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  1. Indeed, can confirm there ARE some odd framerate drops. Perhaps try messing aroung with dgVoodoo? I never used it with CMR2 but one person told me it does solve some stability issues.
  2. From what I know, Win7 doesn't have issues with ddraw, so in the best case it should work just fine even without my patch. You also could try grabbing it and setting Window to 0, since fullscreen is broken since Win8.
  3. Maybe at some point, but currently no ETA. Luckily, I own the game too so if I ever want to do it, I can ;)
  4. Hey there! Not exactly a topic about DiRT games, but I guess it fits here best, seeing how DiRT is a spiritual successor of loved CMR series. Having messed around with numerous games by now (mostly through SilentPatch series for Grand Theft Auto games), I decided to go back to one of the first games I ever played and attempt to adapt it to modern standards more. That resulted in SPCMR2 surfacing. What's changed? The game now handles ALL aspect ratios properly. That means the game will not be horribly stretched when playing in widescreen anymore. The game now d
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