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  1. Shortest answer is they didn’t know how to fix the drifting to go faster exploit without making rear locking impossible. Pretty average if you ask me but it is what it is.
  2. Surely all the random ABS users at the top of the time trial leaderboards is just a coincidence right? ABS is 100% broken. Can throw the bias to 50% and the game will sort out the rear end losses for you
  3. Well the game came out in July, then we're forced to wait till October for a handling model that should've been in the game from release. Looks like 3 months to me
  4. Well here’s an opinion from someone who actually knows what they’re on about. 1. AI are a mess. Impossible to match them in high speed corners and they crash all the time making racing them a waste of time. 2. Handling isn’t that bad apart from kerbs being very dangerous and the cars being miles faster than real life. They’re also changing the handling model in October because they for some reason needed an extra 3 months for that. 3. As I said above, the cars are so much faster than real life. And the car performance between teams is still based on 2020 even though the season
  5. Thread is almost as much of a mess as the game. Love to see it
  6. You’re aware this is the Codemasters forums yeah?
  7. Fair enough but we’re getting past the point of that being used as an excuse anyway. They had 4 months before release to get the car performance correct and we’re still waiting
  8. Honestly it isn't worth wasting our time with this stuff anymore. They simply don't care enough to give a proper response other than a copy paste reply about reporting a bug because they don't actually test the game themselves. The fact that it now apparently takes 3 months to fix a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place says it all. Countless amount of game breaking bugs all over the forums and then a patch comes out fixing such small issues barely anyone has seen before, which makes you wonder why we should bother. Plenty of issues from the beta tests that just went ignored as well.
  9. They can't play both handling models and expect to be fast when esports starts. They're better off just sweating the new handling
  10. All over Twitter at the moment and a current esports driver just mentioned it as well
  11. And it gets worse. Now we have to wait till October for the public build of the game to get the new handling model and the esports build has it now, effectively making league racing useless for the esports drivers. No communication at all. Just ruins top tier league racing as they're most likely scared of the competition.
  12. It’s fair to say the game is a downgrade to the last entry because the AI are worse, the overall stability of the game is worse, the wheel support is worse, the car performance relative to real life is worse, the driving physics are, you guessed it, worse. The AI are faster than what is actually possible in high speed corners and half the time they just smash into the back of each other in heavy braking zones. I used to agree that the AI were miles ahead of other games but not anymore. Graphics are just one segment of this game that isn’t good enough. Literally every mode exc
  13. More a case of how unoptimised the game is that they have to downgrade things to meet performance targets. 2021 on PC max settings is worse than what 2019 on Xbox One X was. All 2021 has going for it is ray tracing which is barely noticeable anyway. Watching shadows load in 100 meters in front of your car is quite disappointing for the 7th game on this engine, would think they'd have it sorted by now.
  14. Forums are filled of bug reports and complaints and then they have the audacity to brag about their review scores on social media as if there's nothing wrong. Starting to wonder if the higher ups even care anymore. 2020 was a downgrade from 2019 and 2021 is even worse again. Back in 2017-18 we had performance patches and car updates within a month of release and now there's no news of any of that happening any time soon. Also no news on when these new tracks are coming either. Every single mode except maybe Time Trial is broken, Xbox users are scared to play the game because their console may
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