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  1. Most likely it's for the developers to test things. As Nvidia DLSS Testing is mentioned in one of the builds, probably this will be implemented in the upcoming update/patch. Following the experience with most other steam games, it usually takes one up to five days before the actual patch is released.
  2. psYchovic77

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Wasn't there supposed to be something related to DLSS in this update? Where is it?
  3. Together with some other drivers, I would like to do some practice sessions for our F2 2019 Sprint League. In F1 we usually do a 45 minutes practice, but we figured out for F2 there's only 30 or 45 minutes possible. Now that is all fine, we could even do the 30 minutes without a problem (since you only get 2 yellow sets of tires anyways). But here's the problem: Fuel is non-adjustable. Its 6.15 laps when you drive out of the pitlane and there is no setting to change the amount of fuel. For us this is way too few. We would like to start driving with 16 laps of fuel (we drive 50% feature and sprint race and Bahrain is our first track). Like this it makes no sense to practice F2 at all... Could this somehow be fixed, or does anyone have a temporary workaround?
  4. @Hoo are you reading all this?
  5. Albon <-> Gasly still not updated...........
  6. psYchovic77

    This is getting ridiculous.

    Just wanted to add a list here as well, to make sure noone can use the following: "We do not know of bugs/glitches, if you don't tell us".
  7. psYchovic77

    This is getting ridiculous.

    There is so much more wrong with the game than what was mentioned above: - Glitches in the results page, someone finishing P8 but stated as P10 on the list (no penalties, warnings etc.) - Performance drop when someone enters an ongoing session - Multiple game crashes on Dx12 - Safety car issues - When people leave/join a practice session, it sometimes happens that you get all fresh tyres or someone else's complete tyrelist and tyre allocation for qualifying - FPS drops after changing the position of the elements on your screen - When changing things in the menu and letting AI take over your car for a bit, seems like your car might be teleporting (not sure if it really does, but does look like it) - Different spectators sometimes see different things happen (in one spectator's screen a driver seems to get DRS, other spectator is shown that the driver doesn't) - Horrible amount of desync/network issues (also after the latest 'network maintenance') - Grid penalties after the AI takes over control when retiring (for example after Quali ends) - AI driving out of the pitlane and on certain tracks (Spain f.e.) completing a complete sector, when retiring in the pitlane (not so much a bug/glitch but should be changed) - Sometimes you get to choose which tyre to start on, even when you qualified within top 10 (opinions are my own, not representing anything or anyone)
  8. The only thing you can currently do (afaik) is reboot the game. If that doesn't work, try rebooting your PC.
  9. Getting errorcode 7 when starting up the game. Has to do with online services obviously. Did Codemasters mess up the online part with a visual update of liveries??
  10. Got in as well, let the bug- and glitchhunting begin!