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  1. arookCM said:
    Chief36 said:
    I am playing on Xbox One X and after the intro is done and get to the main screen, I lose all audio.  Go to start an event or race and still no audio.  I am able to hit the home button on the controller and audio will restore on the Xbox home menu.   Then go back to Onrush and no audio again.  
    Hi - The devs are aware of this issue and we're currently looking into what we can do to resolve it. Sorry you've been having such trouble! :( 
    Is there ANY update on this?  I have also tweeted (is that a word) at both Codemasters and Onrush with no response but they sure love responding to post about screenshots and love for the game.   Day one purchase and it is still unplayable due to no audio after the intro.   This is beyond frustrating.