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  1. I agree it can be a bit frustrating to lose engine braking on corner entry and scream the engine on exit. Flashback becomes a good feature! I think there are many more serious issues with the game that should be addressed first to be honest.
  2. ChasteWand

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Says quite a lot when modders can fix issues codemasters can't. Perhaps it is time I got myself a gaming PC and ditched the xbox...
  3. ChasteWand

    Penalising a team your leaving

    Fair enough, my memory isn't the best! Not very reassuring though is it, 4 attempts later and still not up to the task! Doesn't bode well for the driver transfer market...
  4. ChasteWand

    This is getting ridiculous.

    I do indeed complain (not whine) about the state of the game, but I don't own 19. From its initial year in 2010 I bought the game, 15 was the last time codemasters benefited from my money, I buy a second hand version after all patches are released. 19 looks like it can be skipped entirely! Only when things improve will I consider codemasters getting my cash, and that is a consideration, not an absolute.
  5. ChasteWand

    Penalising a team your leaving

    In that it's not balanced, AI too fast now, too slow in previous games. Only engine manufacturers should be able to upgrade engines. Cars max out way before the 10 years and the regulation changes have little influence.
  6. ChasteWand

    Penalising a team your leaving

    Agreed but it needs to work. If I remember correctly this is the 3rd time we have r+d, but it's still not working realistically. How many attempts do codemasters need to get it right? Will they ever? Given the saftey car debacle, my sweepstake entry is on the latter! Then there is the driver transfers, another career enriching idea, yet so badly implemented. A GCSE student could've probably done it better!
  7. ChasteWand


    Thanks faya, must have been a hard job stuck between a rock and a hard place! All the best.
  8. ChasteWand

    About patch 1.10

    Legacy bugs are the big issue for me. I play the career primarily, my internet is so bad I can't play online. That is my lifestyle choice, I live in the middle of nowhere. There is quite obviously no communication between the development team and the patching team. If there was, bugs that were patched out would not appear in the new release. I accept bugs occur, but the same ones year on year is completely unacceptable. That is reason I refuse to buy the f1 games new, only second hand after all patches have been released. Codemasters don't deserve my money! However having said that, the 19 game appears so bad from the feedback I read here, that I doubt it'll even be worth buying second hand when support ceases. I understand there is exaggeration and hyperbole on the forums, but the same is equally true for the advertising and reviews in the media.
  9. ChasteWand

    This is getting ridiculous.

    +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000! I have myself done this since the 15 game. Game companies will never change until at least 50% of customers do this. Hit them in sales, that is the only way to get them to listen.
  10. ChasteWand

    About patch 1.10

    So let me get this right, the patch was for microtransactions nothing else, is that right? I hope that's not true. Given how broken the online aspect of the game appears from all reports why would anyone purchase? Codemasters make you all look like fools if you do, bad enough to buy at launch let alone pre-order, now microtransactions! I understand that codemasters need to sell copies of the game and be profitable, however if you really want to make money, release a game that works as intended without all the legacy bugs. Folk would buy that!
  11. ChasteWand

    Can we get Keyboard support on Xbox

    Absolutely, the xbox needs keyboard support. Another nail in the coffin! How about for the 2020 game faya? And if not, what of the future of the series on the next gen of consoles? Don't have the 19 game, I have long since lost faith in the series, and doubt very much I'll ever buy this game in the future unless the core game is improved dramatically. The same issues plague the game every year, and this year I doubt I'll even get it second hand given the reports on this forum. The consensus of the forum seems to be that the game has gone backwards with the patches, with many wanting to roll back to previous versions. Codemasters, how can customers support such a situation with their hard earned cash?
  12. ballie4 can you have any confidence f1 2020 will be any better?
  13. ChasteWand

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Ok you got me! Where do I start? You say: 'Having my degree removed is not really. I know what I know what I've.' What does this mean? The words are in English but they have no meaning in this combination, please explain. If you look at the evolution of AI and compare it to the evolution of species on planet earth, what species would be comparable? A thought experiment if you like. I would be interested to where you think AI sit on that scale. Have a look at this, you may find it interesting... On to Project Cars 2, a seriously good simulator with not so good AI. There are many ways I feel that the codemasters AI is superior, however according to the respective forums, both suffer from unbalanced AI in varying track conditions. My opinion is that it stems from different physics models being used by player and AI. Because of the resources consumed by the player's very detailed physics model in PC1/2 the AI has to be dumbed down. Codemasters player's physics model is very poor in comparison but that leaves headroom not only for the AI but also the graphics. Both are better than in PC1/2. I've put more time into PC1/2 than in the all the F1 titles put together The cars are just stunning to drive, for me it's too frustrating to race against the AI, however unparalleled for hotlapping. Trust me when I say the AI in both PC1/2 remain unbalanced when in varying conditions. Try to follow an AI car through a large puddle and you will instantly see the difference in physics between player and AI, and hence the imbalance. The technology just doesn't exist yet and I doubt it will for many a year to come. Having said all that, I do think codemasters have a reasonable chance of getting it right, due to the headroom granted by the simcade physics model of the player. As a final point on AI, I don't think there is truly any real intelligence in computer games, objects are programmed to give the appearance of intelligent behaviour. It is more like stimulus/response, a reflex action rather than any ability to think. A conditional, of which there are many in AI code. Rules to be followed, not reasoned actions. You say: 'Me showing what I'm using to test with is key variable along with my skills. SO that bring in to many other variables into the matter.' Again please explain your meaning, because I am at a loss. Please remind me striker where I said I had a problem with the AI being too fast, likewise go have a long hard look at my posts in this thread to see why I 'yap' rather than test. You too can be the recipient of a golden dollar just like Worntoathread if you can answer correctly! As a community member I have attempted to help you with your testing and make it more meaningful. In my opinion it would appear you have tried to use your test to not only to prove that there is no problem, but also to belittle others virtual driving skills, big up your own, and show you are more highly educated and know more about AI than anyone else on the forum. Pretty much the definition of egotism. I have complimented you on both your virtual driving skills and your willingness to test the premise of the thread. I have also stated my opinion clearly and politely. If my posts were argumentative or offensive I believe they would have been removed by a moderator. Every human being has an ego, unless that is, you have attained buddhahood.
  14. ChasteWand

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Sorry striker but the phrase pot calling kettle black springs to mind! Nobody else has posted a degree certificate or claimed to have worked on AI more advanced than that of the game. It appears the degree post was one removed by Faya for being argumentative or off topic. However that seems nonsensical to me, but then who am I to judge. I'm sure many folk appreciate the testing you've done even if it's methodology is seriously flawed. Assists vs no assists, pad vs wheel, along with differing game modes and difficulties, all need to be tested to come to a meaningful conclusion. I simply wanted to help improve your testing method and move things forward. However it appears your ego is to big to listen to others. How can you possibly claim to be the only end user with a wheel. That beggars belief! Likewise the claim that your the only gamer that can keep pace with the AI in all conditions. I very much doubt that is the case! Go take a look at the project cars forum and search for AI pace in wet/changeable conditions. You'll see codemasters are not the only developers to struggle with balancing. It will always be an issue whilst the AI run on a different physics model, not to mention the fact that AI is still in it's infancy and yet to be anything like truly intelligent. Today's computers are still lacking in power. Programmers are also lacking in understanding how the human brain works in terms of problem solving and intelligence/cognition. Hell I don't even own the game, so chances are this post will be removed for being argumentative!
  15. ChasteWand

    Albon to replace Gasly

    Firmly set on the fence! I very much doubt it'll be put in the game by design, although it could happen by pure chance. But again I doubt it, that'd be a sensible transfer!