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  1. ChasteWand

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    Just to clarify for you, happy with TigerGrow and his replies. Not that anyone asked for your opinion. 😁 Dissatisfied would be a more accurate description of my feelings towards codemasters f1 games. However I vote with my wallet, I only buy second hand copies of their games.
  2. ChasteWand

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    Thanks. Unfortunately though nothing concrete on "more stats." More smoke and mirror advertising hyperbole that's says just about nothing. I'm not going to hold my breath on "unveil more insights into the calculations" or "updates during the season." I have been disappointed by codemasters fine words too many times to be optimistic! So needless to say I expect nothing, however on a more positive note, codemasters seem to have responded to the criticism of the handling model. And thanks for the admission, fair play. ✌️
  3. ChasteWand

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    ^ Thanks. 👍 Finally someone who understands a reference. Although it looks bad for TigerGrow and his claims.
  4. ChasteWand

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    Again, empty words. Reference, ie link your proof.
  5. ChasteWand

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    On the contrary dear sir/madam, I asked a simple question, can TigerGrow read? If I'd got out of bed on the wrong side as you claim, I would have posted something far more cutting. I would consider your comment inflammatory and could be perceived as trolling, if you want to go down that road that is... Or did I get out of bed on the wrong side two days in a row? 😁 Is the bold section above so hard to read and understand? Please reference your claims. Just because you claim something Mather and Jeal say does not mean they actually said it...
  6. ChasteWand

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    Can you not read? I said the stats should be far more complex than they are in the screenshots, and added some suggestions as to what the could be. Please reference your claims for the words of Jeal and Mather.
  7. ChasteWand

    F1® 2020 | Driver Ratings Announced Part One

    If these driver statistics are the same system that has been implemented in the game previously but been hidden, it somewhat explains the "train effect in races." They are far too simplistic and "pace" is the most dominant stat. To my mind there should be more stats for example, quali pace, race pace, dry pace, wet pace, street circuit pace, braking, overtaking, defence, errors, aggression, technical skill, car control, spare capacity (the ability to drive around problems), team player/line wolf... Codemasters f1 games are too simplistic to accurately represent the high tech, high skill, high stakes world of f1.
  8. ChasteWand

    Game looks really hazy

    That will be the simulated pollution from the f1 cars, formula E doesn't pollute so there is no haze. Can't say f12019 ain't a simulation. 😁
  9. ChasteWand

    Compliment Codemasters

    Interesting, and perhaps after giving 19 a miss, 20 will be worth a look. The road to redemption is paved with good intentions, the saying goes. Personally I am going to see where the game us at around October before I even consider purchasing...
  10. ChasteWand


    The mod is for the pedals. Seeing as you have a thrustmaster t150 I guess you have the t3pa pedal set. Not sure if you can use other pedal sets with that wheel other than thrustmasters 3 different sets. Maybe the ps4 would allow USB connection of fanatec sets. Search sim racing solutions and follow the link, it's self explanatory...
  11. ChasteWand


    From my own experience, avoid the conical brake mod and save to get a load cell mod. Put "sim racing solutions" into your favourite search engine. It's a night and day difference for the better!
  12. That it is developed(?) by codemasters! 😋
  13. ChasteWand

    Something New

    I too like the sound of this, and I'm prepared to wait. Long term, as computing power increases and development time is spent, a more simulation based approach to physics, car setup and handling would be most welcome. The "dumbed down" version we have from codemasters is insulting to the pinnacle of motorsport!
  14. ChasteWand

    About the logic in Unranked lobbies.

    Bless 'em indeed. These are the casual players the game is designed for, not the serious f1 game the real drivers and esports stars play...
  15. ChasteWand

    ERS Deployment - F1 2020

    Sorry, I was being serious there. I forgot the game is a "game" and hence a big fat joke! 😉 As a passionate f1 fan and gamer, could I please be excused from thinking f1's digital representation should be taken seriously. Codemasters obviously think it should, but I must admit you've made me wonder...