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  1. SolidSean

    DiRT Rally - It's here

    I will be disappointed if DiRT Rally is not available on consoles. I know it hasn't been ruled out but the lack of clarity isn't giving me much hope.
  2. SolidSean

    Bought car gone

    Yeah, the first 6 or so are totally free.
  3. SolidSean

    Bought car gone

    Yeah, 30 free slots, as in, you don't have to pay using real cash. They still have to be paid with in-game credits, starting from 50,000 credits.
  4. SolidSean

    Bought car gone

    Yep, thats what I did. My apologies to Codies. Thank you. Haha, it's cool! At least you purchased something useful for another class.  ;)
  5. SolidSean

    Bought car gone

    Very unlikely, but did you purchase the JCW Challenge (Touring) by mistake? Note: Owning two hot hatches is unnecessary. You have up to 35 (30 without garage expansion) garage slots, ideally you would want one car per class.
  6. SolidSean

    Freezing at Bathurst...

    Turn off the ghost car, seems to solve it.
  7. SolidSean

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    Corrupt cars (0 credits/causing game to crash after race) have still not been fixed  :(
  8. SolidSean

    31,256FT ?

    Yes, at the end of the weekly challenges, your earnings are calculated based on your position on the leaderboard. The higher up you are, the more cash you will get.
  9. SolidSean

    Let's play a game.

    Which he found difficult because
  10. SolidSean

    Let's play a game.

    "The old game-save thief"
  11. SolidSean

    Let's play a game.

    Nathan McKane pass by me (EDIT: How did I not notice I was tree'd?)
  12. SolidSean

    Wheel Damage

    You have a point, but I guess the game categorises the toe as steering damage because if affects how the car turns (although it should also light up the suspension indicator too)
  13. SolidSean

    Wheel Damage

    1) No idea how the tyre on the opposite side explodes 2) Best time to use a flashback is before having a collision when you know you are bound to have one (or straight after contact is made), it will put you in a better position on the track. 3) Being rear ended can cause you rear wheels to toe in/out, which will result in the car pulling to one side when driven in a straight line, so that's why the damage indicator lights up for steering.
  14. Using Ravenwest as a guide helps but it is not always the case. I don't believe the Mini Cooper S JCW GP and Aston Martin Vanquish are the fastest in their class.
  15. SolidSean

    Gearbox Damage

    Would aggressive throttle wreck an automatic gb irl? If you are bouncing on the limiter and spinning tires out of every corner, something is going to get damaged, right? As for the game, I'm not sure if this is actually the case. In fact, I've been told by my race engineer I have gearbox damage after a few minor collisions without losing ground with my competitors and my gears (at least the ones in use) still being there. I'm making a realistic assumption based on the information you gave. How would an automatic bounce off the limiter? Regardless, thanks for the clarification. I do throttle hard out of corners but hard to imagine that's the issue, I mean throttling out of corners is standard practice amirite? The only way I would imagine an automatic would bounce off the limiter is when you powerslide out of corners. Drift events are a good example of how gears don't automatically shift up every time you hit the redline due to wheelspin. True, throttling hard out of corners is standard practice in most racing disciplines apart from endurance, where you need to control your throttle pressure to maintain your tyres.