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  1. SomaticCoast375

    Will there be cross-gen matchmaking

    So if I’m on PS5 will it let me play with players on PS4 as well
  2. SomaticCoast375

    ideas for f12021

    Why would they separate people on controller and people on pad. That would just make less people to play with
  3. SomaticCoast375

    Formula 1 2021

    You on Xbox?
  4. SomaticCoast375

    Formula 1 2021

    😂😂😂 I wish I’m only 103-107 depending on track
  5. SomaticCoast375

    Formula 1 2021

    I’m 103-107 depending on the track
  6. SomaticCoast375

    Formula 1 2021

    Dude My team was too easy if you did all your practice programs you would be able to win races on raw pace in your first season
  7. SomaticCoast375

    Dirty Driver

    I was a S rating but had to relegate myself to B rating so I can actually get in lobbies with lots of people
  8. SomaticCoast375

    Let me turn corner cut penalties off in career mode

    I’ve never heard something more stupid. Your clearly a bad player
  9. SomaticCoast375

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Codemasters need to hurry up because it’s very clear who’s fast and who’s not
  10. SomaticCoast375

    Cross-platform Time Trial Leaderboards

    Atm in the game they have your platforms leaderboard and your friends leaderboard. They should also add the cross platform leaderboard whilst keeping both your platforms leaderboard and friends leaderboard because there’s a chance one platform could be faster than another platform
  11. SomaticCoast375

    Paid for Track DLC ?

    Didn’t they in the f1 2015 game have both the 2014 and 2015 season so It could be possible in f1 2021 they do both the 2020 calendar, which includes Mugello and turkey and all the other new tracks,plus the 2021 calendar
  12. SomaticCoast375

    flashback in time trial

    Get good
  13. SomaticCoast375


    Don’t be silly it has to be strict or people will cheat and with simulation you won’t be able to finish a race because you will get crashed into
  14. SomaticCoast375

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    It’s clear Ferrari aren’t fast so they should be nerfed it isn’t rocket science. Stop giving Codemasters excuses
  15. SomaticCoast375

    Is My Team too easy?

    Yh I’ve only played one season but I have won a few races on raw pace and it was on the correct difficulty because my teammate was near me. The game needs to let us have sliders to increase or decrease the speed of both yours and the Ai’s car development