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  1. Low(er) downforce if rain is predicted? Clearly you've spent too much time setting up a car in codemasters f1 "simulation!" In the real world lowering downforce reduces grip and increases straight line speed. Regardless of which motorsport class, if downforce is adjustable in that class, increasing downforce will prove faster in the rain than lowering it. Every single time, no exceptions! If your explanation holds any truth, the design of the game is fatally flawed. Whilst we're on the subject of rain, in the real world, fuel consumption will be less in the rain. In codemasters simulation, the opposite is true.
  2. ChasteWand

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    Great idea. Send me a free copy of the game and I will gladly join the grid... 😁
  3. ChasteWand

    Tired of F1 games online bugs

    When it comes to the list, the genuine desire of the community to improve the game, and codemasters (allegedly) new transparent attitude, words fail me. I appreciate that BarryBL is doing his best, however it seems his hands are tied and the sentiment behind his role is the appeasement of forum members at best. It would appear that, in truth, there is very little genuine desire within the company to address the issues with the game raised by the community. Comments like the above, said in jest no doubt, only serve to highlight the truth and push customers away.
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    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    I saw, as we all did, news of the contract extension. I haven't bought the game new for many years now, and for the first time ever, won't bother with the 19 game. I only read and post on this forum in the hope that things will improve, perhaps this kind of embarrassment will be learned from. Lando's video with any luck will go viral...
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    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    I can't comment on the graphics for the RF2 stream, but honestly f1 2019 didn't exactly shine. From the broadcast cameras the cars and the track didn't even look like they belonged in the same scene. As the OP commented, the codemasters f1 game, as advertised, is now fully esports ready. It is there for the world to see. Moreover we have two amazing endorsements from current f1 drivers Lando and Max. It would seem codemasters are completely blind to the shortcomings dispite the community feedback. BarryBL, can we please hear your feedback on this video evidence? Personally I fail to see how under the trade descriptions act codemasters get away with the hyperbole they peddle in advertising the game, and how the video game media allow them to get away with it by endorsing the product with rave reviews. Something here is surely not fit for purpose... It is way past time the FIA awarded the license for the formula one game to another developer.
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    Cancelled races transformed to online events

    My opinion is the lack of interest by real f1 drivers speaks in deafening volume to the realism in the f1 game. Perhaps if the game was closer to the simulation tools the drivers use to develop their cars, and multiplayer was more reliable and less bug ridden there would be more interest and uptake. For casuals and fanboys/girls no doubt the game is amazing, for the more serious simracer and f1 fans the game is a bad joke, best avoided.
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    AI damage setting

    ...And the lack of reply says it all. Your response to the questions on the car setup and handling model said pretty much the same ie, the game aligns with our design. The design brief is devoid of realism or simulation. Beauty is only skin deep as the saying goes.
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    AI damage setting

    Sorry but all you need to do is play the games to see how bad they really are. Perhaps the key phrase in your reply is "how it aligns with our design." Maybe the testing is as extensive as you claim and it is the design that it as fault.
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    AI damage setting

    This really makes me wonder how much testing codemasters do, and from the evidence to date it would appear to be very little.
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    PAD is too faster than Wheel ! WHY ?

    Interesting however not related to setup in any way. Three key points for me in the video, The pad overall is more forgiving than the wheel. The reason the pad is more forgiving is due to the braking and accelerator feedback given by vibration, not available with wheel and pedal sets. I would also argue the deadzone in the pads steering would reduce over correction of oversteer compared to a wheel. The wheel has an advantage in high speed corners because the range of movement is greater compared to the pad giving greater accuracy, moreover in high speed chicanes/complexes (Silverstone, COTA) the deadzone of the controller limits speed of turn through the centre of the steering. The wheel has no such limitation. Personally I think it's way past time for pedal sets to have a vibration feature. Playing with a wheel is far more immersive than a pad and I can never go back to the pad. Even if the pad is currently faster, I frankly don't care. Likewise I don't care for the t cam verses cockpit argument. T cam is faster period, a superior view of the track, cockpit for me is where it's at. Immersion factor again. I'd like a realistic as possible experience and given the games physics /setup model are serious flawed in terms of real simulation and the bugs/ issues that plague career mode and the core game, it is not for me. Asseto Corsa, Project Cars, Automobilista, RRE are all vastly superior in my opinion, even if I'd love to have the f1 career experience, the car tuning and driving experience are sadly lacking. I shall remain an interested observer, but I live in hope, maybe codemasters can get it right...
  11. Hey Bicarda, go have a look at the setup guide thread if you haven't already. Would be interested to hear what you think...
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    Setup Guide Now LIVE

