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  1. Ryan97

    What is the Best f1 game ever

    For me it's got to be 2016 or 2017. Nothing else has come close in terms of just pure fun. Career mode wasn't overly complicated and the handling model was just fun to drive. That and ERS didn't exist so you could just concentrate on what matters. 2020 is probably the "best" game they've put together in terms of it being close to real life but it's made actual racing a lot more boring.
  2. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place but I'd like to know why the shift lights and DRS lights for the official cars is not accurate to real life in Driver Career/Time Trial/Online but it is when driving as a real driver in Grand Prix Mode. This has never been a problem in past games and thought it would've been fixed by now for 2020 but it hasn't so I'm guessing this may be a design feature so it's the same no matter what car you drive online, nevertheless some info would be appreciated. It isn't a massive problem and there are of course more important issues that need addressing but it does add to the immersion. Cheers Included 2 images of the Ferrari below in different modes as an example. Time Trial with incorrect lights: Grand Prix Mode that is accurate to real life:
  3. Ryan97

    Still haven't received my Pitcoins

    At this point I’m not entirely sure they know how to fix it. It’s been 5 days. Game is very good but could’ve done with another month of development/bug fixing before release. There’s quite a lot wrong with it
  4. Ryan97

    Rear Lights still not fixed in F1 2020?

    Haven't tested but I would assume so
  5. Ryan97

    Rear Lights still not fixed in F1 2020?

    I just did a My Team race at Vietnam on Xbox after the 1.02 patch and the rear lights are working fine. Starts blinking when the ERS is lower than 10% in race or when the ERS is turned off in quali/practice
  6. Ryan97

    Car Numbers Online

    Hi. Is there a reason why our own numbers aren't appearing on the official cars online and instead you're driving in the actual driver's cars? Doesn't make sense to be stuck in Hamilton's Mercedes or whatever. Can have it on Time Trial and Career Mode but not online. Also the shift light pattern on the cars is the same no matter what car you're driving which isn't an issue in Grand Prix Mode. Guessing it will be updated but still a little disappointing as it's even more customisation that's been taken away from us on release. Great game minus the early issues, much improved from 2019.
  7. Ryan97

    Controller vs Wheel

    The controller is not 2 seconds a lap faster. Probably as balanced as it's ever been between the 2 devices