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  1. It would be interesting if Codemasters create a button for speed limiter during the Safety Car, similar to the button to limit the speed we used before entering the pits.
  2. Codemasters could create a speed limiter during the Safety Car, similar to the button to limit the speed we used before entering the pits.
  3. I have access to the F1 2020 Beta forum, but I have not received any code.
  4. Barry, I don't know if I'm thinking wrong, please tell me if I'm wrong, but I think the acceleration and braking bars need to be more highlighted for the player. Perhaps in terms of size compared to Dial & Mfd. Perhaps in terms of more notable colors, I don't know, but I think the accelerating and braking bars are very hidden, and these bars are essential for turning a curve perfectly. Some curves require only half or 75% acceleration, for example, and the player needs to see them at the time of the turn, especially those playing on the controller. I took screens from these bars in F1
  5. It would be interesting if the player could select a favorite configuration for the spectator mode in multiplayer. I always want to see the Telemetry, Lap Data, Full Track Map and Camera Type TV POD of the players. The problem is that I need to active these settings for every race I watch in spectator mode, and I would like to configure this only once. I would put these settings in the Preferences - On-Screen Display Menu. And of course, with the possibility of the player changing whenever he wants during spectator mode.
  6. I feel honored with this @BarryBL. Thank you very much for the invitation, but I have F1 2019 only on PS4. I have a gaming notebook, but it's an Ideapad 330 (NVIDIA GeForce MX150, 8 GB of RAM) and I don't have F1 2019, and I don't know if the game would run on that notebook.
  7. Are the championships for F1 2019 for the PC version? Are there championships for PS4?
  8. What's wrong with Susuka? I saw several users commenting, but I don't know what the problem with the track is.
  9. Some more suggestions: - Play time trial with the multiplayer car. - A button to preview the multiplayer car on the track. With the car stopped, and the player could rotate the camera to see the car from all angles, and to check the model and colors of the car, and the model and colors of the helmet. It would also be interesting for the player to change the track time (day, noon, afternoon, evening) to check if the model and colors are ok. It would be great to take photo of the multiplayer car in photo mode as well. - Possibility to edit radio commands. I think that most player
  10. It would be interesting to add a filter button to see only the rooms that are In Lobby in Unranked Mode. I have no interest in entering a room where the race has already started. Sometimes races take 18, 20 minutes to finish. I like to enter the Lobby room, as the race is almost ready to start.
  11. I would love to hear the sounds of the grid start lights in the game. With this function I can only look at the accelerator and no longer need to look at the lights. I just need to hear the sounds and count how many red lights are left for the race to start, so I can focus more on the accelerator and reach the ideal RPM to start the race. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ina7gSi4MyQ&list=LL&index=6&t=0s
  12. Hello, This is my first post here. 1. It would be interesting if Codemasters add buttons to praise or criticize players after the races, positive or negative buttons. Buttons with positive status if the opponent plays in a fair play mode. And negative buttons in case the other players see that the player crashed the car on purpose. In several races, especially in the first corner, it is possible to notice when a player is dishonest in hitting other cars and impairing the race. I think it would be interesting for Codemasters to put more responsibility on other players in rewarding fai
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