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  1. Feel your pain man. I felt like that after the 15 game, from that day I vowed to never by a codemasters game new again, only second hand and after all patches were released. The last time I did that was the 18 game. Even after all patches the games are unfinished, still suffering issues that were present in the 15 game. New features ok, but same old problems! Either they don't care, or they don't have the talent. Given the responses here on the forum, and the state of the games, I would argue it's the former. All aboard the hype train and the money in the bank, why bother to fix things? I
  2. Don't have 20 or 19 for that matter. I gave up at 18, and to be honest that game was left as a buggy mess at the end of development. I am also a sim orientated player and the F1 games leave a lot to be desired in that respect. I hold little hope that things will change. The new direction towards micro-transactions is a real turn off, and I have to agree with comments on this thread that the focus is now in the wrong place. However aside from the above negatives it is the best simulation of F1 as a sport available, though sadly as an F1 fan, it is not a game for me. Perhaps one day there will b
  3. Just to clarify for you, happy with TigerGrow and his replies. Not that anyone asked for your opinion. 😁 Dissatisfied would be a more accurate description of my feelings towards codemasters f1 games. However I vote with my wallet, I only buy second hand copies of their games.
  4. Thanks. Unfortunately though nothing concrete on "more stats." More smoke and mirror advertising hyperbole that's says just about nothing. I'm not going to hold my breath on "unveil more insights into the calculations" or "updates during the season." I have been disappointed by codemasters fine words too many times to be optimistic! So needless to say I expect nothing, however on a more positive note, codemasters seem to have responded to the criticism of the handling model. And thanks for the admission, fair play. ✌️
  5. ^ Thanks. 👍 Finally someone who understands a reference. Although it looks bad for TigerGrow and his claims.
  6. Again, empty words. Reference, ie link your proof.
  7. On the contrary dear sir/madam, I asked a simple question, can TigerGrow read? If I'd got out of bed on the wrong side as you claim, I would have posted something far more cutting. I would consider your comment inflammatory and could be perceived as trolling, if you want to go down that road that is... Or did I get out of bed on the wrong side two days in a row? 😁 Is the bold section above so hard to read and understand? Please reference your claims. Just because you claim something Mather and Jeal say does not mean they actually said it...
  8. Can you not read? I said the stats should be far more complex than they are in the screenshots, and added some suggestions as to what the could be. Please reference your claims for the words of Jeal and Mather.
  9. If these driver statistics are the same system that has been implemented in the game previously but been hidden, it somewhat explains the "train effect in races." They are far too simplistic and "pace" is the most dominant stat. To my mind there should be more stats for example, quali pace, race pace, dry pace, wet pace, street circuit pace, braking, overtaking, defence, errors, aggression, technical skill, car control, spare capacity (the ability to drive around problems), team player/line wolf... Codemasters f1 games are too simplistic to accurately represent the high tech, high sk
  10. Have the one x so I hope it can be a steady 30fps I hope at least I'll be able to play a career rather than watch paint dry.
  11. Given up, only had the game a week. Barely playable, just sitting and watching the dots flashing in the corner of the screen is riveting - exactly why I bought the game! 🤔 Nevermind WRC8 will be downloaded very soon now, don't think I'm going to regret ever buying another codemasters game...
  12. Considered this carefully, and the answer is, I wouldn't bother! Bit of a pointless new feature in my opinion. Time could have been better spent improving the core game. Or even writing a new game engine for the next generation of consoles. No doubt it's a feature that will exploit microtransactions.
  13. I actually find it better on a gamepad, particularly for the rwd cars. It's faster to steer from lock to lock. The ffb on the wheel is terrible though, completely numb. There only seems to be be the self centering force, nothing else. PC2 is a far better loose surface simulation with informative ffb in comparison and as far as tarmac goes, unrivalled. Dirt Rally sucks on tarmac. I'm gonna try wrc8 and see if it's any better...
  14. Dirt rally 2.0 is ok, the original was better. Listen out for the pace notes, wont be long before your screaming "liar" at your co driver! Along with some overly virtual car rolls and obstacles placed at the most frustrating of places. But honestly it ain't that bad, I prefer it to the f1 games.
  15. No worries, GTA V is one of the few games where, I would say, the whole idea is to be as ruthless as possible and stitch opponents up at every opportunity! I wish the rammers would just go there for their fun and behave in a respectful/gentlemanly (gentlewomanly) way in the more serious racing titles. I can forgive the odd mistake, but some of the behaviour exhibited online is just ludicrous and makes me wonder why I even bother trying. The AI in PC2 (don't remember it happening in PC1) can be all over the place in a single race. Many times I have scrapped my way to the lead only for the
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