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    DiRTy Gossip

    did we? You wrote on your dirtgame.com page at timeline section "Scheduled date August 2015 for PVP and Rallycross expansion" long time ago and it stayed like that for a while. Today morning it was changed to 24th of August on both of them, a certain date i guess. I took that as an announcement and hoped to get some great updates for this epic game already today. Now it is changed back to "Scheduled date August 2015". Actually i was on my mind to take time to write somewhere about short time to the end of August and two upcoming updates. It sounded like during 9 days players get two massive updates, little bit silly? Ofcourse it depends what we take as an update and what we do not. Maybe it comes 2in1. Nevertheless, players pushing themselves hopes too high is not good idea, but playing with releasing dates is also quite unrespectful against the consumers. If you would not changed this, what i described before, you could not have this post for sure. Peace.
  2. siimuga

    DiRTy Gossip

    First you promised to release PVP on 24th of August, it means today. Now you have changed it. People are not blind.