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  1. One of our customers found a very annoying bug, that we will need your help to be addressed with the EA/codemasters developers. Check out this video, left side is the SRS showing the telemetry that is receiving from F12021 and right side is the F12021 in the menu: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMGg-fnEguBQEtcYFFFMoTqAaF1nUJcPHSm58yq0X7vQdb7IZv6h8vp5CgMGa2dHA?key=VXl0S05YNFFvUDBLZ2Y2WVhpTHp5ak8zaVJfcExR Every time I change the menu, the F12021 is sending the telemetry for about 1 second. This did not happen in any previous version of F1 games, all the wa
  2. @SimRacingStudio just updated their software, ready to use with F1 2021: Version is LIVE with F1 2021 support (simracingstudio.com)
  3. Can you please look into this for us?


  4. Hey Folks, Here at simracingstudio we implemented the telemetry a while ago and everything is working fine for PC users Looks like there is something wrong for PS4 racers: When I'm parsing the packetId 7: if header.m_packetId == 7: status = PacketCarStatusData.from_buffer_copy(data[0:1344]) I'm getting the following error: error Buffer size too small (1277 instead of at least 1344 bytes) This means that the ps4 (different from pc) is sending 1277 bytes instead instead of the 1344 as per documentation: Size: 1344 bytes (Packet updated in Beta 3).
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