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  1. I’m getting a mechanical dnf every 3 races pretty much
  2. Are you dumb or something? F1 has all them modes already
  3. I join a ranked session which was in the middle of a race so I spectate the race. At the end it showed my safety rating going up. This needs to be fixed
  4. It might be a setting you have chose because I’ve had mechanical failures which have took me out of 4 races
  5. Nah they don’t need to increase the Mechanical failures. I had 2 in 4 races which both took me out
  6. Yes it’s needed in the game. Codemasters shouldn’t of removed it
  7. You need to up the AI if you are saying your car is the second worst. Try around 83-85
  8. You only need to decrease the difficulty by 1-3 in Great Britain and Austria because it’s only 1 sector which the AI are OP on. I can’t verify yet but I have heard that the AI are OP for the whole of the Netherlands tracks so you might need to lower the difficulty by 5. I’ve also heard the AI are OP in a corner in Belgium so you’ll need to probably lower the difficulty by 1 or 2
  9. Yep they are OP in the last sector in Austria
  10. I’m on pad as well and Copse, Maggots and Becketts the AI are OP
  11. I play on 106 AI and it’s fine in both S1 and S3 against the AI but in S2 they just gain so much time
  12. The sound bugs have been fixed for me and as a Competitive player on a XB1 S everything is fine for me. No low performance or anything
  13. I could find lobbies easily with a B rating but as soon as I turn into a A rating I mostly get put into lobbies on my own
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