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    Will AI drivers performance be updated?

    I don't think it's a case of how hard these issues are to fix. It is more a question of priority and motivation. Priority will be given to the 2020 game. Clearly the motivation is to make money and that has been done! Then the 2020 game will suffer the same bugs and issues again, and a few new ones. Microtransactions have now entered the game, so expect to see that concept expanded, it really is sad to times for this series. I can't see myself buying the 19 game and given this titles history, the 20 game either. The only hope I have is that with the new consoles comes a new game engine and a fresh start. I really think it's time the license went to a new company or even better the license goes to two companies and there is a bit of competition...
  2. ChasteWand

    Will AI drivers performance be updated?

    The 19 game, legends edition if I remember correctly, is on sale in the xbox store for 1/3 off. Seeing that activity on the forum is dropping off, the game has barely improved, some would say gone backwards, and the silence from codemasters is deafening, I can't see myself buying it. Infact I doubt I will even purchase second hand after support ceases. It's such a shame that things are like this. F1 is my favourite motorsport and being an avid gamer I would like to play it. But it sounds as if it would be a frustrating purchase. Further more, why should codemasters be rewarded with my cash when the game is in such a bad state? Please codemasters give a response and get these bugs and issues fixed...
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    Even "sorry folks we have your money now, and frankly we don't care, we'll try harder next year" would be better than the silence! No one in Faya's job yet?!
  4. I don't think they care much! Faya tried, now gone. Is it convenience that no one is in that job now? I just hope that when PC3 (or whatever it is called) has more than 12 months support from the devs...
  5. You are on a road to major disappointment, take a look at codemasters history with this game. I very much doubt that by the time your pushing up the daisies that it'll be satisfactory, let alone reaching its potential! Vote with your wallet, complain to liberty media.
  6. Not that I agree with the decision, infact it's insulting and disgraceful, but faya in a similar thread categorically said codemasters will not be adding keyboard support for the xbox. As the xbox one is basically a x86-64 PC running a stripped down version of windows 8, it seems a very odd decision. Vote with you wallet and don't purchase the game, if you want it bad, at least wait until it's on a sale and massively discounted or buy second hand.
  7. I respect your opinion, however to my mind it needs to be investigated as a contributory factor. As for codemasters QA, personally I have very little confidence in their ability, and like yourself don't see why customers should do the testing for them. The communities feedback on improvements is no doubt of value however.
  8. I will check this out, may take a few weeks however as my work is a bit random over the next few weeks and I'm not at home much... Have you or anyone for that matter experimented with the udp setting?
  9. I don't have the 19 game, I have the 18 game and have only ever played it post patch 1.16 on the xbox one x. I played 6 seasons at 50% race distance, 88-95 difficulty, with the udp telemetry enabled. In 6 seasons I only experienced one virtual saftey car. I occasionally use flashbacks, perhaps 1 in 3 races. Never had a saftey car! After reading somewhere on the forum that the udp telemetry was a potential reason for no saftey car, I decided to try restarting my career with udp disabled. Difficulty about the same but at 100% distance. Nearly at the end of the first season and I've had 1 saftey car (China) and perhaps 3 times virtual saftey car. I remember there was a big accident at Baku, caused by an AI car being slow due to a puncture in the high speed chicane at the start of the pit straight. It happend just in front of me and caused 4 AI retirements due to terminal damage. I suffered minor front wing damage but continued without using a flashback or bothering to repair the damage. One other AI car suffered front wing damage, and pitted on the lap same lap as the accident. Despite the track being strewn with 4 terminally damaged AI cars there wasn't any form of saftey car! In that race I can't remember if I used a flashback or not prior to the accident mentioned. It would seem that the use of udp telemetry does, in my experience so far, have an impact on the saftey car on the xbox. Seeing as there is no telemetry in game it's rather frustrating that using udp and an external app to have telemetry, defeats the safety car. Has anyone tested if udp has an effect on the safety car in the 19 game?
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    Fuel saving "trick". And another AI complaint

    Indeed it's a fascinating and complex subject. It would be interesting to get data from f1 teams to settle the issue. I seem to remember this being mentioned in commentary that (particularly in the Honda/McLaren partnership) fuel saving wasn't an issue in the wet. I have nothing more to add unfortunately, however I agree with your sentiment 100%!
  11. That's an interesting point, I was considering purchasing a fanatec to overcome this limitation. Best save my money for a gaming PC! Call me a cynic but I very much doubt we'll get an answer from codemasters... However I would love to be proved wrong! .
  12. ChasteWand