    Dissapointed with that answer, and if the development team think car setups are correctly implemented that is even worse. Anyone with half a brain that has actually played the game would understand the issues presented by shelbys post. Four examples, sorry I don't have data to back this up, but if you play the game yourself it is easily verified. In career mode in the 18 game when the car was fully developed, even with the hardest possibe spring and ride height settings the car still dragged along the track at medium speed and high speed. Surely not correct and poorly tested. I don't have the 19 game but have seen posts regarding this same issue and it being difficult to get a fully upgraded car through eau rouge at spa due to the car bottoming out. Camber settings are primarily to equalise tyre temp across the surface of the tyre, and secondarily effect lateral grip and hence tyre wear. A balance must be struk in real life between temps, wear and grip. Limits were imposed (along with tyre pressure) in real life to protect against tyre failures. The game does not give separate tyre temps for inner middle and outer parts of the tyre. How is camber relevant, aside from potentially increased lateral grip with greater negative camber? Does it even effect tyre temps and wear as it would in the real world? Toe and camber settings simply cannot be correctly implemented when extreme and exploitative settings are fastest in time trial. Lower tyre tyre pressures increase tyre temperature, not so in the game. In real life limitations were put on the lowest pressure permitted to protect against tyre failures. Lower pressures create more grip and teams run as low a pressure as possible. Because the structure of the tyre is less rigid at lower pressures it moves around more generating more temperature in the tyre.
  13. ChasteWand

    Setup Guide Now LIVE

    @BarryBL Thanks for the reply here on the car setup/handling model. This indeed is a big design flaw in the game and has been well explained in both shelby and sloppys posts. This openness is refreshing, I hope that we together as a community can deliver some positive results. It is a part of the game that has always baffled me as the car setup adjustments don't reflect reality. Wing adjustments seem to work as expected, however the suspension geometry, springs (no dampers)/anti roll and tyre model are nonsensical. There can be no physics simulation in the game, or if there is, it operates under different physical laws. Your guide is good but the game does not live up to real life expectations! I think your developers should go have a chat with the developers at SMS now you are in the same company. Whilst I understand the F1 game is designed to be accessible and the developers might not want the level of detail in the project cars setup options, there is a middle path to be found. SMS certainly have the knowledge and understanding the F1 development team appear to lack. Perhaps then we can have a more realistic simulation of car and tyre physics. If you guys can get this working as it should I might even buy the next game...
  14. ChasteWand

    Welsh players

    Sorry I didn't bother to reply before now. I live in Wales but sadly have had to give up on the F1 games by codemasters. The games fail to live up to the hyperbole I'm sad to say. Maybe if they deliver our paths will cross in the future... Play PC2 by any chance? Feel free to PM me if you do... My internet connection is **** but maybe it can work as we are geographically close.
  15. ChasteWand

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Wow, did the same thing myself! Played it back in the day in the 360, and was well worth revisiting. Rockstar produce some fantastic games, at least their AAA titles have credibility.
  16. ChasteWand

    Moved from Auto to Manual Gears Help

    Don't sweat it, the AI for F3.5 in PC2 is weak compared to other classes. Using a lower fuel setting can help make the series more competitive.
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    And therein lies the communication problem. I never asked for your input, and you have no input other than a poor defence of BarryBL. We are poorer than even a mushroom, at least the mushroom whilst kept in the dark, is fed ****. I shall refrain from saying any more for the time being and go back to being an observer.
  18. ChasteWand

    F1 2019 Worth £22?

