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  1. hmmmm.... It looks that I need to install steam on the pc to be able to use it. I don't like that. Why don't you guys look for another way to make the download available.
  2. Can you post a video or link from a working version? Not from demo version? I would love to see what I buy.
  3. Good! I will install the trial on my laptop and test with it first. I will wait to buy the full version until F1 2018 is out. I have pre-ordered thatone; Will your SRT work immediatly on the 2018 version or does it still need alot of adjustments on that date?
  4. It looked it up on steam and need to say, I like it. Now i have another question..... Does this software work also to register the data on pc, while playing the game on PS4? It looks more interesting to run/analyse the data on a big screen instead of a tablet or phone.
  5. I have a few questions. 1/ Will you support the new F1 2018? 2/ Maybe a link to some pics or videos of the futures of the app? Yeserday I have searched for several hours...... without results. Hi, we uploaded ~1 screenshot for each main feature. If you have more specific questions, I can answer you (and post some more screenshots :) ). 3/ Why don't unlock the trial for, let's say 10 hours, so people have time to test a bit before needing to buy.
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