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  1. Hey guys! It is well documented that we would all like a 'classic F1 season' included in the game instead of all the 'classic cars' that in the harsh reality, are rarely used. Even this year, a sub standard game mode that had so much promise ( Senna vs Prost ) was introduced, I would be surprised if over 60% of the player base completed it, this is not aimed to dismantle CM, simply genuine feedback to improve the game. It is clear that the vocal group of F1 fans would love to see a full classic season, in my opinion, any season from 2006 and 2010 as these years were intense and a game is over a decade old or in some cases (2007 - 2009) not on 1st grade consoles. However, what are the possibilities of such a mode and how wold it effect the game? Personally, I do think CM have considered such a mode as it would significantly increase the hype and lifecycle of the game and we as fans have to understand that such a mode will inevitably raise the cost of production and therefore, the game. CM are not stupid, they are a brand, a company and it has investors to please and costs to cover, so anything that will better the game, they will always try to implement. However, I think this mode would take a year or maybe two to implement from the moment they decide to do it, as they need licenses, track scans, car modules need to be made and liveries designed. It is essentially an extra game within the game of release. It will take time and resources to implement. We must ask though, can CM be open and honest with us and either rule out this dream or admit it is under consideration. This topic will never disappear and a franchise owes it to the fans to be open and transparent about something so heavily spoken about, I believe we deserve to know if this dream can ever become a reality in the future and if it cannot ever be, please just say so, as we can stop asking about the topic and focus our feedback on other areas of the franchise. Any other opinions are welcome, please add anything you have to say. Please CM, do not ignore, A Loyal Fan of the F1 Game franchise. @BarryBL
  2. Proulx2001

    Vote on Driver Transfers

    Just to help Codies see our feedback on aspects of Career Mode, please leave your feedback on the driver transfers system.
  3. Proulx2001

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    Unfortunately, I agree, they seem so excited to add it in, that they've over done it and made it a poor system, no one should be moving to Toro Rosso either, I've seen Magnussen and Albon switch, yet Toro Rosso should only allow their drivers to move to Red Bull. Its great to see the feature added but we do really need to see the system toned down, we shouldn't be seeing mid season changes.
  4. Proulx2001

    Unable to do Prost vs Senna Challenges

    Hi mate, Unfortunately, I have the same issue, I however, am on Xbox One. Hopefully they can fix this issue.
  5. Proulx2001

    F1 2019 using same animations since 2015. Why?

    Hi guys, I understand the frustration with this and myself, it is quite disappointing that we have the same pre-race cutscenes from F1 2015, but they have added new podium celebrations ( that will eventually become stale as they are the same ) and new pre-race cinematic. I feel as though their time is better spent on the F2 cutscenes in the career mode, yes, it would be nice to get some new cutscenes but I think their focus is more on the 'important' aspects of the game. Same as the HUD, it isn't broken, so why try and fix it? What they have added in this year is great, and improves it by making it clearer but again, there is huge discussion but personally I feel it is perfect the way it is. Hopefully CM will add new cutscenes in the future though.
  6. Hey guys, Anyone on Xbox know when the Legends Edition will be available to pre-order on the xbox store or if it is already up to pre-order? I'd appreciate anone who could clarify for me. Thanks
  7. I’m on Xbox and I got mine. Thanks Codies
  8. Hi @Faya I’m just wondering if ALL emails will be sent out today, if they have been sent or when the latest emails will be sent?
  9. Proulx2001

    F1 2019 - Helmets

    Hey Codies, I think I speak for the whole player base when I say we really want an improvement in helmets for F1 2019. Personally, I feel the designs are actually okay and offer great variety, but can we please have the implication of sponsors of our team onto the helmet? It shocks me how our own driver number doesn't even appear on our helmets? I find it hard to believe that it will be hard add these to the helmets? Can you please comment on this matter and just let us know what to expect for F1 2019 in terms of helmets? It would be much appreciated