    Thanks for the confirmation. Glad I haven't wasted my money and supported a substandard product. Let's hope lessons can be learned after all, hope is a land to which winter never comes...
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    For us more mortals that will be 3 bank holidays in the UK! There's been more days lost due to weekends than festivities since the BarryBL post.
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    Hi Sloppysmusic, as ever it's good to hear what you have to say. To clarify my position, I don't own the 19 game, and given its state I doubt I will ever bother to buy. I have had all the previous games in the series, which from 16 onwards, have been second hand copies purchased after all patches were released. I personally can't fund such a poor game, and don't get me started on microtransactions, although I guess I should be glad some folk buy in! Maybe the move into microtransactions can fund improvements to the core game. Likwise the acquisition of SMS I hope can improve the physics and car tuning. My fear is SMS and Project Cars 3 will be dragged down to codemasters level. Consequently my continued presence on the forum is to ascess the communities opinion of the game and codemasters response to bugs and issues. With that in mind I have no expectations beyond hoping that the quality of the game shows some drastic improvement. I also hope codemasters attitude to, and communication with its customers also improves. As an avid gamer and F1 fan I would sincerely love to see this series reach its potential, however given the trajectory in recent years this hope is just a glimmer I'm afraid to say. It seems my desire for a decent F1 simulation (if the game can at all be classed as simulation) will not be satisfied by codemasters.
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    ...And the wait goes on... You do yourself no favours @BarryBL I sincerely hope codemasters can learn from SMS and be more communicative, my fear is that SMS will be dragged down to what's experienced here.
  22. ChasteWand

    Safety car

    Perhaps most importantly, it is an advertised feature of the game. A feature that clearly does not work. Moreover no response or communication about fixing this broken feature. Simply disgraceful. They also advertised livery and car/driver performance updates throughout the F1 season, yet both remain unrealistic. Infact it was confirmed they will not be any more updates fo car/driver performance. The games industry has a lot to answer for as in many cases they simply do not deliver what they advertise. I understand no game will ever be perfect but the practice of releasing unfinished and broken games that never reach a satisfactory state seems to be condoned and even rewarded and praised! Why should I spend my hard earned cash on games like this?
  23. Excuse my cynicism but when the core game functions as advertised then I would be very happy to see new features like this added. If I remember correctly it has taken 4 years to get the career car development into the state it is, and arguably, it is still not working correctly. Then there is the driver transfers, a highly requested feature that when combined with the car development system basically broke the career mode, as it was impossible for the player to keep pace with AI teams development. Do I need mention the increasingly broken saftey car feature, AI behavior on out/in laps in quali, or lapped car/blue flag behaviour? Personally I fear the more the community demand more features, the more broken the game becomes. Codemasters, it would appear, simply don't have the resources to deliver what they advertise. Patches have in some cases fixed issues but in most cases have just covered the cracks, or caused bigger issues. Then the following years release has the same bugs to solve all over again plus a plethora of new ones! I would love this game to be a success however codemasters give me little reason to believe this will ever happen. Perhaps this is due to my personal expectations but I think the game tries to be all things to all customers, and that is an impossible premise.
  24. I wish you all the best on the road to improving things. Like you, perfection I believe, is unobtainable. However with the communities help and some serious attention to detail a good game could be produced. Legacy bugs are utterly unacceptable in my opinion. It would appear internal communication is as bad as communication with the community. I hope with the purchase of SMS the simulation aspect of the game, ie physics model, car tuning, and track accuracy will improve. Moreover new hardware will be available soon and a new game engine also offers opportunities for improvements.
  25. Good discussion folks. Good idea marcel, however the cynic in me says codemasters have had getting on 10 years to get systems in place. Communication is perhaps the worst aspect of codemasters, apart from the obvious irony in their name! I admire the effort of the moderators and community liaison, but again, I have no confidence that there is a genuine desire to make a realistic and functional game, it appears it's all about selling units and making money. And so it should be but, if you create a good product, it will sell and make money beyond that of the mediocrity that is currently on offer. No doubt it will cost more but the chances are it'll make more too. Maybe this time things will improve and the bugs can be reported, acted on, and squashed. Historically though this has not been the case and infact legacy bugs are big problem. Perhaps if codemasters can produce a product that functions as advertised I will purchase, but I'm not holding my breath. As an avid F1 and motorsport fan and gamer I would love to be able to play an F1 game without the frustrations and bugs the games have had on this console cycle, none of which have been worth purchase after the final patch let alone at launch. For that reason I continue to buy second hand after all patches are done. With an eye on the forum I continue to hope that one day codemasters will get it right, and the game will be a enjoyable purchase. But at the moment it promises everything and unfortunately only delivers frustration.