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  1. I don't think this is "scripted", it is linked to the facilities that Ferrari have in Career Mode. Having better facilities than McLaren, RP and Renault allows the Scuderia to upgrade their car quicker and therefore, close the gap to Mercedes and Red Bull. I often setup a season mode when I want to run a realistic season.
  2. I remember doing my 2019 F2 career season and Nobu was OP, Mick managed roughly 50 points, Zhou about 80, Aitken was 3rd, Ilott came home 3rd, the table was realistic to real life and with rookie performance but Nobu won the title by roughly 70 points and De Vries finished 9th/10th in standings and the two DAMS drivers (Latifi/Sette Camara) were in the bottom half so, some of the performances were wrong but not as bad as the testing seen above. Car performance isn't a factor so its simply an AI being rated too highly.
  3. Hey lads. Just my personal input on F2 and how I think it could be improved, both in championship mode and in career mode. Championship Mode - Allow a second set of softer tyres ti be used in qualifying. As I write this thread I am watching the F2 qualifying session in Bahrain and the drivers will use a second set of soft tyres for their second run. In the game we (the players) have been locked into using a single set of tyres in qualifying. Hopefully this can be updated because it’s a small change but makes a big difference to the qualifying in F2 sessions. - Have the AI r
  4. This is just something I struggle with, (S means sector) in S1 Australia, S2 Australia and S1 Spain, I can compete with AI @102% but in S3, Spain and Australia, where the slower corners are, I lose almost one second. I believe the AI can just get a mega good drive out of slower, traction limited zones, that the player is just unable to match. I'd be interested to see if anyone else is losing time in the slower sectors, or if this is a personal issue I have.
  5. I think what you've said @BarryBL is exactly what we are all saying, its cruel and we understand why it cannot be a mandatory game feature but the least this needs to be, is a toggle game option, we understand the casual players and that you need to appeal to them but for the hardcore player base, this would be an addition that is well overdue. I believe Aarav and Ben Daly have included it in their 'future ideas' videos for the past three or four years. With the power of next generation, there, in my eyes is no valid excuse not to make this an option to the player base, that can be turned on a
  6. This would also be good in F2, I understand they don't want to make it mandatory due to the casual player but for hardcore fans, I think it should definitely be a toggle option, where we can opt in if we so wish. Hopefully it is something they are looking at because it is long overdue.
  7. Yeah, season 1 and even two are okay, but once there is ultimate tyre upgrades. Almost every race should be a one stop, maybe season towards the end of season 3 and start of 4, otherwise it just ruins the experience in those later seasons.
  8. Just a thought, does anybody agree that CM need to have a look at the AI strategies? Just watched Tiametmarduks Singapore race and he won after dropped to P22 and 25 seconds behind the leaders, in season 4 when most cars have nearly maxed chassis and tyre wear, because the AI did a two stop, from soft, to medium, to hard. I think it ruins the career mode experience in later season unless you race at 25% or 100%, 50% races give too many BS strategies. It’s really frustrating to race against.
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