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  1. AdrianLennon

    PS4 F1 2020 on ps5

    Have we had any update how the PS4 2020 runs on the ps5 yet
  2. AdrianLennon

    Logitech G29

    Really struggling with the g29 on f1 2020 as wheel will not auto Center and making it very hard for new wheel user
  3. AdrianLennon

    Reserve driver

    I am looking for a PS4 league that requires reserve driver for tonight
  4. AdrianLennon

    PS4 TT Leaderbords

    I have added the time trial bug report hopefully somebody looks at it
  5. AdrianLennon

    Bug reporting for faulty time trial

    Nothing happens if I leave it for ages as you can see from one video it doesn’t even come up with loading
  6. 1. When loading onto time trial I can view the time trial times once or twice then after setting a lap and viewing the times all that shows is loading but the times do not load unless I restart the PlayStation and the game. 2. Platform. PS4 3. Version 1.08 4. Time trial 5. I can replicate this fault every time I try and load time trial on all tracks 6. I previously uninstalled the game and reinstalled the game on version 1.07 but the fault still showed the same 7. PS4 controller 8. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears.
  7. AdrianLennon

    Fix time trials.

    So if it doesn’t show times means it’s doesn’t work ?
  8. AdrianLennon

    Fix time trials.

    Would love to know how your time trial works ?
  9. I get it every time it will load the times maybe once or twice then nothing again until restart
  10. When is this one going to be fixed
  11. AdrianLennon

    Time trials

    Very frustrating that we have had three updates and the problem hasn’t improved.I can load the time trial times maybe twice before they will not load again unless I reboot the PlayStation then will load twice again
  12. AdrianLennon

    Time trials

    Is everybody still having issues with time trial times not loading ?
  13. Same issues and very frustrating that weeks on and two updates still have same issues
  14. AdrianLennon

    Time trial

    Every time I enter into the time trials to view the leader boards all I get is downloading content but leader boards never load or will load once and then after a lap they will not load again platform is ps4 version 1.06 i have tried this many times not just as Australia but other tracks on time trials
  15. AdrianLennon

    When is the fix

    Been few weeks now and a couple of updates but the time trial part of the game is still very broken.When is the plan to release the fix for this