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  1. Dirt3 was definitly the best game all over. But for drivers like me who didnt like Rallycross and Gymkahna there is no alternative game outside the market with this Grafik. I personatly want a Game with rallymodus like the 2.0 Game. All Games after this can not give me the rallyfeeling that i want ! Changing from collin Mcrea to Dirt was in my opinion Marketing only. I think with a rally"alone"game can Codies not make enough money because there are not so much rallydrivers? The time has changed. Today the player wants 200 cars in 300 diferent colurs with 400 diferent Tracks :).
  2. sorry i was sleeping davie shows me the right way :) Hope to see you soon in a nice jam, - i have nice backlights :)
  3. Hi, Yesterday told me Stp - racing we get prizes - ? my question is Who and what ?
  4. hey justbiglee , i see i forgot something yesterday on my post Team Frontpfälzer Name mike :)
  5. hi everybody thx to justbiglee for this event ! I have to say : I love tarmac and Hairpins and i miss the tricky stages on the older games like cmr2 Italy 9+10 or the Japan Rally i think it was 2004 or 05 ? - anyway here the Times . . . Stage 1 Georges de pianon 90s 3.19.217 - new World Record ! http://twitpic.com/e5vwuv Stage 2 Route des Anges Open 1.20.458 - only cheaters faster - http://twitpic.com/e5vwxl Stage 3 Col St. Roch 70s 3.01.419 - only cheaters faster - http://twitpic.com/e5vwet Stage 4 Col De Turini 70s - only cheaters faster - http://twitpic.com/e5vwlz hope on Dirt
  6. Great win by stuntman it looks like he play with us - ? Great 2nd Vorrtz !!! see you in monte - :)  
  7. Thats fantastic rally at his best. !!!!! The best will win - hope fun for eberybody !!! And i hope also stuntman will lost his first stage :) Attac - from mike - yar 72 and Vorrtz !!!!!!!!!!! 
  8. Hi justbiglee Monte carlo has 3 Kingstages make a rally with all 3 and diferent cars. We hadnt in the last Stages 70s 80s and 2000s so . . . . . :) My Favorite of all time : Monte Carlo Stage : Col st roch Car : Open ( Mk2) regrards from mike (yar72) in Germany to all D3 players exept the fucking-Cheaters
  9. Mike Team Front Pfälzer Stage 1 : 2.43.989 http://twitpic.com/e5e29j Stage 2 : 2.51.756 http://twitpic.com/e5e2d6 Stage 3 : 2.26.340 http://twitpic.com/e5e2in Stage 4 : 2.05.348 http://twitpic.com/e5e2pd Thanks to biglee for this event - Awaysome !!! Special Thx to Stp ,Vorrtz ,Bullsakuki3 ,DimitriA,+ Stuntmike for hours of Gohst-fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :) hope see you all in a 3 King-stage bonus Rally in Montecarlo - my Mk2 is waiting :)
  10. I think the big Trailblazer Stage we must drive is the Vaaler climb its more interesting as the bobchalenge :) - last round !
  11. Hi, Vaaler climb Classic Trailblazer Peninsula run  michigan 70s Rally Taveta Descent open rally thats my Favorites biglee when it is the next round beginning ?    
  12. Hey, Stuntmike and Vorrtz great fight. + all the Others great race ! Rally Kenia Taveta Descent    ( the Davie ( North3rnstar ) Arear :) ) Open sounds very good ! 
  13. Hi all Team Front Pfälzer Name Mike Stage 1 2.29.937 http://twitpic.com/e4v90d Stage 2 2.19.579 http://twitpic.com/e4v93s Stage 3    54.536 http://twitpic.com/e4v95y   hope see you all in Monte Carlo :)
  14. Hi,   My idea for Monte as a Bonus only MK2 In OPEN :D The Volverine - Results are out ? Cant wait for a new Challenge Big thx for Big lee for this Competition i like it have fun yar72 - Mike
  15. Name Mike Team Front Pfälzer Stage 1 Time : 2.45.620   http://twitpic.com/e4b4xi     Stage 2 Time : 2.30.500   http://twitpic.com/e4b4u7 Stage 3 Time : 1.16.619   http://twitpic.com/e4b50o   All Times driven on my rig https://twitter.com/mjjschmidt/media with manual shifting only.  
  16. hey guys from Germany Big battle fast drivers - Nice competition - wish all have fun and less mistakes in the Stages .   Team Front Pfälzer :-h :-h
  17. A realy big Monster thx !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Hello justbiglee, First sorry my english, i am a german dirt-driver. Ive heard about your competition 3 days ago. I know iam not in first round forrest. Yesterday 20 min before uk midnight i send via twitter to the @dirtgame site my times and pics for the Safari Rally. Look at the twitter site then you see thats the trouth. At this moment i didnt know that when im not driving the forrest there is no changce for me to come in your competition. Now told me Voortz i will ask you the big boss to join your comp. I drive collin / Dirt since 2001 all Games, its the best of all games ever !!! My Team
  19. Hey Vorrtz I heard about the competition just a few days i hope i can join. No i was not in the forrest comp. i will ask the big boss thx for help ! PS : you cost me a lot of time  - when you look at the 3stages 1 place behind you in the best-list there i am. Respect - good driving !!!
  20. Hello , I am a german dirt-driver. on thuesday 13.05.2014. 20min before cutt off time in the night i send my pics and times via twitter to the @dirtgame page. Can someone help me - because i dont know - I m in the competition or not ? i am so sad because my times are really good. Team Front Pfälzer Name mike Stage 1  2.31.425  twitpic.com/e3smys Stage 2  2.13.843  twitpic.com/e3smls Stage 3  2.57.257  twitpic.com/e3sna8   can someone help me ? Regrads from germany and sorry my bad english  
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