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  1. Hey there! Not exactly a topic about DiRT games, but I guess it fits here best, seeing how DiRT is a spiritual successor of loved CMR series. Having messed around with numerous games by now (mostly through SilentPatch series for Grand Theft Auto games), I decided to go back to one of the first games I ever played and attempt to adapt it to modern standards more. That resulted in SPCMR2 surfacing. What's changed? The game now handles ALL aspect ratios properly. That means the game will not be horribly stretched when playing in widescreen anymore. The game now defaults to borderless windowed mode. This change gets rid of a DirectDraw bug on Windows 8 and newer, which would make the game run in a window even if fullscreen is requested, also affecting performance negatively. Fullscreen borderless windowed mode does not have any of these issues, and looks identical to real fullscreen. Both windowed and borderless can be toggled via SPCMR2.ini file. When playing in windowed mode (borderless or not), the game can handle Alt+Tab properly now. All dependencies on registry keys have been removed. This makes the game fully portable and also fixes an occasional issue, where the game would not launch without Administrator privileges (due to an incorrect way the game was reading registry keys). Logging has been removed for good (since it would never log anything anyway). The game used to create a log file in C:\ which would often make the game require Administrator privileges to run. Regions can now be switched via the INI file. Depending on the game version, it has different region directories included in CountrySpecific directory. Now, if you have more than one region installed, you can easily switch between them. Field of View can now be adjusted via the INI file. You can select any value in 30.0 - 150.0 range. Support for non-Full installation methods has been removed. On the plus side, the game will never ask for a CD now. Screenshots A short gameplay video showing the game in proper 16:9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0HMeN27Rcw Download https://cookieplmonster.github.io/mods/cmr-2-0/#silentpatch Cheers! Silent