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  1. Trailer | https://youtu.be/F3-BJfhnlWY This is 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 chapter of the story. Become a racing 𝗹𝗲𝗴𝗲𝗻𝗱. GRID Legends – launching in 2022. GRID Legends is a high-stakes driving experience that combines thrilling motorsport action, incredible race variety and an immersive story that puts the player at the heart of the action. Find out more game info, and sign up for news | bit.ly/GRIDLegends #GRIDLegends
  2. Welcome to the community feedback form for DIRT 5! If you are experiencing any problems with DIRT 5, this is the place to report it. Our Community team receive every report submitted via this form, which are then discussed with the wider DIRT 5 team to see if and how they can be addressed. SEND YOUR FEEDBACK HERE: https://forms.gle/ZraHaTN4ENtpksYN7 Using this process, we’ll be regularly updating players, on channels such as our official Discord and the Steam Forums, on what we’re looking at and any potential timelines on fixes, updates and patches. We have created this streaml
  3. CREATE. SHARE. DISCOVER. Welcome to Playgrounds. Introducing DIRT 5’s Playgrounds mode – the groundbreaking, brand new feature coming to all versions of DIRT 5, launching from October 16. Playgrounds combines creativity and community for totally new experience for the franchise, as you design, upload, browse and play on player-made racing arenas. Check out the official Playgrounds trailer for DIRT 5 below, featuring some studio-made Playgrounds arenas and a first look at the creation and browsing options: Whether you choose the Arizona desert or the Cape Town
  4. Revealing DIRT 5 – First Next-Gen Codemasters Game, Launching from October 2020 By Chris Groves · On May 7, 2020 DIRT 5. It’s time to Let Loose. As revealed during Microsoft’s Inside Xbox show, Codemasters is delighted to announce DIRT 5, launching from October 2020 on Xbox Series X, PlayStation® 5, Windows PC (via Steam) and the current generation of Xbox and PlayStation consoles. A Google Stadia version will be released in early 2021. Codemasters Forums users: To chat with the Codies team and fellow fans about DIRT 5, head over to the game's official Discor
  5. Update: More progress has been made this evening regarding connection issues and most players are experiencing no issues. We'll keep working hard to further reduce connectivity errors for everyone. Thank you again for your patience on this 👍
  6. Hey all, wanted to drop something here to keep you updated on the current server/connection issues with DiRT Rally 2.0 👇 The news is similar to last night: we're continuing to see steady improvement and more players connecting in the game, but there's still work to be done. We've got multiple departments working through another evening to keep improving the situation. For anyone still unable to connect in the game, we apologise. It sucks. We'll keep pushing this forward and working hard to get more players smoothly into all areas of the game. Keep giving us your feedback as it's inv
  7. Thank you for your patience on the connectivity issues we're seeing right now. Latest update for you: - Progress is being made and we're seeing the majority of players connect to servers - If your account is showing as having 0 Credits, these are not lost and will appear when you next connect to the server - We're still working hard and will keep you updated on DiRT channels Thanks again 🙂
  8. Confirmed: players will not lose Credits due to the current situation. If your Credits show as 0, it's a temporary error caused by the connection. Your Credits return when connected 🙂
  9. Appreciate the feedback, all, and apologies for the inconvenience. We have teams working all evening on a solution and will keep at it. We're seeing progress. Thanks again 👍
  10. Lots of work going on from multiple departments. Numbers-wise we're still seeing improvements and stabilisation but there's clearly more to be done. On the topic of Credits - anecdotally we're seeing that once you can re-connect fully, your Credits return. On my side my Credits were breifly at zero, but once I was briefly able to connect, that hard-earned moolah was back. Chasing confirmation that this is the same for all players
  11. Hi all, Chris here from the Community Team 🙂 Quick update to say that we're seeing some possible progress with the current situation. Active users is steadily rising. If anyone here does try to jump in, please let us know how you get on here, so we have more info to work on. Thank you 🙂
  12. Before posting - Please take a little look and see if there is already a recent thread about your issue or question. If there is, please add your comments there. If there isn’t a recent thread, then please make a new one. Duplicate threads may be closed or merged with any main threads. We may also update thread titles if needed. Please keep in mind two key points when submitting feedback/bugs/reports: - Any correct information you can provide is useful and welcomed. If something cannot be reproduced internally, it cannot be fixed, so any extra info is always welcome. -
  13. Hey everyone, Whilst Season 2 for GRID has only just hit the track, we’re already looking towards the future – and looking at how to keep up the pace with GRID by listening to you, the players. On top of headline-grabbing content like new cars and circuits, we’ve continuously made tweaks and additions to the game that directly address hot topics within our community. Ahead of the next Season of content will be a free update for GRID. Alongside the usual technical tweaks and optimisations, we’re adding a clutch of new features that are the result of feedback and requests for players.
