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  1. @BarryBL what is the progression right now regarding the fix of this problem? just curious
  2. @BarryBL do you guys have any idea how much longer its gonna take with the ai retraining? im just very curious if its gonna be in this game or the next game
  3. yeah all the hope is on the ai retraining if that doesnt help it probably isnt going to be fixt in this years game luckily i play on playstation and gran turismo 7 is coming which is looking absolutely fantastic right now so yeah if it doesnt get fixt this year there is luckily going to be another good race game and xbox and pc players are getting the new forza game
  4. when does this finally get fixed its like its taking forever i dont like to complain but i only play offline so its just not fun anymore and i havent touched the game in like two weeks now just because of this very annoying bug😓😓😓
  5. for sure its getting on my nerves. every time there is an update i just have an tiny bit of hope but still nothing and its been a problem since launch😞😞😞
  6. @BarryBLthank you very much that you guys at codies are retraining the ai cant wait to see what its going to be like😁😁😁
  7. @BarryBL is the ai fixed with the newest patch? couldnt find any patch notes apart from the aston safety car portimao and car peformance
  8. @BarryBLstill no fix for this problem in the new update 1.06? im hoping its coming in 1.07 then
  9. @BarryBL any news regarding this problem? i havent heard anything about it for some time now and i have seen many videos on youtube where this bug is happening and its getting game breaking
  10. @BarryBL any news on this problem? because i want to start a career so bad but it just ruins the fun with this ai
  11. will the aston martin safety car be added eventually?
  12. (ignore the quote above cant get rid of it/dont know how to do it) @BarryBL maybe you guys can take a look at this one? im not sure if this topic can be fixed or not
  13. oh man you are so right this is really a big problem it is indeed very unrealistic i have this same issue but luckily have already contacted the developers about this and they are looking into it
  14. A detailed description of the issue: on some tracks the ai are very OP mainly in high speed corners Report Code: NA Platform?: ps4 Game-mode?: gp mode braking point and career mode [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here.:NA [ONLINE] Were you the host?:NA [PC ONLY] Please post your DXDiag, including the make and model of motherboard. What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried.: i tried racing in an red bull on zandvoort (al
  15. @BarryBL maybe you guys have to take a look on this problem i have seen many reports regarding this problem i would also like to do a bug report if you need to have that information
  16. i also have this issue its very unrealistic i drove zandvoort a few times but i have to set the ai to about 58 difficulty to make a chance and while in the f1 2020 game i could had it 78 the whole career mode its nice that the ai put in more of a fight now but its very unrealistic that the ai set those redicilous lap times due to them being super fast in high speed corners i hope codies fix this it ruins ths experience for me ass wel😓😓😓
  17. watch jarnos other videos with my team hes struggling very much on that career mode and that car is even better on paper than the haas
  18. i already did it but the devs just ignore it and dont wanna hear it isnt normal the pole position time on austria this year in real life was a 1:03 while on the game the ai sets a 1:01 thats very unrealistic if you ask me and its on 100 ai not even the max
  19. for sure you are right i also have this problem it just doesnt make sense i had the difficulty on 78% on f1 2020 and i have to lower it by 20(!) to make a chance on zandvoort in f1 2021 its just ridicilous
  20. i also have this problem dont even try zandvoort thats the most extreme track i always ran on 78 difficulty on that track could easily get pole in a red bull now on f1 2021 same track cant even get pole on 58 this is just not right and very unrealistic if you ask me
  21. Yes mate you are correct and dont even try zandvoort ive tried it multiple times in gp mode with a red bull and a alpha tauri its just insanse this also have this problem its just unrealistic that the ai can go so fast
  22. i also have this in turn 7 they go flatout while you have to brake its on more tracks as well the ai is very unbalanced this year if you ask me
  23. like i said before it doesnt make sense that i can beat the ai on f1 2020 on 78 and on f1 2021 im struggling on even 58 that just doesnt make sense
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