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  1. Ditto. Havn't purchased in a way that means codemasters get my cash for years. Shoddy product.
  2. ChasteWand

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Couldn't agree more. Driver transfers and AI balancing wet/dry are the only things I can think of that they have listened on. The game simply isn't what it is advertised to be. Relative car performance and driver performance, saftey car, steering wheels not working, r+d pacing, inaccurate car liveries, terrible setup model, so many multiplayer issues, the list goes on and on... How a new and exclusive license has been granted is beyond me. The media, youtubers and fanboys rave, but personally I think it's a shoddy product.
  3. ChasteWand

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Are you being deliberately obtuse? I can only assume you are because if you have ever seen a saftey car deployed in real life, then you would understand how and why the saftey car should be implemented. Moreover there are plenty of other racing series that utilise a safety car.
  4. ChasteWand

    Ideas for Customisation Items!

    Maybe, but it's still a slap in the face! Thankfully I didn't buy the game, havn't bought it new since 15, only second hand and after all patches. Cost me £12 each time, codemasters don't deserve my money. This year it is, in my opinion, not even worth that and will not be buying full stop. Perhaps a couple years in to the new generation of consoles I will reconsider. I do hope however some of the honest folk on this forum keep up the critique so I can judge the progress, although sadly as an f1 nut and gamer I have little confidence codemasters are ever going to get the f1 game to where it deserves to be.
  5. Words fail me... 8 years of not buying this game potentially await.
  6. Absolutely, an unplayable mess is what you'll get. I agree it would make a fantastic game, however I have no confidence codemasters could pull it off. After 2 years of development f2 wasn't complete at launch and likewise driver transfers were a mess, and that was in one series not across four! The Project Cars games were incredibly ambitious and in my opinion, as a offline only player, the career was pretty poor. I agree that working ones way up through the classes appeals massively. The career was arguably better in PC1 than 2, but the second game was better in many other ways. I believe the mistake they made in 2 was to add loose surface physics, the focus on what was already great and needed refinement was lost. On consoles Project Cars is unparalleled in track and car simulation and others haven't come close in terms of a single car on a track hotlapping. The night/day cycle is also stunning to behold. Hopefully they'll learn some lessons for the next instalment and not only the career will improve but also the AI, as it was severely lacking due to the different physics model the AI ran.
  7. Thanks for the reply Coffer. I have xbox one x so VR is not an option for me. I also have a very poor internet connection as I live in the middle of nowhere, and despite the UK government promising decent internet in rural locations, it has still yet to materialise for many, so online gameplay is impossible. It can take 3-4 days to download a game! I'm quite happy to purchase DLC if the base game meets expectations. I'll see if I can find a second hand copy on disc at the weekend. Time to go look at the DR2 forum me thinks...
  8. Absolutely agree with this and unfortunately they have failed. One could argue they have failed in multiple editions of the game. It is a real shame game developers get away with such shoddy products, and with the advent of patches the situation has only worsened! Not to mention the scam that micro-transactions have become. I find it insulting that codemasters have gone down this route to enhance profit. If you want to make more money, produce a better product! I think consumer rights need to be strengthened in regard to video games. There are blatant differences between what is advertised and what is actually delivered, even after support ceases. In the meantime all we can do is vote our wallets and refuse to purchase from developers with poor records in this regard. I will never buy an EA game new again and codemasters are soon to be on that list. At the very least there needs to be another developer taking on the license, preferably two so that the competition drives quality.
  9. Ultimately I agree, it's a fix, but too little and way too late! I think codemasters deserve credit for listening but it certainly doesn't excuse the mess the headline new feature was at launch. F2 was a complete waste of valuable time that could have been much more wisely spent fixing legacy bugs and implementing new features that worked at launch. Especially given the rumoured 2 years development. I don't have the 19 game and won't be purchasing this year not even second hand. Maybe I'll give it a chance again when the new generation of consoles is released and a new game engine for the F1 series is up and running. A shame because as an avid F1 fan and gamer I'd like to enjoy the game but it has become too frustrating to play! I hope things improve and the physics/car setup model become more simulation based. Having said that though I'm not convinced codemasters are up to the task. It is time the license went to another developer or there was a competitor to push quality and innovation. I played Grid on the previous generation of consoles and was underwhelmed. Good ideas but poorly implemented with an arcade feel. No interest this time round! I have dirt rally but after reading reviews decided to give dirt rally 2 a miss. Do you have it, is it worth purchasing in your opinion?
  10. I think codemasters deserve some credit for the fixes in this latest patch. Mostly for the driver transfer options and logic, which seem to have taken far too long to fix for what was a headline new feature. The Halloween custom items are a bit of a joke when there is still so much fundamentally wrong that needs addressing - driver and team performance, saftey car and virtual saftey car, ffb, engine sounds, drs zones, to name a few that have been highlighted on the forum. Any news on faya's old post vacancy yet? Whilst I feel for anyone brave enough to take it on, communication with the forum community is at an all time low and needs to be addressed.
  11. Given all that's been said here on the forum I will not be buying the 19 game at all. Had every game from 10, after 15 all were purchased second hand, but 19 just isn't worth it. 18 wast the best on this game engine and 13 on the engine before. Will wait to see what 20 brings but I certainly won't purchase new. I have some hope with the new generation of consoles a new game engine will improve matters. It is time a new developer got the license, either exclusively, or preferably as a competitor. The series has become stale and broken.
  12. ChasteWand

    Will AI drivers performance be updated?

    I don't think it's a case of how hard these issues are to fix. It is more a question of priority and motivation. Priority will be given to the 2020 game. Clearly the motivation is to make money and that has been done! Then the 2020 game will suffer the same bugs and issues again, and a few new ones. Microtransactions have now entered the game, so expect to see that concept expanded, it really is sad to times for this series. I can't see myself buying the 19 game and given this titles history, the 20 game either. The only hope I have is that with the new consoles comes a new game engine and a fresh start. I really think it's time the license went to a new company or even better the license goes to two companies and there is a bit of competition...
  13. ChasteWand

    Will AI drivers performance be updated?

    The 19 game, legends edition if I remember correctly, is on sale in the xbox store for 1/3 off. Seeing that activity on the forum is dropping off, the game has barely improved, some would say gone backwards, and the silence from codemasters is deafening, I can't see myself buying it. Infact I doubt I will even purchase second hand after support ceases. It's such a shame that things are like this. F1 is my favourite motorsport and being an avid gamer I would like to play it. But it sounds as if it would be a frustrating purchase. Further more, why should codemasters be rewarded with my cash when the game is in such a bad state? Please codemasters give a response and get these bugs and issues fixed...
  14. ChasteWand


    Even "sorry folks we have your money now, and frankly we don't care, we'll try harder next year" would be better than the silence! No one in Faya's job yet?!
  15. I don't think they care much! Faya tried, now gone. Is it convenience that no one is in that job now? I just hope that when PC3 (or whatever it is called) has more than 12 months support from the devs...