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  1. Hi All, just a info about ERS Mode, in documentation we have: uint8 m_ersDeployMode; // ERS deployment mode, 0 = none, 1 = medium // 2 = overtake, 3 = hotlap In game on HUD, we have: 0 = none 1 = medium 2 = hotlap 3 = overtake So, i think that UDP data must be the same to game.
  2. Are you on Xbox? F12020 V1.01 Thank you for your support
  3. Hi @Hoo All data in Car Status packet are wrong, in final beta version all data worked correctly Are m_drsActivationDistance and m_drsFault included in main game ? Xbox F12020 v1.01 Thank you
  4. Hi All, is there a issue on Car Status packet ? In beta it worked fine. Thanks
  5. I am receiving wrong data for ERS Mode: in game Overtake is 3, in UDP Data is 2 in game Hotlap is 2, in UDP Data is 3 Thank you.
  6. @Hoo In Doc, comment for ERS Mode is still wrong, Hotlap and Overtak are still reverse. Thank you
  7. Thank you, today i will check it
  8. Yes, 0-22, 23 bytes, but with F12020 format, other data don't start from position 23. For example : LAP Data 0-22 Packet Header 23 ? 24-27 m_lastLapTime
  9. Hi all, I have a issue with telemetry data, with F12020 format, "Packet Header" is 23 bytes, but in the guide, "Packet Header" is 22 bytes, same of F12019 format. I have checked 100 time UDP telemetry guide.
  10. Ok, all right, just a request: In Time Trial there isn't data of bestlap, only best lap time, I ask to add SectorTime data of best lap. Thank you for your support
  11. Now, calculate delta time between sector time and best time for sector. I think that this is a good info. However, this doesn't work in Time Trial, because we don't have best time for sector
  12. Hi, is there any possibility to have "DELTA TIME" in UDP telemetry ? Thank you Walter
  13. Hi Kafumanto, can I use mobile APP for record data and then see same data on PC ? Thanks
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