    Fuel saving "trick". And another AI complaint

    I respectfully disagree. In wet weather the % full throttle over a lap will be considerably less than in the dry. It defies logic to say driving slower uses more fuel, laptimes can be up to 20 seconds slower. Whilst there are other factors such as, rolling resistance, tyre radius and drag, the % full throttle will be the most dominant factor. A quick Google search backs my position. A couple of a results of the search: https://www.racefans.net/2013/04/29/f1-cars-running-fuel/ https://www.quora.com/Why-does-a-formula-1-car-use-less-fuel-in-the-wet-than-in-the-dry
  13. When I referred to the driver limitation I was specifically referring to the driver for the thrustmaster wheel. That would be a thrustmaster or xbox issue, most likely thrustmasters. If you search "xbox one architecture" you will discover that it is based on x86-64, a 64 bit PC in other words. Put simply the operating system is a stripped down version of windows 8. There is no reason why the xbox version of the game can't, in theory, have the same functionality as the PC version so far as I can understand. Given these facts it would seem to me there is no reason, other than the driver, why all inputs from the wheel cannot be unique. This is a different argument to keyboard support, however related to it. On my wheel there at least 3 buttons that are just duplicates, it would be great if they weren't and could be utilised in game. Xbox one already has keyboard support so the only reason we can't use it in game is because codemasters, for some reason, don't want to implement it. The PC version has keyboard and mouse support (obviously), and seeing as the xbox one is basically a PC running Windows 8, why not? As others have said, it's an insult to xbox owners.
  14. What evidence do you have for this? The elite controller has more buttons than the standard controller. Wheels work via USB compared to a controller on wireless (but can be usb). Keyboards have many more inputs than controllers. Moreover, as already stated, other games utilise keyboards. I have a thrustmaster wheel, on PC all the buttons are unique inputs whereas on the xbox several are duplicates. I would argue that this is a driver limitation not a hardware limitation, not that I know for sure!
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    F1 2020 - Things to make the game better

    There are some truly great ideas here, however I can't bring myself to believe that if even 10% of them were implemented, they would be in a functional state at release. Call me a cynic or negative by all means, but codemasters have a history that backs my stance. Constructive criticism or overt negativity aside, as an avid f1 fan and gamer, codemasters please get existing features working before developing new ones. How long has this been a broken feature? Look at all the hype and excitement around driver transfers, many stated it was the reason they purchased the 19 game, and what was the result? Multiple threads and comments on how badly it was implemented. R+D is 4 years in, and arguably still not up to scratch. ERS, another hot topic on the forums, need I continue? Could not agree more.
  16. ChasteWand

    Would you like the F3?

    Nice metaphor, however a fast food joint would be more apt than a restaurant! 😁
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    A thread for those who like/love F12019

    I have been critical of the f1 series. I read this thread because all opinions are valid and, despite my critical stance, there are things the game does well. It is good to hear what others think/feel. I would be surprised if you haven't done the same in reverse and at least read, if not commented on, the issues that are clearly present in the game(s).
  18. I agree it can be a bit frustrating to lose engine braking on corner entry and scream the engine on exit. Flashback becomes a good feature! I think there are many more serious issues with the game that should be addressed first to be honest.
  19. ChasteWand

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Says quite a lot when modders can fix issues codemasters can't. Perhaps it is time I got myself a gaming PC and ditched the xbox...
  20. ChasteWand

    Penalising a team your leaving

    Fair enough, my memory isn't the best! Not very reassuring though is it, 4 attempts later and still not up to the task! Doesn't bode well for the driver transfer market...
  21. ChasteWand

    This is getting ridiculous.

    I do indeed complain (not whine) about the state of the game, but I don't own 19. From its initial year in 2010 I bought the game, 15 was the last time codemasters benefited from my money, I buy a second hand version after all patches are released. 19 looks like it can be skipped entirely! Only when things improve will I consider codemasters getting my cash, and that is a consideration, not an absolute.
  22. ChasteWand

    Penalising a team your leaving

    In that it's not balanced, AI too fast now, too slow in previous games. Only engine manufacturers should be able to upgrade engines. Cars max out way before the 10 years and the regulation changes have little influence.
  23. ChasteWand

    Penalising a team your leaving

    Agreed but it needs to work. If I remember correctly this is the 3rd time we have r+d, but it's still not working realistically. How many attempts do codemasters need to get it right? Will they ever? Given the saftey car debacle, my sweepstake entry is on the latter! Then there is the driver transfers, another career enriching idea, yet so badly implemented. A GCSE student could've probably done it better!
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    Thanks faya, must have been a hard job stuck between a rock and a hard place! All the best.
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    About patch 1.10

    Legacy bugs are the big issue for me. I play the career primarily, my internet is so bad I can't play online. That is my lifestyle choice, I live in the middle of nowhere. There is quite obviously no communication between the development team and the patching team. If there was, bugs that were patched out would not appear in the new release. I accept bugs occur, but the same ones year on year is completely unacceptable. That is reason I refuse to buy the f1 games new, only second hand after all patches have been released. Codemasters don't deserve my money! However having said that, the 19 game appears so bad from the feedback I read here, that I doubt it'll even be worth buying second hand when support ceases. I understand there is exaggeration and hyperbole on the forums, but the same is equally true for the advertising and reviews in the media.