this further: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/42846-read-me-before-posting-guide-please-read-this-before-submitting-your-grid-feedbackbug-reports/ Thank you 🙂
  7. ChrisGrovesMCM

    Host migration & grid order

    Thanks for the detailed feedback on this - will see if it can be looked into further. Has anyone else had similar instances of this occurring in the game?
  8. Hey all, This was a topic raised before launch by a few preview players and, ever since, we've been looking into ways to address it. Turns out this is a very difficult thing to do with the game in its current state. We're aware that kerbs, at times, can be unrealistically slippy, but this appears to be 'baked in' at this stage and can't be addressed in the current game. Apologies for this, but just wanted to be open on the subject, after chasing it a few times, rather than silent 👍
  9. ChrisGrovesMCM

    braking vibration

    Hi there - we'll need a lot more details than this before it's possible to look into your issue. Please check out our pinned guide to submitting feedback and give us all the details you can:
  10. ChrisGrovesMCM

    Can't assign Fanatec shifter

    This is the key thing really - very difficult to push topics forward if it's an individual report, and we don't have other similar reports to compare and find trends within. Will be tricky without some more reports, but will do what I can! Sure you've already tried, but just in case: please make sure you've looked into manually assigning peripherals and their inputs through the menus in the game 👍
  11. ChrisGrovesMCM

    Car tuning in multiplayer

    Hey all - discussing this community request with the rest of the team today, and will certainly bring these ideas forward to them 👍
  12. ChrisGrovesMCM

    Can't assign Fanatec shifter

    Thanks @Marc1011 - could be a complex one but this should be all the info I need to push it forward. Thank you
  13. I've re-raised the topic with the team. Can see both sides of this debate but as it's been requested a few times recently, I'm chasing. When I get more news I'll let you know 👍
  14. It's available right now on Xbox - we're seeing players create and enter custom lobbies 👍
  15. So this is one of the options we have been testing for other Multiplayer changes - capping the GRID size in lobbies. E.G - if you create a lobby and allow AI drivers to be added, and there are four human players in the lobby, we cap the GRID size at a specific number (let's say 8), so the grid would be four human drivers and four AI. It means that smaller lobbies still have some AI, but not so much that it can be overwhelming. So would that be something you'd like to see added? If anyone else likes the sound of it, give a ❤️ to this post, so we can gauge interest.