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  1. You are at a massive disadvantage using controllers at a lot of tracks. There is no track where there is a advantage using a controller. Maybe just get good at the game instead of complaining about controller
  2. Let people send a clip when reporting someone where it shows them purposely trying to take you out and get them banned
  3. Yh I actually prefer the game version but was just wondering. Tbf they will probably just change it next year
  4. F1 have revealed where the 3 drs sections will in Jeddah. In the game however, the first section is in the wrong place. Will it be changed?
  5. The guy had 6 warnings and still lost to me. If you are on Xbox I’ll be more than happy to beat you every race
  6. People are able to get 3 warnings or more for corner cutting/exceeding track limits without getting a 3 second penalty. Atm it only brings down their safety rating but that doesn’t help anyone in the actual race so you need to also give them a penalty
  7. Had one drs failure for a couple of laps, the rest are mechanical failures which took me out of the race
  8. I’m getting a mechanical dnf every 3 races pretty much
  9. Are you dumb or something? F1 has all them modes already
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