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  1. Codemasters attitude in the 19 game was that there was nothing wrong with the saftey car at all, working as designed was the official line. However by Jan (iirc) the admission was made that there was a problem and the frequency of deployment and logic was tweaked. History is repeating no doubt, though if they admit there is a problem this time round is anyone's guess! It is my observation that the desire to add new features, r+d, driver transfers, my team etc. means bugs and issues from previous iterations of the game don't get addressed. It also takes two or more iterations before the new features work correctly. The f1 games are stuck in a cycle of one step forward, two back, endlessly tail chasing to fix legacy bugs in the new release. Having bought all the games since codemasters got the license (since 15 only buying after all patches were released), for the first time I didn't bother with the 19 game. I am tempted to try the 20 game. More realistic handling appeals to me, however the legacy issues like the saftey car are turn off. My team does not appeal to me at all, and appears to be the most bugged aspect of the game. I wish the core game was given some attention rather than the endless quest for new features that are inevitably buggy and unpolished at the first attempt.
  2. ChasteWand

    Item shop is a huge disappointment

    Best comment I've ever read, naive at best! Codemasters are certainly not codemasters. 😁
  3. I appreciate that every user doesn't experience every bug, however the more time I spend with successive releases the more I see the legacy issues/bugs and how the core gameplay stagnates in favour of new features and cosmetics. The yearly release model of sports games with the ever growing popularity of microtransactions and patching unfinished products is abhorrent. Don't get me started on fifa! I am well on the way to becoming a grumpy old man, many would argue I've already completed the journey, however I feel there is still room for improvement... 👹
  4. I have been watching this forum since the game launched with interest. The improvements in the handling model, praised pretty much universally, made me think that this year, just maybe, the game was worth purchasing. Didn't get the 19 game, the first time ever I have not bought the game (after the shambles of 15 I have always purchased second hand after all patches). With bug reports like this and all the others, added to the legacy bugs I fear I won't be getting 20 either. It's such a shame that a game with so much potential suffers from so many issues. I can only hope that the next generation engine brings an improvement in quality, or that come the end of the license period the FIA decided to move on to pastures new. So sad.
  5. ChasteWand

    Unrealistic and annoying throttle application

    The brake telemetry is binary on the F1 feed. It's shame because it would be nice to see the differences between the drivers under braking like we can from the motoGP telemetry feed. My guess is drivers/teams don't want to release that data.
  6. ChasteWand

    Unrealistic and annoying throttle application

    I have been critical the codemasters F1 games in the past in past, specifically about the handling/setup and tyre model. Although I have yet to purchase the 2020 game and can't comment on the improvements made this year, I am pleased to see the more open attitude of the developers and that you are listening to real drivers, and fans of the game. The handling and setup Q+A has been an interesting read. I hope this trend continues and a more realistic/simulation oriented physics model is developed into the future.
  7. ChasteWand

    Pay to test

    I can understand folk feel aggrieved. Once I was the same. I only buy the F1 games now after support has ceased and second hand. Havn't bothered with the 19 game at all, am watching and waiting to see if the 20 game will be any better. Thanks to you all for testing and bug reporting, but even after all the fixing is done I still think the games are a mess.
  8. ChasteWand

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    Just to clarify for you, happy with TigerGrow and his replies. Not that anyone asked for your opinion. 😁 Dissatisfied would be a more accurate description of my feelings towards codemasters f1 games. However I vote with my wallet, I only buy second hand copies of their games.
  9. ChasteWand

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    Thanks. Unfortunately though nothing concrete on "more stats." More smoke and mirror advertising hyperbole that's says just about nothing. I'm not going to hold my breath on "unveil more insights into the calculations" or "updates during the season." I have been disappointed by codemasters fine words too many times to be optimistic! So needless to say I expect nothing, however on a more positive note, codemasters seem to have responded to the criticism of the handling model. And thanks for the admission, fair play. ✌️
  10. ChasteWand

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    ^ Thanks. 👍 Finally someone who understands a reference. Although it looks bad for TigerGrow and his claims.
  11. ChasteWand

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    Again, empty words. Reference, ie link your proof.
  12. ChasteWand

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    On the contrary dear sir/madam, I asked a simple question, can TigerGrow read? If I'd got out of bed on the wrong side as you claim, I would have posted something far more cutting. I would consider your comment inflammatory and could be perceived as trolling, if you want to go down that road that is... Or did I get out of bed on the wrong side two days in a row? 😁 Is the bold section above so hard to read and understand? Please reference your claims. Just because you claim something Mather and Jeal say does not mean they actually said it...
  13. ChasteWand

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    Can you not read? I said the stats should be far more complex than they are in the screenshots, and added some suggestions as to what the could be. Please reference your claims for the words of Jeal and Mather.
  14. ChasteWand

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    If these driver statistics are the same system that has been implemented in the game previously but been hidden, it somewhat explains the "train effect in races." They are far too simplistic and "pace" is the most dominant stat. To my mind there should be more stats for example, quali pace, race pace, dry pace, wet pace, street circuit pace, braking, overtaking, defence, errors, aggression, technical skill, car control, spare capacity (the ability to drive around problems), team player/line wolf... Codemasters f1 games are too simplistic to accurately represent the high tech, high skill, high stakes world of f1.
  15. ChasteWand

    Game looks really hazy

    That will be the simulated pollution from the f1 cars, formula E doesn't pollute so there is no haze. Can't say f12019 ain't a simulation. 😁