  14. custservice@codemasters.com will normally deal with matters like this.
  15. The VIP is a separate pre-order bonus Head to Career mode. If you have additional tabs at the top for Season 1 and Season 2, you have Ultimate Edition Also in Free Play or Multiplayer, when you're choosing a car class, there's a Seasons section, with all the cars you receive as an Ultimate Edition player 👍
  16. @MarkusXM I'm bringing your notes above to the Stadia team today to see what we can find out, thanks 🙂
  17. Season 2 Update - 12/02/2020 h This update consists of visual improvements and fixes, including: Season 2 content added (Track Day Supercars pack, 33 Career events) Additional content for all players added (two bonus cars, Red Bull Ring circuit Addition of winning liveries from the FA Racing Logitech G contest All players can now multiply the length of Career races in the Options menu Resolved instances of force feedback disappearing during races Fixed issue of players being unable to change their race number in Profile Players
  18. Hey all, The latest update for GRID on Google Stadia is now live, which includes all Season 1 content 🙂 Apologies for the slight delay - a couple of submission snags pushed us back but all sorted now. As always, if you're experiencing any issues, let us know here and we'll do what we can to investigate 🙂
  19. It wasn't possible to add new Achivements/Trophies for the Season 2 update, but we're still planning on adding some as soon as possible. More news on that when I have it 🙂
  20. Whilst visual updates/improvements are made with each update, stuff like the above is almost entirely down to which platform, console, and level of performance you're running the game at 👍
  21. Ah! I've got you now, apologies There are two separate classes - one with the four Track Day Supercars, and one with the two bonus cars. The Ford GT and Ferrari 599 have slightly different performance stats to the Track Day Supercars, meaning putting them all in one class would make things unbalanced. So you'll find two more classes in the Seasons section 🙂
  22. It's all explained in the text: - Track Day Supercars pack is the first four cars mentioned, for Ultimate Edition players - Then there are two bonus cars, available for everyone to use It's the same as Season 1. We just wanted to get in two more cars and make them playable for everyone. 🙂
  23. Patch notes coming out next week - we've already mentioned that the livery topic in Multiplayer is resolved 👍
  24. Hey team - we've kept you waiting long enough to find out what's coming to Season 2 for GRID, so let's jump straight in, shall we? GRID’s next slate of post-launch content takes things up a gear, with Season 2 and the Track Day Supercars pack, launching February 12 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Six new cars, built for both beauty and speed, drop into GRID, alongside another Career mode expansion and the addition of a world-renowned circuit. Ultimate Edition players receive the full slate of content, and there’s plenty of additions that are free for all players, too. So, let’s take a look
  25. Hey all, couple of quick updates for GRID on Stadia: - The next patch is being finalised which addresses a couple of topics, including the audio stutter issue mentioned in this thread. We're aiming to have the patch live on Stadia by the end of next week - Also included in that patch is all the Season 1 content, so four new cars, one new circuit (Paris) and 33 new Career events 🙂
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