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    Cross-platform Time Trial Leaderboards

    Atm in the game they have your platforms leaderboard and your friends leaderboard. They should also add the cross platform leaderboard whilst keeping both your platforms leaderboard and friends leaderboard because there’s a chance one platform could be faster than another platform
  2. SomaticCoast375

    Paid for Track DLC ?

    Didn’t they in the f1 2015 game have both the 2014 and 2015 season so It could be possible in f1 2021 they do both the 2020 calendar, which includes Mugello and turkey and all the other new tracks,plus the 2021 calendar
  3. SomaticCoast375

    flashback in time trial

    Get good
  4. SomaticCoast375


    Don’t be silly it has to be strict or people will cheat and with simulation you won’t be able to finish a race because you will get crashed into
  5. SomaticCoast375

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    It’s clear Ferrari aren’t fast so they should be nerfed it isn’t rocket science. Stop giving Codemasters excuses
  6. SomaticCoast375

    Is My Team too easy?

    Yh I’ve only played one season but I have won a few races on raw pace and it was on the correct difficulty because my teammate was near me. The game needs to let us have sliders to increase or decrease the speed of both yours and the Ai’s car development
  7. SomaticCoast375

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    We have had many races. 1 race shouldn’t make us have to wait so long for a performance update
  8. SomaticCoast375

    Ranked points vs. levels

    Gold is 2000
  9. SomaticCoast375


    You should be able to choose to go in a lobby with a lower safety if you choose to but your not allowed to choose to go in one higher than your safety rating
  10. SomaticCoast375

    Ranked always empty

    You can on Xbox
  11. SomaticCoast375

    MyTeam...long time motivation and future improvements

    This is why we need sliders to let players be able to choose the speed of the car development and a bunch of other things
  12. SomaticCoast375


    Ferrari are so slow that even a blind knows they need a nerf in the game
  13. SomaticCoast375


    This is why we should have sliders in Career so we can chose frequency of things happening like safety cars and how much tyre wear and how quick or slow the development speed is
  14. SomaticCoast375


    The game is already unrealistic because Mercedes should be around 8 tenths to second faster than the rest so they shouldn’t make anything else unrealistic
  15. SomaticCoast375

    Ranked needs serious rework

    The trade off is fair because if you use most of the assists you will be very slow. You can only use a few assists to be a little bit competitive with the fast no assist drivers. You can still make mistakes with using assists
  16. SomaticCoast375

    Split screen mode

    You can’t disable halo in any mode
  17. SomaticCoast375

    Ranked needs serious rework

    Assists are fine in ranked. If you are a good driver you are faster than people who drive with assists. Putting the damage on simulation just means you aren’t going to finish most races because someone will take you out
  18. SomaticCoast375

    Removal of the slow-motion effect when crashing then car

    If you don’t want it to happen get better and stop crashing
  19. SomaticCoast375

    F1 2020 new tracks

    They should do what we had in F1 2015 and have in F1 2021 both the 2020 calendar, which includes only the tracks that have been able to be raced at this year which will include Nurburgring, Portimao and Imola, and the 2021 calendar. So then Codemasters have time to create these new circuits without us missing out on racing on these tracks
  20. SomaticCoast375

    Removal of the slow-motion effect when crashing then car

    Why would they remove something that isn’t a problem
  21. SomaticCoast375

    Removal of the slow-motion effect when crashing then car

    Why are you complaining about something like this. Don’t act like a baby
  22. SomaticCoast375

    Co-op career/Myteam

    We should be able to be able to play in the same career mode/Myteam as our friends and be in the same team as each other and develop the team together. You should also be able to do this through split screen now as well. Also they can be a way where we can choose to be in different teams as each other team
  23. SomaticCoast375

    Multiplayer car v equal performance car v grand Prix car

    From what I’ve been told the multiplayer car and equal cars are both the Mercedes.
  24. SomaticCoast375

    Resetting online ranking

  25. SomaticCoast375

    S rating Ranked USELESS

    Yh it seems B lobbies are the best this year