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  1. Syrkiewicz

    Feels awful

    Hi After playing the game for a few hours it’s occurred to me this game has gone backwards in the way it feels, the autospin kerbs are a joke, there’s literally no grip through high speed corners and when you exit off a corner if you out in more than 50% throttle the car violently snaps, how have we just kept going backwards since F1 2017? C b a
  2. Another suggestion for F1 2021 is to finally add some gradient, I feel as though on past games its very unrealistic and flat and would like to see it more representative of the real life thing
  3. A suggestion I have for F1 2021 is to be able to remove the wheel from the cockpit completely so that players that want to use the cockpit view with their wheel dont have the on screen wheel in the way, is something I usually do on iRacing and would like to see in F1 games.
  4. My Wishlist for 2021 -Better Physics -More realistic setups (Not having tyre pressures on minimum and brake bias on 50%) -More focus on multiplayer -A story to go along with Career Mode -Better ERS recovery, atm the regeneration is too low and causes DRS train because people want to save their battery than actually push and race -New helmet designs -Making sure their is parity between the pad and wheel which I feel there is on F1 2020 -The wet should be much more difficult to drive in, there’s currently way too much grip even in full wet conditions
  5. As of right now no, only if you use medium TC and ABS, kinda renders the vibration useless because you have TC and ABS whereas with assists turned off you have no feel
  6. Hi guys @BarryBL Can we please have support for the vibration in the pedals for Fanatec V3. As of right now the only way to get the vibration to work is to use medium traction and abs which doesnt make sense as the feel through the pedals is most needed when you dont have assists turned on and like myself do league racing, where for a number of years the Pad vs Wheel debate has gone on and this could help to stop that arguement for people who have the V3s. I think this support would be a much appreciated addition to the game and the people who have spent good money on these pedals for su
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