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  1. SomaticCoast375

    Xbox time trial cheaters

    They have super fast speed on the straight. Look at the ghost lap by the person with the fastest time on Australia and you will see
  2. SomaticCoast375

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    If they made this game realistic the Mercedes should be a whole second faster than the next car which should be red bull
  3. No as long as you purple your practice programs most of the time you will be the 4th place team by the end of your 1st season unless you purposely nerf yourself
  4. We still need that in qualifying when you do a slower sector than earlier in the session it becomes yellow instead or red
  5. SomaticCoast375

    25% ranked is dead

    5 laps should be a thing so stop hating
  6. SomaticCoast375

    Track Limits and Penalty System(Multiplayer)

    Minor corner cuts and track extends mostly gain you time so it’s not fair for the people who keep It on the track
  7. SomaticCoast375

    Equal performance on offline - Grand Prix Mode

    Actually forget what I said because apparently you can’t start a unranked unless you have someone else
  8. SomaticCoast375

    Equal performance on offline - Grand Prix Mode

    Go to unranked then just add AI and make it equal
  9. SomaticCoast375

    My team r&d

    I literally just purple my practice programs most times and get R&D points from races and weekly income and my team was 4th overall on performance by Hungary before racing point overtook me but my team became firmly was 4th by Japan and if it weren’t for a regulation change on both the Powertrain and the Aero I would of been able use the points on new parts which would of put me with the top 3. So overall my point shows that it needs to be harder next game
  10. SomaticCoast375

    Whos fault is this at Spa ? ( discussion )

    Andy was at fault because the other car was half alongside him meaning Andy must give a car width for the other car
  11. SomaticCoast375


    You want Codemasters to do something about cheaters but u aren’t reporting your friend for cheating?
  12. SomaticCoast375

    Practice programs time/level issues

    Same for me to do get purple most of time in the practice programs I have to put it on level 96 but in the race and quali I put it on 103-107 depending on how good I am at the track
  13. SomaticCoast375

    F1 2020 new tracks

    They should do what we had in F1 2015 and have in F1 2021 both the 2020 calendar, which includes only the tracks that have been able to be raced at this year which will include Nurburgring, Portimao and Imola, and the 2021 calendar. So then Codemasters have time to create these new circuits without us missing out on racing on these tracks
  14. I never do ranked 25% because I cba to get taken out near the end but if they made it much more rewarding I would probably play it
  15. SomaticCoast375

    TV-pod as an assist.

    No this is stupid